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'NCIS' Star Sued

Over BMW-Crushing Car Crash

10/20/2011 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"NCIS" star Michael Weatherly has just been sued over the gnarly car accident he got into last year -- after allegedly injuring the other driver so bad ... the guy needed serious neck surgery.

The other driver -- Ivan Romeo Mendez -- filed the lawsuit recently in L.A. County Superior Court ... claiming he had to be hospitalized after the accident, which also destroyed his BMW beyond recognition.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg -- Mendez' lawyer tells TMZ, Ivan is suing for at least $80,000 in medical expenses after he had to undergo a rhizotomy because of the crash ... a neurological procedure that severs problematic nerves in the spinal cord.

So far, no word back from Weatherly's people.



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Gloria Unread    

Yikes! I love Michael Weatherly! Shouldn't his car insurance cover this?

Either way, this is why all famous people should hire a driver. Knowing a celebrity is involved in your accident definitely plays into how much compensation someone seeks.

1096 days ago


Bummer for Michael! I still love him!

1096 days ago


Seriously?! ONE year later?! The only reason that they are suing him is because they found out how much he is worth! Why else on earth would they remember to sue him not a few days or weeks after the accident but a year later! I love Michael and he is a genuinely good person and I'm sure that he felt bad for the whole thing anyway...Sure his insurance and lawyers will fix everything!

1096 days ago


I have to wonder if 'Ivan' had neck issues before this car accident. As a BMW owner, these cars are loaded w/ airbags. My late dad, an M.D., years ago said, 'people will sue at the drop of a hat'. People will do just about anything to make a quick buck, I suspect, Ivan, has had plenty of time to put together his lawsuit. I'm sure Michael has a sharp attorney who will nip this frivalous lawsuit in the bud. The NCIS team, semper fi!

1096 days ago


That's what insurance is for. If he was well insured he should not be out a penny.

1096 days ago

Forrest Gump    

Smashed the BMW beyond all recognition? It doesn't look so bad in the pics.

1096 days ago


My wife's Crown Vic had more damage after being rear-ended by a Chevy doing 40 mph and she didn't have any injuries requiring hospitalization. Makes me wonder if the other driver was wearing a seatbelt and if his lawyers eyes are just bigger than Michael's wallet.

1096 days ago


I doubt Michael Weatherly didn't have insurance. Who caused it? Also, Michael never gets into tabloid trouble. Looks like this is a publicity stunt on the other side, looking for money from a star.

1096 days ago


This is WHY we all need to have auto insurance...

1096 days ago


The BMW looks like very little damage was done. He is just suing as Mr. Weatherly is a celeb and may have lots of cash.

1096 days ago


Actually Ivan was injured in this and is approx 80K out of pocket because of Michael and it was Michael's fault, drove through a red light!!!!!!
So if you dont know best to keep ones mouth closed, just makes you look like an idiot speaking on something you have no idea about.

1096 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

The damage can be no more than $10,000 just because it's a BMW and the Labor and paint job is a beach to get. Weatherly is a good guy no doubt and will do the right thing. The suit amount is actually not that bad to be honest. Especially to those who know how much the actual surgery costs to get it done and all the hospital and attorney fees. In fact that is a bargain price.

1096 days ago


I love this man! I think this supposed victim is an opportunist, especially once he learned who Michael is. Apparently, doctors will do anything you ask in California, just ask . . . .Dr. Murray!

1096 days ago


Hey IVAN ROMEO are a scam artist. My car was mored damaged in a minor traffic accident at 20 mph. No one even had a headache afterwards. I hope Michael sues YOU for legal expenses, and you are prosecuted for filing a false report.

1096 days ago


People are going to sue whether or not they are celebrities. Weatherly ran head on into another driver while speeding. He also said I'm sorry it's my fault. Unfortunalty Weatherly is going to have to deal with making a mistake just like every other non-celebrity that makes mistakes. At least he has the money to lighten the load. Next time don't speed.

1096 days ago
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