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Shia LaBeouf [VIDEO]

Pummeled to the Ground

On Vancouver Sidewalk

10/18/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

shia laboeuf vancouver fightShia LaBeouf was repeatedly PUNCHED IN THE HEAD by a shirtless, hairy-bellied man on a Vancouver sidewalk last week -- and TMZ has obtained footage of the brutal ass whooping.

It's unclear exactly what provoked the attack -- but we're told Shia originally got into it with the man inside a bar called Cinema Public House ... and after security kicked them both out, the man tore off his shirt and unleashed the fury all over Shia's face.

shia laboeuf beat upMoments after the attack, Shia tries to chase after the guy -- but someone who appears to be his friend holds him back, telling him, "You gotta lay low right now!"

A rep for Cinema Public House tells TMZ, no one on staff noticed the brawl outside -- but the rep confirms ... Shia has been a regular at the place since he's been in town to shoot "The Company You Keep."


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Dont worry, the autobots will track down the guy and destroy him lol

1070 days ago


What a sh*tty actor.

1070 days ago

Ceejay Barnard    

I love being Canadian. I also want to hang out and have a beer with the dude who went kamakazi all over that nerd with the nerdy hair do.

1070 days ago


he got his ass kicked by some dude who uncannily resembles Chavo Guerrero! LMFAO!!!

1070 days ago


being that vancity is my home, i can reiterate that a lotta people (me included) honestly really don't care about celebrities up here. sure there's people that fawn over them, but the majority don't. they're just regular people to us. i met taylor swift on the street about a month ago and it was not a big deal. i guess that why celebs like to vacation up here. they don't really get hassled.

on the other hand, then u got this tool. he tried to pick up a friend of mine at a bar a few weeks back. she told me he was ****y as ****, so he probably deserved the beating he got.

most of us up here in van are pretty nice and easy going... unless the canucks lose the cup. lol. this punkass needs to go back to la.

1070 days ago


Poor guy got his a$$ handed to him by some fat kid. He needs some new friends tho, 1) they did not jump in 2) they hold him back aggressively, one guy even grabbing his throat!

1070 days ago


this is straight out of trailer park boys including the drunk dude with no shirt. all this video's missing is Jim Lehay park supervisor rolling up drunk to arrest them

1070 days ago


That's what he gets for being Steven Spielbergs golden boy!

1070 days ago


Not like they don't end every episode of Jersey Shore with a drunken brawl. Nobody says 'omg.. Snooki is an alcoholic' it's typical nightclub scene young men brawling like fools. I see this everynight at the clubs

i did enjoy the girls inside calling them **** tho. lol.

1070 days ago


leave it to canada to have fat, hairy shirtless people running around punching people in the face... hey canada, theres a difference between reality and hockey.

1070 days ago


I handed him his scrawny ass. We Canadians don't put up with no ****.

1070 days ago


A friend of mine was in a bar a few nights ago and La Boeuf came up behind him and said he was going to stab my friend in the neck.

1070 days ago


A friend of mine was in a Vancouver bar last week and LaBoeuf came up behind him and said he was going to stab my friend in the neck. Sounds like he needs a little counseling to go with the beat down.

1070 days ago


Optimus Prime was probably too busy flirting with chicks and gettin his groove on the dance floor while this melee while going on outside! =P

1070 days ago


LaBeouf has described his parents as "hippies", his father as "tough as nails and a different breed of man", and his upbringing as similar to a "hippy lifestyle", stating that his parents were "pretty weird people, but they loved me and I loved them."[5][7][7][12] The actor also accompanied his father to meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous .[4] LaBeouf has also said he was subjected to verbal and mental abuse by his father, who once pointed a gun at his son during a Vietnam War flashback.[7] LaBeouf says his father was "on drugs" during his childhood and was placed in drug rehabilitation for heroin addiction while LaBeouf's mother was "trying to hold down the fort."[5] His parents eventually divorced, mainly due to financial problems,[13] and LaBeouf had what he has described as a "good childhood", growing up poor in Echo Park with his mother, who worked selling fabrics and brooches.[14][15] LaBeouf's uncle was going to adopt him at one stage because his parents could not afford to have him anymore and "they had too much pride to go on welfare or food stamps."[16] As a way of dealing with his parents' divorce, he would perform for his family, mimicking his father.[17] LaBeouf remains close to and financially supports both of his parents.....and he was another Disney child star.
This is enough to make someone get an anger problem, I would think.

1070 days ago
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