TMZ Live Lindsay Lohan FOOD-GATE!

10/21/2011 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Lindsay Lohan Burger-Gate!

TMZ Live is thrown into utter chaos over Lindsay Lohan, cupcakes and the In-N-Out mystery. Did Lindsay lie about buying the desserts? Did she have someone sneak burgers into the morgue? How can a place with a bunch of dead people have this much excitement?

Plus, Harvey and Brian's harsh words over Dina's plan to sell Lindsay out in her memoirs.

(3:39) Dina Lohan is completely selling Lindsay down the river!
(7:45) What Dina should have done when Lindsay started spiraling out of control.
(15:00) You can't just blame Dina. Lindsay's mom AND dad have done a lot of crazy things.
(18:21) Madness! The newsroom is scrambling to get a new post on the website and the story just keeps getting better and better!
(23:39) We have a reporter LIVE from the morgue who gives us the inside scoop on what's really going down.
(26:30) Breaking news!!! Brian resorts to dancing while Harvey directs the newsroom from his chair.
(35:47) We get a quick update to what is going on in the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial.
(37:46) Occupy Wall Street ... TAKE IT AWAY BRIAN AND HARVEY!
(47:05) A debate from TMZ TV made it's way to TMZ Live ... Can a culture/race own a genre of music?