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Herman Cain

Oksana's Guy Had My Back

During Republican Debate

10/24/2011 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Herman Cain'
s rep was dead wrong when he told TMZ that Oksana Grigorieva's bodyguard only protected the Republican presidential candidate one time ... and we have the photo proof.

TMZ broke the story ... Kristian Otto Herzog -- who served jail time in 2009 for impersonating a police officer -- was a member of Cain's security detail during a campaign stop in Detroit on Oct. 21.

Cain's rep told us Herzog only worked for the campaign on that ONE occasion ... and insisted he would not be asked back to work any future Cain events.

But TMZ has obtained photos of Herzog working security at the Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas on Oct. 18 ... even taking a photo with Cain's arm draped around him at the hotel after the event.

Now, Cain's rep has changed his tune -- telling us he "did some research" and could now confirm Herzog did work the debate along with a 3rd event in Ohio on October 22.

Sources connected to the Cain camp tell us ... Herzog may have been able to slip through the screening process because the campaign was in a "rush" to find extra security and didn't have time to perform a more thorough background check.

TMZ spoke with Herzog ... who insists he was NOT fired ... but says he felt pressured to resign after we published our story this weekend.

Herzog also claims the Cain campaign should have been fully aware of his background, because he sent them a copy of his book, "My True Hollywood Story." 


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Search for TILA TEQUILA BODYGUARD. I knew I saw him somewhere! This Kris guy is pretty amazing. He was one of the baby daddies of Tila's fake babies.

1074 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

TMZ only likes girly men, like Obama.

1074 days ago


So? I've followed TMZ for quite a few years now. I don't ever recall TMZ mentioning anything about Obama sitting at a church where the pastor said GD America...nothing about him doing community organizing with a Weathermen Underground terrorist. I would think that's more notable...given that the guy is actually the president.

1074 days ago


In a rush to find security? To protect a presidential candidate? Really. Sounds like Mr. Cain should take some time to find some new staff.


1074 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Harvey/TMZ - WAKE UP!

Who the f*ck cares about this loser Herzog...

Post about Mel partying with 22 (?!&$#) year old
Petra Eccleston and her husband at the
Bleacher's Madhouse Club @ The Roosevelt Hotel
last Wednesday...

The bill came to $ 250 THOUSAND.
about Mel
"He ignored three women around him before
leaving the club with Ecclestone and her husband"
Daily Mail UK
got the scoop...

1074 days ago


While I dislike this Mr. Herzog, only because he had impersonated law enforcement(...and probably still does), I have to say that I am starting to dislike TMZ more(a lot more). I mean, it is TMZ's focus to cause people to become unemployed? Is TMZ only interested in become more disgusting than it already is?

Mr. Herzog should be left alone, unless TMZ, or anyone else, obtains information that Mr. Herzog has been(more recently), is, or will be engaging in criminal activity. Outside of that, leave Mr. Herzog alone. At least he is working, which is more than I can say for many others(people that can work and have the opportunity to work, but are too lazy or useless to try to).

To me, it just seems that TMZ hates Mr. Cain and/or his political beliefs. I guess that TMZ would rather attack Mr. Cain, in any way possible, while ignoring all of the actions of our current President, and those that work for him(Mr. Holder, Mr. Geithner, and many, many others).

Someone on Mr. Cain's staff may have hired an ex-felon, either knowingly or unknowingly, but at least Mr. Cain has not been arming the cartels in Mexico, while trying to disarm law abiding US citizens. At least Mr. Cain is not continuing the violation of constitutional rights of the US citizenry, unlike President Obama.

If the worst issue TMZ can raise with Mr. Cain is that he, or someone that works for him, has hired an ex-felon to do legal work, then he is way ahead of everyone else running for president. Hell, Mr. Cain has my vote.

1074 days ago

Fat Mike    

Leave this guy alone. Instead of letting him have a decent life, it seems you'd rather see him put in a position where he has no option but to commit a crime to support himself.
Imagine if your whole life became about the worst thing you've ever done. How many of the TMZ staff would be able to hold their head high if every one of their past indescretions was revealed (and I'm not just talking about the ones you've been caught for)?

1074 days ago


Of course he should make a living. Granted. But not as a bodyguard. He's liability, not an asset. There are plenty of other honest ways to support oneself other than standing around in a cheap suit and sunglasses pretending to be a bad ass bodyguard. Or pretending to write a book cashing in on another man's fame/baby mama. Most of us live in anonymity, working hard every day to support ourselves. Why shouldn't he?


1074 days ago


Only way TMZ can get clicks is on Mel Gibson's back!!!!!

1073 days ago


TMZ.... this is here, why?
The point is?

Wow... more and more you guys are showing some questionable editing on this site.

Either entertain us... we'll stay.
Or keep posting non stories like this from a partisan bent and we'll go.

1073 days ago


I find it very odd there are SO many photographs of Herzog at this event. Very odd.

1073 days ago

Johnny Hawkins    

Judge people for what they are now, and what they can do. The past is just that, past. People learn from their mistakes. People with a background are often the truely educated and enlightened.They shouldn't be dismissed arbitrarily.

1073 days ago


I think they are all wrong about this man if he did his job that all he should be jugde for how can a good man have a fair chance in this world he serve his time now let the man go to work please do you want him robbeing you are working for you

1073 days ago



1073 days ago



1073 days ago
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