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Stomach Folding Video

Ignites Pregnancy Controversy

10/11/2011 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


We know it sounds ridiculous ... but the Internet is buzzing with rumors that Beyonce is NOT really pregnant and she's wearing a fake stomach in an elaborate cover-up. Now, a controversial new video is fueling the fire.

Beyonce appeared on an Australian TV show this weekend called "Sunday Night" -- wearing a tight red dress that accentuated her baby bump.

But when B sits down in her chair, her bump appears to collapse inward, leading many to believe it's not B's real bump after all ... but a prosthetic device intended to deceive.

photo that started beyonce not pregnant rumors

So why would B fake preggo? There are rumors that she has hired a surrogate mother to carry the kid, so she won't have to put her body through the strains of pregnancy.

But color us skeptical -- because last month, Bey bared all during a vacation in Croatia with Jay-Z ... revealing what looks like a totally legit baby bump.

1011_beyonce_sipa2We called B's camp for comment -- but we haven't heard back yet.

So, we gotta ask ...


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One question you guys didn't ask.........WHO CARES?????

1075 days ago


Whoa. That is freaky. Why lie about it? It's just as exciting whether they adopt, use a surrogate, etc. Sad. :(

1075 days ago


The way she bends and leans so far forward before sitting down in the chair is just not consistent with a woman who is that far along. If she was really that big with a baby, she'd have to grab the armrest and ease herself into the chair. The accusation seemed ridiculous and I kept looking for ways for it to not be true, but I just can't believe she is really pregnant.

1075 days ago


She's pregnant, but she's not that big at 5 months. She's definitely wearing a fake bump. Why Beyonce? It's not that serious. No need to prove anything to anybody. Trust by 8 months your stomach, face, and feet will be sooo big you won't wanna leave the house. Enjoy the small baby bump you have and stop faking it!

1075 days ago


I honestly think it's the dress. I don't think she is faking it at all. When she sits down it just looks like the dress is pushed more outward.

1075 days ago


B goes from a very, very private person to overdoing it with trying to prove she is pregnant. Why? She is trying really hard to get us to see that she is. Why? Most women who are pregnant would not even consider wearing a fake baby bump out of fear that something could happen. You just do not chance it. Why announce your pregnancy so early? If you do not want the media hounding you just be quiet about it until you are further alone that the baby bump will speak for itself. And if a surrogate is going to carry her baby, just say she carried your baby. This whole thing is just OFF, but give it time it will all come out. Pregnant women don't even maneuver this way when they are trying to sit. Things that make you go hummmmm.

1075 days ago


Beyonce says shes due in feb. If so, she shouldnt be that big in the video. According to what she says, she should just be 5 months. That looks more like shes ready to pop. Maybe she lost it??? :/

1075 days ago


It is the dress you idiots, the dress folds and probably loosened while she bent over. Gosh, the other possiblity is wearing a larger prosthetic to what she is to deceive us on when the baby will be born.

Overall I think she IS pregnant and that this video is really ****ty quality. MOve on........

1075 days ago


It could be the dress. That material looks stiff, like heavy wool or something. Or like someone suggested she could be wearing a bigger bump? I dunno. She said her due date is February 2012 and I am pregnant myself, due at the end of Feb, and my bump definitely varies in size still depending on what I eat but it has NEVER folded over. I just don't see the logic or reason in faking a pregnancy. It seems way too far fetched.

1075 days ago


Personally, I say she's pregnant just not to the extent that she's making it out to be.

1075 days ago

the real diva    

and this is news? why? noone cares. ger a life.

1075 days ago


Maybe she is one of those CELEBERTIES that do not want to ruin there bodies by having a kid so adopt and fake

1075 days ago


You can also tell she had the "oh sh-t, I'm busted" moment look in her face towards the end of the video.

1075 days ago


I have to say that its kind of weird how big she is now...I mean she is supposed to be due in Feb, she looks full term in those pics. I have to say its odd.

1075 days ago

small asian penis    

maybe she lost the baby

1075 days ago
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