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Taylor Armstrong's

'Most Eligible' Lunch Date,

Insists We're NOT Dating

10/22/2011 1:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing his and hers shades, "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" widow Taylor Armstrong enjoyed a friendly lunch with "Most Eligible Dallas" hunk Matt Nordgren at Clementine Cafe in L.A. on Thursday.

While the Bravo stars have been rumored to be hooking up, Nordgren is adamant they are just "friends" ... and Armstrong just tweeted "I am NOT dating anyone from anywhere! Stop the rumors! I am trying to heal with my daughter."

Taylor's husband, Russell Armstrong, committed suicide in August.


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This guy is not a "hunk".

If you watch the show, when he turns around or they show himwalking away...

He has a big "hunk" of hair missing on the top and backside of his head.

Balding? Hair plugs will be watch...or transplant surgery.

1096 days ago


Taylor...then why go to a very public place...............stop the madness...your BROKE and will hook up with anything that is walking ( do us all a HONOUR YOUR DEAD HUSBAND...........

1096 days ago


This woman is disgusting. If she REALLY wants to heal with her daughter, then stop putting yourself out there in the media.
I'm surprised those duck lips of hers haven't knocked her out when she yaps.

1096 days ago


What a whore, her husbands corpse is still warm and this beotch is already orally pleasuring this idiot with those phony tuba lips of hers. No class!

1096 days ago


I guess he didn't get the memo about her being a shameless greedy gold-digger who drove her ex to suicide

1096 days ago


Hey, it's Alan Harper

1096 days ago


She's a desperate, broke, old fool. Every time I see her w/that implant in her upper lipm I gag. She needs to find someone to pay for those botox shots and weave. These middle-aged women crack me up. As if someone's gonna take her for 30 y.o. She just looks like an ugly old woman w/a frozen face. And him??? Far from a hunk. His big flat face looks like he was chasing a bus...and the bu***** its brakes.

1095 days ago


Give me a break, If you are so busy "trying to heal with your daughter," then stop running around trying to have your picture taken. Who cares who you're dating or not. If Russell were still alive, you'd just be fighting with him, so don't act like the greiving widow!!!!

1095 days ago


Taylor, it's hard to feel bad for you on your husband's loss when you're out with other guys. It loses total credibility that you 'loved him so much.' As far as Matt, he's a man wh-re. I was disgusted at how many women he takes to a club, he doesn't treat them like human beings but more so like items.

1095 days ago


He's a Dallas Bar Fly - that will do anything for attention!
He dated Audrina Patridge - Vienna Giardi...and may have promised his first born to appear on Bravos' Most Eligible Dallas! The Dallas radio show Kidd Kra**** in the Morning refer to him as the "guy who we shall not name" bbecause he's such a fame whore!

The only reason he latched on to Taylor is because she is in the spotlight and that where he wants to be! He doesn't care about his violent past coming-out as long as they mention him!

He's a super-douche - as if Jake Pavelka and Brad Wommack had a child together - and they called him Matt Nordgren!

1095 days ago


She recovered fast.

1095 days ago


I normally dont comment on this kind of thing, but I couldn't stay silent on this one. Why can't she just be honest with herself? Obviously she loves basking in the fame and being in the spotlight, or she wouldn't be parading around town for all the world to see and then whining on twitter to "stop the rumors!". If you want to stop the rumors then STOP going out publically with the person that the rumors are with. Either she is dumb as a rock, or she is the world's biggest hypocrite! I am so done with this lady! She disgusts me on so many levels! Shame on you Taylor....I feel sorry for your poor innocent daughter. If you truely were abused then how about spending more time in PRIVATE working on helping othes with the same issue and stop parading around LA so that you can be seen by the cameras.

1095 days ago


If you don't want people talking then don't eat outside in public view!! Look out Matt, we all know what Taylor is after.

1095 days ago


This guy better run before she runs up his credit cards, spends his money and then sends him to an early grave. Just get a job biotch!

1095 days ago


Taylor, Taylor, Taylor -- you are such a victim! Your husband's suicide has somehow made you, once more, a victim. As a previous comment pointed out -- you are some piece of work! I hope there are people who can protect your precious daughter from your influence!

1095 days ago
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