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Dina Lohan Sells Lindsay

Down the River

in Planned Memoir

10/21/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's mom is trying to expose her own daughter's dark secrets, blowing the lid off of Lindsay's alleged drug and alcohol use in a memoir that she's shopping around town -- shopping it as recently as 2 weeks ago -- as Lindsay was looking down the barrel of a hostile judge and a jail sentence.

TMZ has obtained the draft of a prologue for Dina Lohan's memoir, which Dina's rep is shopping to people in the literary world.  In the prologue, Dina writes:

"I blamed her friends, her career and her handlers for an (sic) newfound lifestyle of partying excessively.  Drinking, drugging and behaving irresponsibly became Lindsay's way of daily living--and it tore me up inside."

Dina explains why she moved Lindsay from New York to L.A. at such a young age:

"How could I deny my daughter the chance of a lifetime?  How could I hold Lindsay back from her dream of becoming an actress?  So, I listened to others and sent my daughter to Hollywood with a few pieces of luggage and a chaperone."

When Lindsay began acting crazy, accumulating mugshots and what not, Dina says she was helpless, claiming she couldn't demand that Lindsay return to New York.  Dina also confesses she was conflicted since she was both Lindsay's parent and manager.

Dina and her rep were soliciting meetings via email two weeks ago, to brainstorm how to make her book "a best seller."

Our sources say a ghost writer actually wrote the prologue after long sit-downs with Dina and her rep, and both were solidly on board.

As far as we know ... so far, no takers.


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Lilly Pad    

WOW, WOW, WOW,.....a new low for Dina Lohan.It seems as though Dina's meal ticket may have to serve a little time, and I di mean maybe,.....she has no shame. I would be sick with worry about my daughter, but then again Lindsay's parents are not the parental units children should look up to.The next Lohan to come down the line who is pointed towards disaster is Ali Lohan,.....Dina has her daughter looking like a tall lanky young hooker. Will this crap ever stop?

1064 days ago


OMG, says the "Delusional Daily" LMAO, at least THZ knows what swamp lizards Dilo and Lilo are

1064 days ago


VILE. This woman is completely disgusting and deserves all the heartache she gets for whoring out her kids.

1064 days ago


Open Letter to Judge Sauntner

I am a somewhat every day person, who has been watching the downfall of Lindsay Lohan for quite some time.This story is incredibly tragic with potentially devastating consequences.(like,she gets behind the wheel of a car stoned,etc)I find it incredibly difficult to understand why Lindsay is not being drug tested.This is the very reason she can't fight her way out of the system.When you have extremely erratic behavior ,such as Lindsay is exhibiting,you can almost bet your bottom dollar that someone with a vast history of drug use such as Lindsay,is probably doing something.I went through drug rehabilitation almost 25 yrs ago.Things were different back then.There were places called Therapeutic Communities,based on the legendary,corrupt,Synanon program.These places were no joke.Most people preferred going to jail,instead of these places.Why? Because it's a living situation of addicts with addicts.These places were bootcamp like but most importantly,you were forced to address,the monster you had become.
After being in residential treatment for 3 yrs,I went on to work for nearly 7 yrs. at the program I graduated from.They had court liasons that would refer drug cases and probation to the program.These programs have been heavily modified but they are still the very best for people that are so out of control as Lindsay Lohan obviously is.Doesn't California have this?NY state has something called TASC(Street Alternatives to Crime),that refers people to treatment instead of jail.
I looked up Therapeutic communities in California and found that Daytop Village,which is a therpeutic community,is there.I am including the link to the program here and this page has I think other programs.Get someone from the court on this and find a damn program for her once and for all.
Besides the program,I worked at for 6 years.I also worked at Daytop in Far Rockaway ,NY,over 10 years ago.I worked there as a senior clinical counselor in the Re-Entry stages.Re-Entry,is when they move to a different facility and are working and going to school.This is heavily monitored.I know, I worked there for nearly 3 years.
Although,I have no diploma on my wall,I've been there and back and also went onto work for nearly 10 years with people like Lindsay Lohan.I can see quite clearly what's wrong with Lindsay,because Lindsay is the way I was at exactly her age.I am one of the lucky ones.My parents were adament that I go through treatment or I would never see them again.I was not mandated,I did it for love.Lindsay clearly has noone that is willing to get her into one of these places and she appears to have people supporting her financially.I didn't have endless resources like Lindsay.BUT I also wasn't in court either.Here you have the opportunity to save someone's life.Do the right thing.Get her into a tough residential treatment program.In the Betty Ford Center,that worker there,called Lindsay out on her narcisssim.The dopefiend recognized the dopefiend.She probably felt she had no choice but to go public as noone seemed to have her back against Miss Lohan.She wasn't 100% right but ,there was clearly things that werent right that no consequences that ever became of it.In a residential treatment program, this could never happen.Judge Sauntner,you really need to do your homework about these places.You will no doubt be impressed and immediately recognize that this is exactly what Miss Lohan needs.Be the first to have some guts and put an end to this,the RIGHT WAY

