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Steve Jobs

Zen Center Holds Memorial

In His iHonor

10/9/2011 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apple stores across the country were not the only places people went to mourn the passing of the great Steve Jobs -- a Zen Center in San Francisco held a memorial service to honor the genius,

Jobs was a Buddhist and even had his 1991 wedding presided over by a Buddhist monk named Kobun Chino Otogawa. His passing was felt in the Buddhist community in Northern California, so the San Francisco Zen Center decided to hold a brief memorial on Friday night.

A rep for the center says the memorial service included chanting a traditional Zen chant for those who have died -- and it also included an English section with a dedication specifically to Jobs. It read:

For our great, abiding friend Steve Jobs
And for all those who have passed beyond this life
Into the heart of Buddha.


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Ronald Jensen    

Obviously a brilliant man and deserving of the many business accolades. On the other hand if you can believe what is written about him personally, he definitely was not much of a Buddhist. With that being said I wish him and his family peace and happiness as they continue on the path.

1057 days ago


I do not believe that Jobs was a Buddhist. In all of his thought, work and life he was the antithesis of everything Buddhism teache---and that's not intended to reflect badly on either Jobs or Buddhism. He may have told someone he was a Buddhist (probably as a joke), but no, he wasn't a Buddhist.

1057 days ago

Old Broad in OH    

Purveyor of overpriced made-in-China gadgetry. The whole thing about his not wanting to acknowledge paternity of his love child is rather off-putting.

1057 days ago


Enough about Steve Jobs, the media acts like this man was God. From the comments below sounds like he wasn't a very nice human being.

1057 days ago


Sad once again scripture proves its absolut truth again since he had a lot of knowledge but very little wisdom. I wonder how Buddah is going to help save his soul now.

1057 days ago


He worshiped a dead FAT MAN and he was not fat in real life(buddha) Whats the big deal with this guy?? I dont think he will be spending eternity in Heaven..No ONE comes to The Father but through ME(JESUS CHRIST)..Dead at 56 and NO MORE Forever..ITS REALLY OVER 4 Stevie boy..sadly

1057 days ago


What pisses me off..This ugly looking jobs tells the world about His LSD trips..I wonder how many Young Kids will read this bull **** and die..LSD maybe worked 4 him which I doubt but is very dangerous..Ask Dyan Cannon..He did a good job with Apple which IM typing this comment on but he didnt do all the stuff..Main thing here..Where will HE spend Eternity?? mr buddha boy..God NO LIKE buddha

1057 days ago


'Sounds like Steve Jobs is in Hell now, straight up, unless he had a last minute change of heart.

1057 days ago


Funny how right after he retired there were thousands of posts praising him like he should win the Nobel Peace Prize and now that he's dead there's only a couple dozen. I knew they were all fake and paid for.

1057 days ago


Kindness, compassion, honesty - those are some of the important precepts in Buddhism that Jobs wasn't very good at in his dealings with people.
Great innovator, visionary: yes - Wonderful human being: not so much.

1057 days ago


Namaste :)

1056 days ago


A few comments on Steve Jobs: A CPA I know in Silicon Valley worked with some of the Apple insiders early on and he is known to say that Steve Jobs remains "one of the coldest people I ever met." I've known a few Apple employees since 1998 and they say Jobs was "a paranoid slave-driver." But that has been said a lot. On a tour of One Infinite Loop, my friend pointed out and joked about the spy-proof windows at Apple HQ ... so low-flying aircraft with photographic equipment couldn't see their grease-boards. The cafeteria is wonderful and that music room is choice — I think the baby grand I saw was a Steinway. But my friend later got in trouble for giving me the tour, event though I signed in properly.
Jobs' Palo Alto home is on my route, and I couldn't help but note that all but two people in a crowd hovering and paying homage by that shrine in front of Steve Jobs' place Saturday (yes, Steve's car was parked right out front, like he had just pulled up) were East and South Asian, mostly East, and clearly big, reverent fans (nothing racial intended, just an empirical fact).
I still have that great Mac cap from my tour of Apple HQ some years ago, just after the reboot of Steve Jobs' reign.

1055 days ago


May his spirit be in peace, wherever it is now. Nibbana Pajayo Hotu.

668 days ago
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