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Charlie Sheen

'Extremely Disappointed' with

the New 'Two and a Half Men'

10/21/2011 10:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Charlie Sheen has once again turned on "Two and a Half Men" .... saying he's now "extremely disappointed" with the way producers are "handling what I left behind."

Sheen was out in L.A. yesterday ... when a photog asked if Charlie could explain why "Men" was slipping in the ratings from the show's explosive debut.

Charlie -- who recently said he "loved" the first episode of the Ashton Kutcher era --  explained, "People aren't stupid ... not all of them."

FYI -- "Men" is still high atop the ratings ... in fact, this week's episode is UP one-and-a-half rating points from the episode that ran exactly one year ago.


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stupid..... Ashton playing an idiot is stupid... Sorry Chuck made a huge mistake .... I watch reruns .... sure miss Charlie and look forward to his new show ....

1107 days ago

weird al yankovich    

of course the ratings are up from a year ago and again it's because of charlie sheen. Due to charlie sheens drama more people tune into watch the show just like me.

If it wasn't for charlies drama I would have never followed the show .

I must say though I love charlie and I think he is the man with the master plan and all and I can't stand chuck lorre for being spiteful but Im digging ashton on the show my dude sorry !

I think the show is funnier now although I am team charlie 101%

So sad to see the ratings will just keep declining tho , but that's chuck lorres fault ( KARMA!)

Doesn't matter how much money you put into extra thoughtful writing Chuck, you're still gonna end up looking like the ass you are


1107 days ago


Never watched the show and could care less!!

1107 days ago


I loved Two and a Half men with Charlie Sheen and even watched the re-runs and still laughed my butt off. I have watched all 3 episodes and I just can't get engaged.

1107 days ago


I also agree with Charlie. The first episode was good. Other episodes have not been funny. I also don't like how Ashton's wife is played by the same actress who played Herb's sister.

1107 days ago


I watched the first show with Ashton and I did not like it. I don'*****ch this show at all with Ashton. I really think Charlie sheen is the actor that makes the show a good one together with John cryor and angus. I keep watching the reruns with Charlie sheen. If Charlie sheen is not coming back I am not going to watch the show with the new actor. It is just not funny and the story lines suck.

1107 days ago


Charlies right and he actually tried to get behind the show before it aired. Thought it had alot of promise and I like Ashton Kutcher-he`s way better than what there letting him portray (a 6 yr old with money and a hard-on). And more Berta!?!? Yea-give her a spin-off and see how that does.

1107 days ago

bella vegas    

This show totally sucks now! Chuck you screwed up and hired the wrong guy for the series! Ashton acts the same in every TV show and movie (all his movies are failures). He is not worth the money they're paying him...Seriously the guy needs to quit acting like Kelso from the 70's show..I can't even watch it anymore and I have taken it of my Tivo, serious waste of time and NOT funny at all!

1107 days ago

Charles Van Meter    

I think the only reason that this crap season of Two and 1/2 Men is being produced is to satisfy the contractual obligation of the studio to CBS; they were already obligated for one more year, and I think it's no coincidence that Ashton Kutchner signed to do only one year. It's a same that Chuck Lorre could not have let the show expire with dignity, and he continues to spit his venom at Charlie Sheen by using the show as a platform to express maliciously demeaning comments about the character Sheen played for so long. Sheen ought to sue him again.

1107 days ago

ambersue aris    

Charlie is right, But don't get the big head Charlie! LOL He really is good at what he does. He really has A God givin gift in acting. I tape all of the old shows, and still LAUGH OUT LOUD!! The new show is not funny at all. :( Sorry Chuck

1107 days ago


Charlie needs to STFU. What's extremely disappointing is how he screwed up a pretty decent show with his drug and alcohol addiction and let it interfere with his job to the point where he could barely function and then had the gall to put his boss on blast and the network he work for in one of his meth rants, not once but over and over until they had to fire his ass.

He should never, ever forget if it wasn't for him 2 1/2 Men would still be going strong with it's ORIGINAL cast. If 2 1/2 Men continues on or gets canceled one thing we know for sure is he will NEVER be on it again. So enjoy your re-run money and move the hell on crackhead.

1107 days ago


I've watched the show. The original cast...still gold, surprisingly. What I don't get is the Kutcher/Lorre connection. Lorre writes funny shìt, that's obvious from this and his other shows. The problem I see is Kutcher's performance. I know the shìt written for Kutcher should be funny...but it isn't. It's Kelso at 2½ Men. Honestly, I've seen Kutchewr in several films and he's always the same, he's Kutcher. In my opinion...Kutcher is not a performer. He's an actor...and in everything he does...he's still Kutcher. In my take the number one rated sitcom on TV and try and replace the main character is programming suicide. Methinks this show fell under the 'try-and-save-it' category for reasons only Chuck Lorre understands, a Jewish faux pas on his part as it's going to cost him money.

1107 days ago


god he looks like ****

1107 days ago


CHARLIE..... YOU are the disappointment, if you weren't such a knife wielding, woman beating crack head you would STILL be on the show... I do no*****ch Two And A Half Men but am going to put my TV on to the show just to F... with YOU. You are a spoiled Panty Waste. I don't like Ashton much either, so what does that say i think of you,,, NOT MUCH APPARENTLY... SORRY CHARLIE YOU S U C K!!!!

1107 days ago


I really think the difference in the show isn't so much Charlie being gone but the other charecters like Jake, Judith, and the whole disfunctional family. Now its just two
unrelated weirdos. It was a great group, now it not anymore.

1107 days ago
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