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Lindsay Lohan Morgue Duty

I See Dead People

10/21/2011 9:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

lindsay lohan shocked
Lindsay Lohan
won't be touching any dead bodies during her stint on morgue duty this morning ... but TMZ has learned she's already come face to face with a real not-live human corpse.

Sources tell us ... Lindsay is on sheet-washing duty ... and she covered her mouth in horror when she first laid eyes on the blood and fluid stained linens.

We're told ... during her shift, Lindsay saw a dead body in the morgue and seemed "shocked."

Lohan has just moved on to toilet duty.

Sources also tell us Lindsay appears to be in good spirits ... is talking to other people in her group ... and is maintaining a positive attitude.

As we previously reported, Lindsay has been ordered to complete 16 hours in the morgue per week until her next hearing.


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ilovegossip: 15 minutes ago

Finally TMZ has it right. She has to do 16 hours PER WEEK. Not sure exactly how that works, since the sentence was given on a Wednesday, and The next hearing is on a Wednesday, so is she supposed to do 2 days this week, 2 days next week, AND 2 days the week of the next hearing? If that is the case, and if they can't work on the weekends, she can't fulfill this weeks quota.

sorry, this is the one i meant to respond to with my question
for clarification on what the judge wants her to do

1095 days ago


Sad, but she's going to be on one of those tables real soon and no one is going to stop it. Then after she's dead her loser parents will make the tour of all the talk shows saying how much they tried to save her but are in fact just looking to cash in on her death. It's just pathetic.

1095 days ago


Really? That is where we go after taxes.

1095 days ago


Oh yeah, and TMZ really dropped the ball by not being the first to report that Kim Kum-dashian is getting a divorce.

1095 days ago

Sin D    

Let's face it...jail time would save her from this place

1095 days ago


I wonder if there is a FULL MOON tonight in LA?

The emergency room people say that all kinds of weird things happen during full moons ... especially on a Friday the 13th. That's when the wolves and the vampires come out like in those "Twilight" movies.

Yesterday, Lindsay looked "white as a sheet" like that one vampire in "Twilight".

Maybe Lindsay will still be there at midnight when "business" picks up in the emergency rooms and at the coroner's office.

It might a REAL "Freaky Friday" for Linds! Like that one movie she did ages ago when she was actually considered an up and coming Hollywood starlet.

1095 days ago


I can honestly say I would be horrified to have to work in a morgue. Definitely not my type of work! That's why I wouldn't do anything as stupid as Lindsay to have my arse thrown there for CS! I hope this is her wake up call but judging by her appearance this morning I doubt it! She can't do her hair and makeup for court but gets all glammed up for the morgue? Her bubble is clearly off centre!
Does Dina still think Lindsay is doing ok? What a sick mother! Now she's shopping a book? Lindsay needs to get the he11 away from her family!

1095 days ago


As we previously reported, Lindsay has been ordered to complete 16 hours in the morgue per wee*****il her next hearing.

LMao, Harvey finally got it right. With Lilo on toilet duty, I'd be sure to go in and take a HUGE dump and use too much toilet paper and have it over flow!

1095 days ago

Dina Lohan    

Lindsay is strong and positive like TMZ reported! She is finally vindicated and proves her innocence and beauty once again.
Take that, Judge Sautner!

1095 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

It's not cruel and unusual. Death is reality. Death happens every single day. Some people think death only happens to other people.

1095 days ago


Well, I'd be shocked too if I saw a corpse at the morgue. Who knew?

1095 days ago

AGENT smith    


1095 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Should be common practice to leave a morning log or a floating Snickers/Baby Ruth in the toilet for her that just won't flush every time she does community service.

1095 days ago


Lindsay is a "sociopath" and has no feelings for the rights of others, has no real emotions - will play whatever the moment calls for(makes her a good actress) - and continues to believe she is above the law, any rules, policies, etc. that everyone else has to follow. Read the book "Sociopath Next Door" and you will understand what world Lindsay lives in; Her own world!!!

1095 days ago


In a city that's all about manufacturing artificial reality, this may be the only time in Lindsay's life so far that actual reality breaks through. I agree with the community service director who said she needs to do this before anything else - and then to serve real time in prison, where she learns discipline and also learns that she will be okay on her own. She needs a Robert Downey Jr. to be her sober coach, too. And then, maybe - maybe - she'll turn her life around.

1095 days ago
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