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Herman Cain

Oksana's Guy Had My Back

During Republican Debate

10/24/2011 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Herman Cain'
s rep was dead wrong when he told TMZ that Oksana Grigorieva's bodyguard only protected the Republican presidential candidate one time ... and we have the photo proof.

TMZ broke the story ... Kristian Otto Herzog -- who served jail time in 2009 for impersonating a police officer -- was a member of Cain's security detail during a campaign stop in Detroit on Oct. 21.

Cain's rep told us Herzog only worked for the campaign on that ONE occasion ... and insisted he would not be asked back to work any future Cain events.

But TMZ has obtained photos of Herzog working security at the Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas on Oct. 18 ... even taking a photo with Cain's arm draped around him at the hotel after the event.

Now, Cain's rep has changed his tune -- telling us he "did some research" and could now confirm Herzog did work the debate along with a 3rd event in Ohio on October 22.

Sources connected to the Cain camp tell us ... Herzog may have been able to slip through the screening process because the campaign was in a "rush" to find extra security and didn't have time to perform a more thorough background check.

TMZ spoke with Herzog ... who insists he was NOT fired ... but says he felt pressured to resign after we published our story this weekend.

Herzog also claims the Cain campaign should have been fully aware of his background, because he sent them a copy of his book, "My True Hollywood Story." 


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LOL @ the moron equating impersonating a police officer to being a child molester. That's like equating a jay walker with a serial killer.

1096 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Herzog other claims from his book
that he is fame whoring even to Cain -

claims he protected Pari******on
"while living in my car and getting back
to the TOP of the celebrity bodyguard business"

The TOP??? like body guarding skanks like
Paris and gold diggers like O$kanky Grig...

Oh and he calls Britney, Paris, Lohan and
Kim Kartrashian THE FABULOUS 4!


1096 days ago

me, myself and I    

Who cares? Why is this on a celeb gossip site really?

1096 days ago


really? Really? Why don't you try to dig up some actual college transcripts of Obama? Did a little deeper into his pot-smokin' days? Find out why his wife was forced to give up her law license in Illinois? then we'll worry about whether or not an ex-con got a job - really isn't he supposed to get a chance to be re-habilitated?

1096 days ago


Realist: 9 minutes ago
I find it funny how you trample all over what this guy does for a living as though you do something more important. Perhaps someone should come to your work and knock the fry scoop out of your hands, see if you still get a chuckle.
The Fry Scoop comment was pretty funny!

1096 days ago

Fidel's niece    

@ Realist,

I am not fame whoring myself or what
I do like this big azz liar does -

go check his web page where he and
his family look like they were connected
to ANY AND EVERY FAMOUS/infamous person
for the past 50 years...
Casey Anthony, Elvis, Frank Sinatra,
just name any one living or dead...
he and his dad, grandma knew them!
The guy is a fame whore and a liar!

and I am LMAO!

1096 days ago


Just about everybody in this country throws around the
term "fellon" and even worse, "convicted fellon" when
they do not know the definition. Once upon a time, the
term could be used loosely, because a fellon probably
was a very bad person. Not necessarily so now, after
200 years of politicians piling law upon law until almost
everybody breaks one law or another every day. This
country has more people in jail or on probation than any
other country in the world. Fact. Easy to look up exact
statistics. A fellon is a person who has committed a crime
for which a sentence of more than one year can be
adjudged. Urinate in an alley, misdemeanor. Twice,
violation. The third time, fellony. Or mix and match, like
the guy who got life in Cali for his third strike, stealing a
piece of pizza. So don't throw this guy under the bus.

1096 days ago


Why does it even matter. TMZ that slow of news day for you. If I was Cain I would keep him. Because no one friggin cares.

1096 days ago

Selebraties Suck    


1096 days ago

Jeff Becker    

WOW! That is breaking news. Some ex-con got a job in security and has worked for Cain. The Cain campaign did not know how many times he worked for them. How many campaign workers do they have? Hundreds, maybe more? Why don't you lynch him? Is this a story because he is black and a conservative republican? If Al Sharpton were running for President would you check everyone that works security in all the cities and stop their campaign? NO! I guess it's o.k. to be racists if it is a black conservative republican.

1096 days ago

Fidel's niece    

TMZ posted a story Oct 2010 about Herzog,
who is not just a felon but a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR,
(he claimed he worked for Jack Nicholson) -

"told Mel Gibson's baby mama he would protect her free of
charge, because Jack was graciously covering his bills.
Herzog showed Oksana this photo - posted on his facebook page
to show he's done work for Nicholson in the past. The photo was taken at the Ivy restaurant. BUT WE ARE TOLD NICHOLSON

1096 days ago


Geez TMZ was it a slow day in the entertainment story? WGAS about about this story. At least this guy is trying to earn some money...You know having a JOB because jobs are important!

1096 days ago

Government Gripes    

Fellow Citizen as we move into the rough and tumble of the campaign year ahead, politicians need to drop what we have lived by over the last 50 yrs and look at solutions creatively, without boundaries. Please take a min out of your Facebook, Twitter or Blog time and Post a Gripe or Solution real-time at

1096 days ago


Improve the economy, employ a felon - especially one who likes to impersonate cops. Another great Repug decision. Good thing his reps aren't in charge of appointments to the secret service!

1096 days ago


To the people saying this guy has paid his dues and reformed himself, may I ask when that happened?? He lied first to protect golddigger Oksana against Mel then changed his tune when she bailed on him. That doesn't mean he's reformed at all. I think he's slime and will do anything to get his face plastered all over with important people. He doesn't appear to be an upstanding citizen to me, he seems more a sheister, a con and a liar. Nevermind a loser that impersonated a police officer! Sorry but this guy needs to find another line of work, he blew his opportunity to serve people in this capacity!

1096 days ago
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