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Manny Pacquiao

Sued By Accountants

We SAVED Him from Getting KO'd

10/15/2011 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao's former accountants claim they've discovered the boxer's BIGGEST WEAKNESS ... he sucks at paying his taxes ... this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

The number crunchers claim they were called in to save PacMan's ass last year ... because, according to the suit, Manny's tax issues "seriously affected [his] ability to fight."

The accountants claim they straightened out his money problems -- and even let Pacquiao borrow some cash -- but Manny never paid the them back and totally ignored the bill.

Now the pencil pushers are suing for their jack -- $649,016.95.

Calls to Manny's people have not been returned.

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No Avatar


There's a cell open next to Wesley Snipes...

1112 days ago


Guess he's punch-drunk after all. And he's running for office in the Philippines??

1112 days ago


He won't pay his taxes and you expect him to pay you? That's like some guy who owes back child support and he comes to you wanting to borrow money. If he dosen't care about his own childs' welfare, you don't stand a chance.

1112 days ago


Just fight Mayweather and pay your debts meathead.

1112 days ago


wouldn't you think $649,016.95 is no big deal for Manny? oh c'mon. he cant pay his taxes yet he can pay you? go dig a well and die!s****!this is bogus!

1112 days ago

Spot the Not    

really? Manny borrowed money from you? come on..

1112 days ago


One word.... Filipino

1112 days ago


well it seems that base on all the comments the story is true.i think every penny counts now a days. it is understandable with the recession. well the comments are getting racy so two words - no brain

1112 days ago


Manny has a weakness for women, gambling and sex he pays all his money for his group to live good.

1111 days ago


Hmmm...pretty sure these accounts knew how much the pacman will earn in the the mayweather case. Let's say, they're just asking for about 10% of pacman's potential earning from moral and exemplary damages with gayweather; 650thou would translate to $6.5 million, a fat addition to pacman's purse...hehehe

1111 days ago

manuel pacheco    

oh my, i wonder what pacquiao's fervent followers are going to say now? my guess is they're going to be in major denial that their God is virtually broke **** and needs a bailout from bobo arum. bwahahahah

1111 days ago


YOu came into his life ( six months ago) and you want to leave for $ 649.000. That's $100,000 a month.

1111 days ago



"Flowtard Fanbois"

1111 days ago


If this case will go to court Pacman will definitely be at the losing end unless he pays Vision Quest fast. It will really go very, very ugly, I should know because I personally know the president/owner of the accounting firm who handled his taxes and WHO LOANED him the money to buy the house in OC for his Canadian "adviser" Michael Koncz(read: leech). Actually, Pacman will surely meet the end of the line if he will not boot out the legion of leeches in his camp who are sucking his money faster than a speeding bullet. Like most formerly successful and filthy rich athletes, Pacman will eventually be left with zero in his bank account because of his retinue of leeches who are sucking him dry fast. And because Manny is not really a smart head, people around him can manipulate him easily even his promotoer Bob Arum and Arum's buddy Michael Koncz who now handles Manny's major interests. The leeches around Manny are there for him because of his money and nothing more, and he will surely realize that eventually. TMZ, you want more infos on this or on Pacman? ;o)

Freddie Roach is probably the ONLY person who sincerely cares for Pacman and he knows the real score as well.

1111 days ago


@homerpicket, who gave you the idea that VQ only represented Manny just 6 months ago, who told you that MK? If not for VQ do you know what could have happened to Pacman? You don't know the real score so just shut your brain up and just tell Manny to pay what he owes people if he really doesn't want things to go ugly. And you don't know the reasons why Pacman's debt to VQ went to that extent so quit blabbering. Tell Manny to fire out all the leeches around him and to quit being a Santa Claus giving away his millions like there's no tomorrow and tell him he might as well start using whatever gray matter resides inside his small coconut shell to secure the future of his four young kids.

1111 days ago
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