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Charlie Sheen

'Extremely Disappointed' with

the New 'Two and a Half Men'

10/21/2011 10:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Charlie Sheen has once again turned on "Two and a Half Men" .... saying he's now "extremely disappointed" with the way producers are "handling what I left behind."

Sheen was out in L.A. yesterday ... when a photog asked if Charlie could explain why "Men" was slipping in the ratings from the show's explosive debut.

Charlie -- who recently said he "loved" the first episode of the Ashton Kutcher era --  explained, "People aren't stupid ... not all of them."

FYI -- "Men" is still high atop the ratings ... in fact, this week's episode is UP one-and-a-half rating points from the episode that ran exactly one year ago.


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now that charlie is gone show is 10 times better than it ever was.cryer and cast carried charlie for years.berda role should be expanded.cryers love life partner burning down her house was brilliant.the kid still is good.mother always gives her all.i firmly think kutcher is very funny i never cared for him on 60's show.but here he is doing a fine job.forget about demi.she is a dirty old lady just wanted some young****.cryers exwife on show is excellent she is really built.a total knockout.forget about charlie he is a washout brain addled lost cause...........

1061 days ago


I have to agree with Charlie. I don't think he needs to come back though- been there, done that with the show. Rather why not just get rid of Kutcher (die in some crazy way or he's so rich he just leaves condo to Cryer). Have Cryer be the lead- his timing is perfect- he is VERY funny. Have it turn out his mother had an illegimate child who is now Cryer's brother and have him move in - but give him a character like charlie's role in being a ladies man but give him funny quirky slacker jobs. 8 year olds came up with better ideas for this show. I don't understand how they came up with this storyline. It doesn't make sense. Worse it's awkward - Cryer and the son have to pretend to be guests and it just doesn't make sense he has the maid there and all these people in his condo.

I want to like it...I really's hard to watch now. I love all the characters but Kutcher. He needs to go when his contract is up. Don't bring Charlie back either

1061 days ago


I agree with Charlie, the show is awful, Aston is not a good replacement, he is all wrong and the part is stupid, get something more beleivable, is anyone really that stupid??

1060 days ago


The new show stinks.The reason the viewership seems like it is up is due to the fact that a younger crowd is now watching because of the childish antics and the unabashed sex.Many of the adult fans that I have spoke with have changed channels.

1060 days ago

Joan K    

Ashton should wash his hair for one thing and whoever said he was a good actor? I don't get it, what is it about him that is supposed to be so hot. He acts like a teeny bopper and I wish someone would take that dirty looking cap away from him.

1060 days ago


I watched the first five shows of the Ashton season, and as I returned each week to see if it was getting any better, I found it was actually getting worse. The only time I enjoyed anything about the show was when they made reference to Charlie and I could imagine him doing whatever they said. The show sucks now, and I have stopped watching it.

1060 days ago

ana batzibal    

to much jerk off/an huge in his pants stuff,the old ladies love kids like ashton,next to replace him is ashtons 27 yr old best friend that now hangs with his X old lady miss D,awful show without charly,next to porn with allans son jk getting lucky with 16 yr hot girl kid fantasizing about ashton,we need to wake up the TV world,people stop the kiddy porn before it happens,

1060 days ago

Annie Watts    

I agree with Charlie... it's just not the same without him.

1059 days ago

Lucy Trujillo    

I am with Charlie on this one! what he had going with the show was irreplaceable! it will never be the same! don't get me wrong I LOVE ASHTON BUT HIS COMEDY IS NOT THE SAME! AND IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE ANYMORE COMEBACK FROM THE DEAD CHARLIE! I STILL HAVE HOPE!

1059 days ago

Marcel Evers    

Charlie Sheen must come back!!

1042 days ago


i miss charlie sheen
i think they should rehire him

1040 days ago


I hate the new show, it's not even funny to me anymore. Ashton speaks so monotone all the time, I like the sarcasm better.

1035 days ago

Summit Point, WV    

We qui*****ching and even quit taping them after the 2nd episode with Ashton Kutcher. We tried to keep watching to give the show a chace to get better but it just keeps getting worse and worse. It's predictable and BORING. With Charlie Sheen it was predictable but he made it hilarious. We do watch the re-runs with Charlie. The show is just not funny AT ALL with Ashton Kutcher.

1023 days ago


I miss charlie,he made two and half men.I don't even watch two and half men anymore.The guy that replaced charlie sucks ass.Ashton he stupied and dumb.

988 days ago

Billy D'Allyn    

What's funny is how Charlie was cornered by this reporter (who could at least learn to speak English clearly!)and gave really short answers seemingly not to put off the reporter but trying to get away from him as quick as possible and just go on about his business. They took 3 sentences and turned it into more. I don't disagree, this show is coasting on the strength of what it "used to be" because what it is stinks. Think back to the seamless way Sheen was written in to replace Michael J. Fox on Spin City? Sheen was his own character yet close enough to Fox's and the level of writing remained solid and the show remained on course. I think Chuck Lorre would be wise to phase out "Two And A Half Men" and morph it into a new show keeping of course "Walden and the beach house setting and Berta" but with his girlfriend Zoey maybe moving in with her kid, Mimi Rogers playing his mother, his ex-wife, perhaps introduce some new characters though maybe not. Maybe write Alan off having his mother die and him inheriting her money and bye-bye Alan and Jake. Loree would be smart to get rid of the present writers and bring in new, proven ones. Maybe call it "Two And A Half Malibu"?

941 days ago
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