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Susan Sarandon

Claims Pope Is a 'Nazi'

10/17/2011 10:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Susan Sarandon
Susan Sarandon
referred to Pope Benedict XVI as a Nazi over the weekend – not just once, but twice.

During an interview at the Hamptons Film Festival, Sarandon was talking about sending the pope a copy of the book, “Dead Man Walking,” when she clarified ... “The last one [Pope John Paul II], not this Nazi one we have now.”

When interviewer Bob Balaban expressed disapproval, Sarandon reportedly said the Nazi comment AGAIN -- drawing laughter from the audience.

The Pope's PR people acknowledged that Benedict WAS a member of the Hitler Youth as a boy, a requirement at the time for German boys his age -- but the rep insists he had no "active participation" in the group.

We've reached out to Susan's people for comment -- so far, no response.


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locqutus of borg     

This is just a typical "shock comment" which has no particular intellectual foundational basis, its been pointed out a zillion times, doesn't this woman ever watch the history channel or whatever. I guess NOT.
Membership was mandatory,eg it was pro forma, it doesn't have a thing to do with embracing the theories and ideas.
Liberals in America should look at some thier pet causes,
and organizations specially those found way back when, in historically earlier times.
You know turnabout is fair play, if Susan Sarandon gets to call Pope Benedict based on his short term mandatory membership in the hitler youth a Nazi.
Well way back in the early part of the 20th century, many people,including those became historically prominent dabbled with the theory of "Eugenics",and racist attitudes
toward native americans, blacks and other non whites were
rather prominently held views. Including by people like for example, Margaret Sanger, founder of planned parenthood.
Historically we did shamefully more than dabble in the theory of Eugenics, a number of states had state laws which
mandated people determined to be mentally retarded forced to undergo involuntary sterilization. and it did occur.
There was also "immigrant vs. immigrant" conflict, its well that some northern european immigrants looked with disdain on the more recently arrived immigrants from southern europe like spain,italy, portugal etc.

1038 days ago


If, as a child, he was a junior KKK. Would that be a bad thing? Since he was only a child.

1038 days ago

former cop    

Joe Ratzinger AKA Pope Benedict WAS indeed a member of the Nazi party as a teenager, during WW II. The photo above shows him in a Luftwaffehelfen (Air Force Auxilliary) uniform. Later, as an adult he was a member of the Wehrmacht (Army - Infantry) and was captured by the allies, becoming a P.O.W. Many years later, Joe, now a Cardinal in the Catholic church, reinstated the Bishop who was excommunicated for his pro nazi statements and denial of the holocaust. This re-ignited worldwide controversey regarding Joe Ratzinger, and widespread murmerings about him being an anti-semite and a Nazi apologist. Tangentally, it is perfectly acceptable and just to refer to this man by his real name rather than "Pope" in the same fashion so many Americans refer to President Obama as "Obama" or "Barack Hussein Obama" without using the proper title. There are no grounds for criticism of Ms Sarandon for stating an historical fact and declining to respect a man named Joe who leads a scandal-plagued sect and shares with them a very questionable background. (Read the best-seller "Hitler's Pope: The secret history of Pius XII by John Cornwell, Penguin.) "Makes the case....very difficult to refute." - The NY Times

1035 days ago


Another brain fart from a Hollywood slut. She also thinks Mumia was framed.

972 days ago


Susan Sarandon is an idiot.

971 days ago

sandy k.    

Are we so Politically Correct that you can't TELL THE TRUTH any more? I guess no Germans were Nazis, and Nazis were just figments of our collective imaginations!! Susan Sarandon told THE TRUTH, and she shouldn't have to apologize for it!! (He's admitted he was part of the Nazi youth movement.) But it's Pope Ratzinger who should APOLOGIZE for LEADING the COVER-UP of the Priest Sex Abuse scandal for 25 years!! THAT WAS ALSO TRUE!!

966 days ago

Gerwin Bitter    

Susan Sarandin is a sad, ignorant maybe past it actrees lacking in finesse, style or intelligence. What a pity she has deemed it necessary to slight the Pope with a comment lacking in knowledge of the past and simply expresses a gutteral level to which she has sunk. To think I used to like her a lot!

912 days ago


As a Catholic I am totally offended by Susan Surandon's comment about our Holy Father. Unless an applogy is issued by Susan Surrandon, it will be the last time I go to a movie with her in it or rent it or heaven forbid buy it. Her public behavior has me appauled by her Religious bigotry.

858 days ago


The Pope is a Nazi bastardo I agree with Susan. I will have to watch more of her movies from now on.

830 days ago


If a pope were to hang himself or be hanged would that be "pope on a rope"?

830 days ago


Bush Family Nazi Connections, and the Black Pope.

798 days ago


Ok susan, thanks for your comments on religion. Your a real expert, oh by the way , how will you protect your children from watching your ugly ass all over the screen, you hypocrite.

764 days ago

Ian Shannon-Garvey    

The pope as a tittle is self is disgusting. Does is surprise me someone who needs to be in a position of power to be ful filled has a past involving torturing people? NO this does not surprise me at all.

Religion is toxic if you disagree with me you're a fool.

559 days ago
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