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ABC News Anchor

'Comes Out' During

Report on Zach Quinto

10/17/2011 4:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


An "ABC World News Now" reporter had a "coming out" moment on live TV this morning ... revealing his sexuality ... during a report about Zachary Quinto

With the words, "Spock Is Out" written across the screen, anchor Dan Kloeffler cracked a joke about wanting to date the "Star Trek" actor ... the first time he ever revealed his sexual orientation in public.

The newsman blogged later, "I've never shared that I'm gay on air, even though I've been out to my family ... but for the same reason that Zach decided to come out, I too, no longer wanted to hide that part of my life."



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bible in school is considered wrong..being a sinner is considered cool now..and we wonder why this country is going down the toilet..ironic though people call the guy who is with that courtney girl nasty cause she is so wrong.but two men having butt sex is the new it cool good thing.SMH

1049 days ago


What a nice young homosexual. I should introduce him to my grandson.

1049 days ago


As a heterosexual man, I have to say i am glad this world is finally getting to the point where people can come out and be themselves. people are people and none of us have a right to judge. Religon may look down on people being gay, but i find it hard that a loving God would. Good for both of these guys for coming out! I think that it shows a step in the right direction, and it shows our younger generations, that it is ok to be who you are. people young and old don't kill themselves cause they are gay, they do it cause of narrow minded bullies who mistreat them. and no one deserves to be treated like that. Good for these guys!

1049 days ago


Gee, what a shocker...a guy that looks gay IS gay.

1049 days ago


What the hell, is the whole world going gay now? Joe, I'm with you re: your comment. All you queer folk take your shizz and keep it to yourself. You pretty much disgust the rest of us.

1049 days ago


Well, now all his viewers know he's a disgusting pervert.

1048 days ago


Some of you are completely missing the point if you think they are bragging or throwing it into the faces of straight people. The point is that there are a bunch of teenagers who feel like they are outcasts and these adults are lending their support by helping others see just how many people are actually gay and that it won't always be hard. Of course straight people dont announce it. Not because being straight is normal, but because its been declared as normal by history and society.

1048 days ago


Lindsay Lohan= Straight (no matter what she pretends otherwise)
Kim Kardashian= Straight
Pari******on= Straight
Charlie Sheen=Straight
Michael Lohan=Straight
Pat Robertson=Straight
Adolf Hitler=Straight
Need I go on

1048 days ago


Dear Christians, 96% of the losers TMZ psots about day after day are straight so I HIGHLY doubt gay people are ruining the country ;)

1048 days ago

Toasty J    

My gay-dar was already seeing red with this dude.
Good for him, though.

1048 days ago


wow he's good...I never would have guessed had he not officially came out! :)

1048 days ago


So weird to see so many over zealous homophobes reading tmz LMAO! Isn't there a bible to rub one out to within your reach?

1048 days ago


Are you only a valid and accepted gay (in your community or elsewhere) if you do this personal show of coming out in public, mostly in a place where you shouldn't do that? That's a tv news, not Broadway. Gays will never understand that "coming out" isn't needed. Not for the heterosexuals, they don't care if you're gay or not. You do.

1048 days ago


There goes his Black and Hispanic Viewership--its common knowledge both Groups, in very large numbers are not Gay Lifestyle supporters or followers. Not my rules--theirs. I'm sure Station Management is figuring out how to transfer this problem out now. All that matters is ratings and this guy just sunk theirs. Look at OWN and its dismal viewership. They captured every Gay and Transgendered viewers out there and they're still failing miserably. Dude just punished a lot of innocent people with this very public and not wanted announcement. Other people who work there will be effected by low ratings too---behind the scenes workers will be let go, outsourced, turned into temps or eliminated. Its a business first---a personal public service announcement format is about 1000 on the list. Idiot. Thinking of yourself.

1048 days ago


THEIR bible reads, Adam & Steve...........

1048 days ago
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