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Dr. Conrad Murray

If Convicted ...

He May End Up On House Arrest

10/14/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Dr. Conrad Murray is convicted of felony involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to the maximum -- 4 years in state prison -- he will not spend a single day in prison ... and he could end up on house arrest.

A new law went into effect in California on October 1, which says, because of overcrowding, people convicted of non-violent felonies cannot be sent to State prison.  Instead, non-violent felons serve their time in county jail.

Law enforcement tells TMZ ... involuntary manslaughter is a non-violent felony, which means if Murray is convicted he'd go to L.A. County Jail.

As for how much time Murray would serve ... L.A. County Sheriff's officials tell TMZ ... Murray would be jailed for half the actual sentence.  So if he gets the max -- 4 years -- he would only serve 2. 

But there's a twist ... Murray could actually serve way less than 2 years.  Because of severe overcrowding, inmates are eligible for house arrest, based on 2 factors -- their prior criminal history, and risk to the community.  Murray has a clean record and, as one law enforcement official put it, he poses no risk ... it's not like he's going to go out with a bottle of Propofol and kill people.

So if the jail is filled to the gills, the Sheriff could put him on house arrest with an electronic monitoring bracelet.   But one official from the Sheriff's Department told us ... Murray wouldn't be placed on house arrest right out of the box.  He would almost certainly do some time before the jailhouse doors would open.


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I don't think it's the incarceration that will hurt the most (unless he gets shanked in prison), it will be the loss of his medical license. He could wind up stocking shelves in WalMart.

1106 days ago


Is there anything less violent than causing anothers death?

1106 days ago


Why even bother prosecuting him then.

1106 days ago


Calif. justice system, laws and etc. are a joke and a disgrace to the people of the state. The victims of crimes are completely insulted by the lack of justice. Shame on Calif.!

I hope karma slaps this puke in the face really hard and that he will never be licensed as a MD anywhere in the world for the rest of us nasty life.

1106 days ago


oops, typo

us = his


1106 days ago

who dat    

Now you understand why murray went to trial. He has nothing to lose. The medical license is gone for good.

1106 days ago

My Little Girls    

IMO... I think he was only trying to help Michael and was unaware of the extra drugs, especially Demerol, that he was reciving in addition to the Propofol.
Dr. Kline and all the other doctors should have testified in this case and the whole truth would have come to light.
I believe that Dr. Murray did console Paris at the hospital and they are just trying to make this doctor look as dirty as possible.
Look at the history of the lies of the Jackson's and they want us to believe anything they say... Right.
Jermaine is now saying Michael wasn't an addict. He used durgs just like Elvis and Anna and all of them were enabled by everyone.. and didn't even try intervension.. why?
The money would stop flowing... IMO
Michael died.. not from Propofol alone but from a broken heart and the pain of a lost childhood. IMO

1106 days ago


damnnnnnnnnnn he be lucky

1106 days ago


Every Jackson family member will file a wrongful death law suit against Murray and he'll lose everything he owns. Just like the Goldmans did with OJ Simpson.

1106 days ago

The Real JJ    

This law only applies to people like Lindsay Lohan and Pari******on. This man didn't just kill some John Doe off the street, he killed Michael Jackson, the 'KING OF POP'. The family is gonna plea that he serves some time, their gonna ask for justice for MJ's death. California legal system is F'd up that's just how it is, unless you wanna pay more taxes for prisons and jail systems. If convicted this brotha doing some time either in prison or jail.

1106 days ago


That's alright. In jail, he would be protected. House arrest, not so much... Karma is gonna bite him too, eventually.

And what better punishment is there than fearing for your life, every single day?

1106 days ago

File that lawsuit, I am Lindsay Lohan!    

california is a joke when it comes to celebrity justice

1106 days ago


House arrest? That's it? So, a nice tap on the wrist, which opens the door for other money-hungry doctors to do whatever superstars ask of them.

1106 days ago


Like a previous poster stated, this trial will not be his last. I would be SHOCKED if nobody in the Jackson family filed a wrongful death suit against him.

1106 days ago


Um, manslaughter involves death and he doesn't do time?

1106 days ago
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