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Demi Moore

Skin & Bones & Wedding Ring

10/18/2011 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Moore too skinny
Demi Moore looked to be in desperate need of a good meal when she hit the N.Y. premiere of her new movie last night ... and according to Joan Rivers, it's because Demi BARELY ate anything on her flight in from L.A.

Joan was on the same flight as Demi ... and after she got off the plane, Rivers sold out her co-passenger to the paparazzi ... telling them that all Demi ate on the 6-hour flight was an apple ... and some water.


By the time Demi hit the red carpet ... it was Moore who was feeding the media, by sporting her wedding ring ... despite rumors that her marriage to Ashton Kutcher is on the rocks.



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Delaware D    

Demi Moore looks like she is twenty four! wow. Stunning!!!(I'm joking. YUK! Look at those hands! Grow up, lady.)

1009 days ago

Bigger Texas    

Yeah she's got the old lady hands. She is still hot though.

1009 days ago

some guy    

Demi can haz cheezburger. Two of 'em.

1009 days ago

John T.    

It's really sad that she takes pictures of hersef half naked and posts them, face it you are old lady...we don't need to see you post that crap. You are very insecure. All you need is a broom with that hair. Your not 20, cut it for god's sake and look your age. You a making a big fool of yourself. Have you noticed no one has hired you in years to make a movie? We have. You are old enough to play someones mother now. Get a grip.

1009 days ago


Doesn't look good, too skinny.

1009 days ago


Demi may be skinny but that is her for her hair its beautiful..for the person that said your hair should get shorter as you you live in the stone age???? Your hair must be a wiffle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

1009 days ago


Oh, my, what will she do?! Her hands are showing age!!! Quick, get some doctor to fill in her lines before her infant husband who needs a car seat gets a look!

Seriously, what in the name of Botox was she thinking hooking up with a big child becasue her daughters thought he was 'hot Mom'? Now she spends all that cash, time, and effort on making sure she never looks older han thanks, Demi is older than me by 5 years, and to think at this stage of my life, looking youthful is my only agenda?

Never...this is not a smart mature woman, I look at her and think she is just sad, delusional, and mentally challenged to live this life she is leading. Puke....the day I would want to be in all the tabloid magazines, on the web because some 22 year old chick banged my obnoxious husband....Run Demi!! Get a life, do something besides working all the day on looking young!! I guess THAT is her job. We are middled aged with it. what? I like this time in my life, I wish she did.

1009 days ago


Im sure she thinks she's fat.

1009 days ago


Wow when will these celebs realize that the boney look is not in! Damn you Leann Rimes.... Skeletor is not the look men like! DEMI LOOKED WAY BETTER WHEN SHE DID STRIPTEASE! Her bod was skulpted, lean and healthy.... now she just looks like every other ghostly skinny celeb. I'll pass and I am sure so will Ashton.....

1009 days ago


OMG! She went a whole 6 hours without eating?! Airplane food, no less! For heaven sake, if I were headed to NYC I'd save my appetite for a decent meal too.

1009 days ago


When they go out to eat, does Ashton ask for the kiddie menu while his mom, I mean his wife, asks for the senior discount??

1009 days ago


Egyptian mummies got better looking hands than Demi Moore.

1009 days ago


You know - this bugged me all day. I do not pretend to know really what is going on in her head - dont know her. But I can guess she's freaked out about aging. Sucks! I mean what the hell? Why cant she enjoy her God given right to slow the F Down and enjoy what she's earned? Love life - friends - family - and yes LOVE FOOD!!! No fair. Stop Demi! I have a two year old girl - I want her to always love ALL the parts of EACH part of her life. You earned a slow down - a calming time to enjoy life. You're beautiful.

1009 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

My 76 year-old mother's hands look 10 times better than those.

1009 days ago


What in the frig happened to GI Jane? Cocaine by the truckload or what?

1009 days ago
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