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Lindsay Lohan

I Deserved Sautner's Rage

10/19/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Stephanie Sautner
Lindsay Lohan is telling friends ... she understands why Judge Stephanie Sautner threw the book at her today -- and to prove her renewed commitment to community service, Lindsay plans to put in overtime at the morgue.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, she gets why Judge Sautner was pissed -- admitting she didn't follow Sautner's previous instructions to the T.

We're told Lindsay has internalized Sautner's admonitions -- and is taking the entire experience today as one big warning that she needs to get her act together, stat.

As a result, we're told Lindsay will be visiting the morgue tomorrow to get started on her community service. In fact, Lindsay says she's so serious about impressing the judge ... we're told she has promised to go to the morgue every day between now and her next hearing on November 2.

We're told Lindsay gets the message -- and doesn't harbor any bad feelings toward Sautner for taking a hard line.

Sources tell us, when Lindsay faces Sautner again next month, she'll argue she doesn't deserve jail time.


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Looks like that "Nicole" is still around trying to justify stupidity.

1067 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Maybe she feels like that now, because she is afraid but in a day or 2 or 3 she will start to think "that wasn't so bad" and will flunk out yet again.

1067 days ago


Right. This is typical to be apologetic and not mean a word of it. She's getting a little old to still be acting like a school-age child.

1067 days ago


We'll believe that after she's worked 60 hours in the morgue.

1067 days ago


LL is clearly a severe drug addict and so cannot keep any commitments.........

1067 days ago

The Truth    

There are 4 other violations of Lindsay’s probation that the Judge brought up. Lindsay has to file a monthly probation report with the probation office. In it the Judge pointed out 4 statements of fact that Lindsay stated were complete lies.

So now she gets to make blatant lies to the court on her monthly report and noting is done about it. On the report itself it states giving false statements on the monthly report is an automatic violation of probation.

Oh well guess it’s all BS for show anyway. The Judge is still Lindsay’s BI**H. until she actually throws her in jail like anyone else.

The Truth hurts

1067 days ago


She not only did not "follow what the judge said to a T", she didn't follow what was said to an A, B, C.....and so on. This is yet another example of the PR machine rolling before the hearing to convince everyone how contrite and serious Lindsay is about fulfilling her obligations. Hopefully, no one will buy it.

1067 days ago


Sautner cut her a break and once again Lohan screws it up. Lohan is allowed by law a hearing Shawn Holly tried to avoid happening. Holly got her butt kicked by the judge. (Holly has got to be really pissed off)

Holly didn't seem to know anything but that it was only 'her understanding'. Ok. You got 2 weeks to proove Lohans 'glowing reviews'.

I don't think people are going to lie for Lohan. Lohan simply lied again. C'mon, Holly is suppose to fix this to.

I've worked for an airline and believe me if law or court officials, the airline would state if in fact Lindsay Lohan was 'actually' on those flights, seat #'s, meal, drinks, actual take off and landing times and so on. Showing tickets and an itinary means nothing. Another question Sautner had about how Lohan made her shrink in person.

Lohan may not go to jail because of overcrowding but make no mistake, it could be made where jail time would have been easier.

1067 days ago

Joe Blow    

Why am I having the strangest case of deja vu with this dumb ****? Oh yeah, it's because once again Harvey is printing more of mommy DUIna's lame bs and lies to hype up how sweet, innocent, dedicated, and misunderstood her lovely strawberry snortcake daughter "truly" is.

1067 days ago


too bad she gets to post bond

1067 days ago


Words. Those are just words. The same words she has said everytime she has a setback. She'll do anything but what the court asks her to do.

1067 days ago


Nothing new here. I just continue to wonder where all the money comes from. The lawyer fees alone must be incredible.

1067 days ago


Yeah...sure ya will Lindsay! Delusional!!!!!!

1067 days ago


Well this is certainly a case of "I'll believe it when I see it" if ever I saw one. She didn't seem too keen on impressing the judge from what I saw between the way to casual dress, the eyeball rolling and smirking and visibly glaring at the prosecuter when she suggested revoking probation was warranted.

1067 days ago


She is still trying to control. Any hours she does, e.g., "overtime", will NOT BE COUNTED. How stupid is she?

1067 days ago
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