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L.A. Morgue Staff Warned

Don't Photograph Lindsay

... OR ELSE!

10/21/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The staff at the L.A. County morgue has been warned -- the wrath of God will come down on anyone who tries to take a picture of Lindsay Lohan while she's on guts duty ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ, staff members were put on notice Wednesday -- if anyone is caught taking a photo of Lindsay working, that person will be terminated immediately ... no questions asked.

We're told staff was reminded that they are prohibited from taking pictures inside the morgue for non-official purposes.

As for what else Lindsay can expect when/if she decides to show up later today -- the fabled linen patrol ... i.e. washing the corpse fluid-soaked sheets that line the autopsy tables.

We're also told the smell inside the morgue is so cripplingly noxious ... it's not uncommon to spontaneously vomit from the stench -- and here's the kicker ... everyone has to clean up their own puke.


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The morgue should totally videotape her and sell it in their gift shop (yep, not even kidding, they have one). That program would soon be OVER FUNDED.

1106 days ago

Dina Lohan    

The staff at the morgue are on the attack again! Lindsay is one of the most sought after models and stuff, how could they even think not to take pictures of her?

Stop the hate! Lindsay is 100% innocent and sober.

1106 days ago


I sure hope it's as bad as has been described here. She deserves it. But even more she DESERVES JAIL TIME. Send her to jail and quit giving her chances.

1106 days ago


In this case the legal system is out of control and reverting to the medieval days.

Why doesn't this out of control ego driven judge give up and start doing her duty by putting illegal criminal immigrants in jail. What is wrong in LA that this kind of stupidity continues. Have you seen that helmet haired old bag that claims to be a "blind impartial justice" judge? What a travesty and waste of the taxpayer monies to allow this abhorrent judge to continue this farce only on an ego trip.

1106 days ago

Jay W.     

The stench is so cripplingly noxious...?? More so than the stench of Sam R.? I wonder...

1106 days ago


1st! That's BS! County Morgue Employees can not be other comments stated their union would step in to block their firing. Linds is a skank, has been. Now go for it take those photos of her cleaing up, that's part of her punishment. If Linds keeps up that lifestyle, she will be laying on the slab. I hope this experience sinks in her mind.

1106 days ago


This is crazy. All these officals in LA are just jumping on the wagon. If Lindsay wants to party then let her be. Damn ppl get a life and plz u aint God. This is overkill and a complete waste of time. There are way more serious crimes then this. Poor girl. I would do drugs too if I had to deal with this ****.

1106 days ago

AGENT smith    

Lindsay arrived at 645am today at the morgue. Fox news in LA had live helicopter coverage and opened their 7 am broadcast with ten minutes of Lindsay coverage and it's still going.....

1106 days ago


Whoever mention the smell to you is a moron. It smells the same way a hospital does, except maybe a bit stronger. The morgue itself has a antiseptic/cleaning product smell. If there is a body out, it smells different, but it's not cripplingly noxious at all. The only exception to that would be if it's a "ripe" corpse, but she wouldn't be dealing with that anyway.

1106 days ago


Oh and photos CANNOT be taken there, for legal reasons. If someone on staff took one, they would be fired and there is absolutely nothing their union could do about it. This has been a policy there for a very long time and one of the things employees agree to, when they are hired. I'm related to someone who works there and got this info directly from them.

1106 days ago


Here's to hoping Dilo and Lilo become patients of the morgue soon!

1106 days ago


Hmmm ... it's 7:15 am on the west coast now. I wonder if Lindsay has gotten her sorry, irresponsible azz out of bed yet and is actually going to make it to the coroner's building on time ... if at all.

Who knows, maybe there's some drama going on with Samantha Ronson (or whoever) so she won't show up. Dealing with an emotional crisis in her love life is priority #1 with Lindsay you know. She'll probably blow off what the judge tells her to do in a heartbeat if she's freaking out because of something in her love life. She might be high as kite on drugs in a crack house right now for all we know.

She probably doesn't want to do what the judge tells her to do anyway ... cuz she's just a "meanie" who's out to get her.

1106 days ago

James JD    

i hope the little crackhead wise up. if a NON-celeb person did all of this, flaking on court ordered community services and screwing up. they wouldnt get 2nd chance or 3rd or 4th or 5th. its absolutely bull****. we and her would be better off if the judge tossed her ugly ass in prison and make her stay there til she serve EVERY moment of her sentence.

1106 days ago


I know its hard to find a job, but who would want to work at the morgue as a living.

1106 days ago


I made the mistake when I was a teen of smoking one cigarette in front of my dad who worked in the coroners office. I was put to work with the community service crew for a couple of days. It ain't pretty and I never touched a cigarette or even thought about binge drinking after that. I still have nightmares about seeing them scoop out handfuls of pills out of peoples stomachs that had overdosed during autopsies while just passing through on the way to the laundry room!

And yes the smell even on a good day (non delayed drownings or delayed finders) will make you hurl more than once! I hope Lindsay was smart enough to bring some Vick's to put under her nose, or it will be the best celeb crash diet of her life.

1106 days ago
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