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MJ's Kids Unveiled

As 'Normal' As Can Be

10/10/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Breaking Michael Jackson news -- his siblings and his children are very normal ... at least according to the TMZ staffer who chilled BACKSTAGE at the MJ tribute concert. We've got a full debrief ... including which celeb dared to mention Conrad Murray.

Plus, the controversial posting of an execution in Afghanistan gets everyone fired up -- is it gratuitous violence ... or just good journalism?

Also, Al Sharpton rips Herman Cain for claiming racism isn't holding minorities back anymore -- and after Al Davis' death ... will Raider Nation ever forgive Al Michaels?

(4:25) Ryan attended the "sick" MJ tribute concert in Wales this weekend -- and got to hang out BACKSTAGE.
(5:20) Ryan says the Jackson kids were "normal" ... and yes, everyone calls Blanket "Blanket."
(12:22) Ryan's picks for best performances of the night.
(13:50) Why did Jennifer Hudson bail on the concert?
(21:30) CNN puts an EXECUTION video on the top of its site -- over the line?
(34:30) Jose Baez makes a comparison between the Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox trials. How off base was he?
(39:02) Al Davis died this weekend -- one month after Al Michaels said the Raiders wouldn't win another Super Bowl while he was alive.
(50:30) Herman Cain gets ripped by Al Shaprton -- as well as Brian, Jason and Charles -- for saying racism no longer hinders minorities in America.  


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harv and jason, i want to know how you really feel the mj trail is doing? i personally think the defense is crap, they cant stay organized and there are 4 of them, and are being rude to the witnesses! i dont think they are doing a good job at all. do you think the prosecution has a chance of winning this? do you think conrad will go to jail?

922 days ago

John 8:32    

This was the first of many tributes to come...

In the words of the great Michael Jackson.

"This is serious - JELLY!"

922 days ago

The King    

It was a bloody shambles. I was expecting some big stars but instead got...

Find out more about what The KING Says on this event at:

922 days ago


I don't see how Casey Anthony's lawyer can say her parents didn't support her. Her mother lied on the stand for her. That's perjury. Short of Cindy Anthony taking the blame herself (which wouldn't have been believable) I don't know what else she could have done.

922 days ago


was there a way for the MJ estate to stop the tribute?

922 days ago


was there a way for the MJ eState to stop the tribute?

i wish they had

922 days ago


I will see MJ :)

922 days ago


I went through the pics from the tribute concert. Out of 149 images there were only 2 of Aretha and a couple of Christine. The rest were the same 4 or 5 people over and over. What a waste of 135 images.

922 days ago


If Al “the liar” Sharpton admits that Racism is not the problem; he is out of business and becomes totally irrelevant, down from mostly irrelevant. Ditto for Jesse Jackson and all other race baiting shakedown artists.

Cain is correct.

If Racism is the problem then explain Rap. If Blacks are so poor they can’t afford food, as Sharpton says, then they can’t buy enough Rap albums to make all those BLACK artists rich. Duh.

922 days ago

Will E    

Al Sharpton IS A DOUCHEBAG!!!!

922 days ago


Woooo came here to see this show! Looks like it may be interesting :)

922 days ago


Guys, racism still exist...throw in the social and economical really sucks for the homeless, poor minority..

922 days ago



922 days ago


Any ideas on how I can clean up my !̸̶͚͖͖̩̻̩̗͍̮̙̈͊͛̈͒̍̐ͣͩ̋ͨ̓̊̌̈̊́̚͝͠ͅ ̷̧̢̛͖̤̟̺̫̗͚̗͖ͪ̏̔̔̒́ͥ̓ͫ̀ͤ̇ͥ͝ ̡̊͛̇ ͫ̉ͦ̊̀̔ͧͮ͆̽ͦͩ͋̌͗̚̚҉̵͖̟͙̮͈̼̹̞͝ͅscreen?

922 days ago

Just Reading    

So the TMZ on scene reporter just happened to be the guy with the hollywood producer father...AND I seriously hope the boy "writes" better than he speaks...sounds like some first year highschool totally, like, totally, like blah blah blah. STFU.

922 days ago
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