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'16 & Pregnant' Couple

Allowed to See Their Kid Again

... Under Supervision

10/12/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The "16 & Pregnant" couple who had their daughter taken away by authorities last month -- because their house was covered in feces -- finally saw their kid again this week ... and TMZ has obtained pics of the happy 4-hour reunion.

As we previously reported, the Department of Human Services in Arkansas took away Joshua and Ebony Rendon's 2-year-old daughter Jocelyn ... after discovering the couple's deplorable feces-smeared living conditions -- and police then arrested them for child endangerment.

But the couple has since cleaned up their act -- and in return, DHS has awarded them visitation of their daughter twice a week ... for two hours at a time ... with a supervisor.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ, E & J are serious about regaining full custody of their girl -- and to prove they mean business .. they've enrolled in parenting classes and therapy.

A court date has been set for November 10th to decide if they'll get their daughter back.



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OK Seriously, I'm half white and half black. (my dad is black, mom is white) Even I'm lighter then that baby. She is half white her damn self, so its near impossible that that baby is his.

1070 days ago


That house is not clean. It looks like a drug den. I wouldn't make a dog live there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

1070 days ago


1st of all dummies who say that he needs a paternity test,that the thing about being mixed,some mixed kids look like the black part,some take from the other parent!!she looks mixed to me,just took her mom color....dummies

1070 days ago

lonelynanna in florida    

I hope this case gets enough attention to keep the family together. If the social services, child protection agencies would HELP FAMILIES STAY TOGETHER instead of taking children away,THAT COULD BE PURPOSEFUL AND STABILIZING TO THE FAMILY UNIT.
Please stop social services from taking children from their mommies and giving them to strangers. love to all...

1070 days ago


NO! He is NOT the father. If the child was just dark (which is highly unlikely) I would say OK! But the child has her mothers eyes somebody elses nose and mouth (the kids features are otherwise like neither parents).

I don't look like either of my parents either. I had rather sandy hair as a kid and my mother has dark hair for example. But I'm a blend and have at least something that is like each. That kid has NOTHING like him. He needs to do the Free military test as it isn't his. I'll believe it when Maury tells me. The integrity of the lab could be faulty THAT IS NOT HIS KID!

It's beautiful if he decides that he wants to be the father, but the child needs to know the truth!

1070 days ago


Why were there feces smeared in the house in the first place, that's nasty! Who lives like that, especially with a child?!

1070 days ago


the girl is black...and hes white...thats what the kid will look like. not every girl on that show is 16 when they have their baby. get it together people

1070 days ago


He really needs to get a DNA test that is not his baby.. HELLO am I the only one here that is seeing this? lol wow..
** You are not that babies daddy**

1070 days ago


JPEIRCE, this is what you said:
I want to know why the military did not get involved and if she is 16 them that solider has a lot of explaining to do, becaues that is a big NO NO.

So my response to you saying you need to do your research was because you implied she was 16 (underage)which she is NOT. They're both of legal age. I never said they don't get involved in the situation that they're going through now. I didn't need a whole paragraph on your life experience in the military.

1070 days ago


and furthermore, I explained that they were both seniors in high school when she got pregnant in my first comment. So not only do you not research before commenting but you don't read a comment correctly before replying to it. He was NOT in the military when she got pregnant HE WAS IN HIGHSCHOOL. Comprende?

1070 days ago


That is his baby they had a DNA test to prove it to his mom so.

1070 days ago


So the "dad" is white and the mom is half white?? There is no way that baby is 3/4 white! I don't care what you say about genes acting funny. The mom clearly lied about the DNA results. Look at the child's hair for godsakes! And the baby's color should be inbetween the two parents, not darker than the mom. Dat ain't yur babay, dude.

1069 days ago


Yall are very stupid and must have missed a couple days in biology class. The mother is half black and some times with DNA and genes that black person can come out of the tree.

1069 days ago

wdf o_0    

that babys black and filipino

1069 days ago


he is the father they did a dna on the show and proved he is the father.all these stupid racistcomments.and by the way the mother is mixed herself.get it together people with the stupid comments think before you speak.

1069 days ago
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