TMZ Live MJ's Kids Unveiled As 'Normal' As Can Be

10/10/2011 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Michael Jackson's Children -- As 'Normal' As Can Be

Breaking Michael Jackson news -- his siblings and his children are very normal ... at least according to the TMZ staffer who chilled BACKSTAGE at the MJ tribute concert. We've got a full debrief ... including which celeb dared to mention Conrad Murray.

Plus, the controversial posting of an execution in Afghanistan gets everyone fired up -- is it gratuitous violence ... or just good journalism?

Also, Al Sharpton rips Herman Cain for claiming racism isn't holding minorities back anymore -- and after Al Davis' death ... will Raider Nation ever forgive Al Michaels?

(4:25) Ryan attended the "sick" MJ tribute concert in Wales this weekend -- and got to hang out BACKSTAGE.
(5:20) Ryan says the Jackson kids were "normal" ... and yes, everyone calls Blanket "Blanket."
(12:22) Ryan's picks for best performances of the night.
(13:50) Why did Jennifer Hudson bail on the concert?
(21:30) CNN puts an EXECUTION video on the top of its site -- over the line?
(34:30) Jose Baez makes a comparison between the Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox trials. How off base was he?
(39:02) Al Davis died this weekend -- one month after Al Michaels said the Raiders wouldn't win another Super Bowl while he was alive.
(50:30) Herman Cain gets ripped by Al Shaprton -- as well as Brian, Jason and Charles -- for saying racism no longer hinders minorities in America.