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Dr. Conrad Murray's Lawyer

MJ Had Plenty of Time

To Kill Himself

10/12/2011 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Dr. Conrad Murray
's attorneys are trying to change doctor's story, trying to convince jurors that Michael Jackson had way more than 2 minutes to self-administer the fatal dose of Propofol.

Murray's attorney J. Michael Flanagan suggested in court today -- perhaps the 2-minute window Murray described in his infamous police interview wasn't so accurate.  Murray told cops he left to pee, and when he came back Michael wasn't breathing.

The problem with Murray's statement -- it's improbable that during the 2-minute window, MJ woke up, grabbed the Propofol and shot it into the port in his leg.

So ... during his cross-examination of cardiologist Alon Steinberg, Flanagan said ... "Let's assume Dr. Murray was gone for a period of time longer than two minutes ... maybe it was ten ... fifteen ... twenty ... what is it about [MJ] that makes him savable?"

Here's the reality. In the hour before Murray began resuscitating MJ, Murray was on the phone for around 45 minutes.  As we've previously reported, cops never believed Murray was out of the room for only 2 minutes.  They think he left to make his calls.  Apparently, this theory is also palatable to the defense, because it gives MJ time to awaken and inject. 

The question -- will the jury buy the new version?

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If it was longer than 2 minutes, that just goes to show that Murray was even MORE negligent for leaving his patient unattended like that. Either way, Murray is responsible for Michael's death.

1073 days ago


Is Flanagan working for the defense or the prosecution?? LOL

1073 days ago


I dig Dr. Steinberg. Confident, and totally shut down Flanagan whenever he could. I think Murray is screwed.

1073 days ago


Just the use of Propofol alone, even WITHOUT the demise of Mr Jackson, should be enough for him to surrender his license. The egregiousness of the acts that followed are only the icing on the cake

1073 days ago


im with the Lawyers on this one. dude took a good look at himself and didnt like what he has become...a drugged out the mutha phkn pedophile took one big dose of diprivan to end the pathetic cartoon he became. just by looking at those autopsy pics you can tell it was just a matter of time before he was dead!

1073 days ago


There were enough sedatives in MJ's body to kill a horse. No way could he have awakened and "helped himself" to the Propofol. Murray's stupidity will surely land him in jail. It is a shame the penalty will be 4 years or less. He deserves to be put away for much longer.

1073 days ago


Because here's what you do when you're trying to put someone to sleep -- TALK ON THE PHONE IN THE SAME ROOM!!

Also -- can Conrad Murray explain away why there was a SLIT in the top of the saline bag? What purpose did that serve except to INSERT A BOTTLE OF PROPOFOL????

Criminal negligence pure and simple.

1073 days ago

Conrad Is Guilty    

Flanagan is a moron just like his client. And if Murray had left Michael for longer than the "2 minutes" he claimed, then that just proves yet again that he shouldn't be in the medical field. I like Alon Steinberg, he knows his stuff and continues to make Flanagan look like an idiot.

1073 days ago


This expert says MJ was still savable if Murray had been away for even 10,15,20 minutes.. damn you Murray. MJ had a blood-pressure and the only thing Murray needed to do was to ventilate MJ but nooo the idiot starts with CPR. This is so sad.

1073 days ago


Harvey are you really that stupid? It has already been said that the amount found in Michael's system there is NO way Michael could have self injected it. He would have passed out before he finished the full amount!

1073 days ago


So if they change and say Murray was gone longer....makes it look worse. Leaving Michael unattended even longer without proper equipment....negligence!

1073 days ago


If I were Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyer I would tell my client to man up and confess to killing Michael Jackson and to go to jail already.

1073 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

LMAO at the State of CA! They spend a ton of money trying to convict MJ of being a pedophile and SCREW THAT UP ROYALLY. Now they're spending more money trying to place blame on the Good Dr. who laid his ass down permanently. Secretly, the prosecution and everyone else around back in the "DAY", are glad MJ is living quietly 6 feet under!

1073 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Oh yeah, MJ may be responsible for MJ's death, however MJ was SOLELY responsible for being a ******* FREAK!!!!!!!!! Personally, I'm glad the dude is gone!

1073 days ago


The defense strategy seems to be that it is not clear as to exactly what killed MJ, and therefore cannot pin it on murray. And the witnesses are strengthening this by basing their conclusions on murrays statements which have been proven to be BS. I say BRILLIANT!

1073 days ago
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