1064 days ago


she is a runner up to mom of the year ..right behind casey anthoney

1064 days ago


Who needs to read the book? We can see lindsay ruining her life everyday! What a s***bag her "mom" is!

1064 days ago


What a lousy crappy mom and human being. First of all when a little girl says she wants to be an actress you do NOT send her off to Hollywood. You were either getting rid of her or living your life through her. You selfish B.tch! No wonder your daughter acts this way. She never had real parents. ONly people who sucked off her for life and wanted to be her friend not her parents. Now she's famous and you want to mooch off her fame. YOu are a crap lady. I hope no one buys your book. How do you even look at yourself in the mirror? I have more respect for your daughter now than ever.

1064 days ago


WOW REALLY! But she does not admit any wrong doing in enabling her and going out with her every night. WHat a horribly inexcusable human being. She probably blames everyone but herself. She was right there with her drinking, drugging, dancing, making out with her every night. She is just as bad as Lindsay .

1064 days ago


If you think the judge is going to read that long-winded blah blah letter maybe you need to be back in rehab again...

1064 days ago


Open Letter to Judge Sauntner (Cont'd)I sat in weekly meetings with psychologists(she was brilliant),social worker medical personel,program director's and counslelors.I learned alot.
If I had to diagnose Lindsay from the book that psychologist used to diagnose people in the 1990's,I think it was the DSM!!!
Here would be my diagnoses
1-Narcissitic Personality Disorder (very severe)

Narcissitic-Lindsay has a sense of entitlement ;like none iIe ever seen.The world revolves her and only her.It's all about her thoughts,her feelings,and a severe inability to ever put herself into anyone else's shoes.In a TC-Everyone gets treated the same,she will be frced to take a look at this behavior in a way like never before.
Passive-Aggressive personality Disorder(very severe)-She calls the morgue,says she''ll be there in 10 minutes and she isnt-that says it all
Anti-Social Personality Disorder very severe)-
Anti-Social means criminal like behavior.Lindsay doesn't feel any sense of remorse.Even though she knows her every move is watched,she feels untouchable.

As stated by you Judge Sauntner in the hearing,she would not have to do any jail time due to overcrowding.How about addressing the problem,that Lindsay keeps going to court over and over again, wasting the taxpayers money with the circus she creates.
How about you be a hero ,put an end to the madness and be the first to save her life.
Get her into a Therapeutic Community,make sure it includes at least 1 year of residential treatment.This is the only chance Lindsay has of ever overcoming her massive problems.
She has potential,enormous potential.She needs to look at what she has become.It is so scary to watch.Her physical appearance and choice of attire for court was bizarre to say the leas,dressed like it's a Hollywood Premiere.This is the narcissistic Personality Disorder,VERY SEVERE in high gear.
Common sense is called for here.
Dont put her in some plush private clinic rehab,put her in a Therapeutic Community .In the best of worlds,someday she would thank you for it.

1064 days ago


sounds cool. I'd like to read the whole book. The more information the better.

1064 days ago

Dina Lohan    

This is a total lie! I didn't just send Lindsay to Hollywood. I drove her there myself! And I said to her, "Lindsay, you are innocent and supposed to an actress or something. Go make a lot of money so mama can have some, too!"
Lindsay does not drink or do drugs. Get your facts straight, TMZ. But yes, my memoir will be the best seller.

1064 days ago


So, it was the CHILD Lindsay who ruined herself by dreaming of becoming an actress. Her MOTHER bears no responsibility. Good thing she didn't want to be an astronaut. Dina would have sent her off to Mars with a box lunch and change of underwear.

1064 days ago


okay Dr lisa give us a break here,
In reading your short book it seems more about yourself and who you know and what you have done than about lohan and her problems...instead of posting the short story on here, write a letter to your judge buddy and I am sure she will take all of what you say into consideration...
yeah right

1064 days ago


it was everyone else's fault but my own. really cuz' the last time i checked YOUR HER MOTHER! retard...i was her "partner and manager", really what about her mother first then partner then manager. stupid bitch!

1064 days ago
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