TMZ Live Steve Jobs How Influential Was He?

10/6/2011 12:30 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Steve Jobs' Death ... and Movie Talk with Kevin Smith

Don't start calling Steve Jobs the most influential American inventor off all-time quite yet -- one expert calls in to state his case for Samuel Morse ... and explain why Jobs instead fits in the same category as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.

Plus, Dr. Murray's defense team FINALLY pokes holes in the prosecution's case when an investigator admits she made mistakes -- and our lawyer Jason explains how ONE bad witness can throw a whole case.

Also, Kevin Smith calls in to explain why Comcast's new experiment -- charging $60 to watch an in-theater movie from the comfort of your home -- is like "using a whole fist."

(2:50) Robert Thompson -- a professor of pop culture at Syracuse University -- calls in to talk about Steve Jobs influence.
(4:15) Thompson says cars, computers and electricity would still exist without Ford, Jobs and Edison.
(7:00) Thompson's vote goes to ... Samuel Morse!
(21:50) How many bottles of drugs did MJ need?
(24:30) Jason explains how Dr. Murray's defense poked holes in the prosecution's case -- thanks to the mistakes made by an L.A. County Coroner investigator.
(25:30) The most awkward moment of the trial so far.
(38:05) Kevin Smith is on the phone! He breaks down how Comcast's new movie experiment screws movie theaters.
(42:00) Smith says charging $60 to watch a movie is like "using the whole fist."