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Michael Lohan's Ex:

I Wouldn't Perform Oral Sex

10/25/2011 6:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan Police Report
Michael Lohan
's ex-girlfriend told police ... he flipped out and threatened to kill her because "she wouldn't give him a 'bl*w job'" ... this according to the police report obtained by TMZ.

According to the report, Lohan's ex, Kate Major, told police Michael came over to her Tampa apartment last night, when he began to yell at her about an upcoming domestic violence court hearing. Major claims the argument got heated ... and MiLo got violent.

Major claims Lohan pushed her multiple times and squeezed her arms. She claims Mike also told her he would "slit both his wrist and her wrist. He also threatened to throw her off the balcony (4th floor)."

Kate says Michael threw a TV  remote control at her ... but he missed, so he smashed her cell phone.

Major also told police Lohan came over to her apartment the night before ... and they got into an argument that turned physical. Major says she threatened to call police, but Michael banged his head on a door, causing his forehead to bleed ... and warned that if cops came over, he would blame her for the injury.

Major told cops she regretted not calling police at the time, but insists "she was scared."

Lohan also spoke with police ... insisting last night's incident was triggered by a sexual encounter ... described in graphic detail in the police report.

"[Kate Major] did not want Michael to ejaculate inside her. Michael Lohan stated he did ejaculate in her and his girlfriend got very angry."

Michael told cops Kate told him she may have been pregnant from previous sexual encounters with him ... which caused an argument ... but Lohan insists he never laid a hand on Kate.

Michael also told cops the cut on his forehead was caused by Kate ... who slammed her apartment door in his face on the previous night.

As we previously reported, Lohan complained of chest pains ... so cops took him to a nearby Tampa hospital, where he was treated ... and then arrested for domestic violence.

Lohan claimed in his statement to police that he and Kate were going to court today to drop a previous restraining order that was in place against him. We're guessing those plans have changed.


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Lady Luck    

I watched this Michael Lohan on Celeberty Rehab...He's a jerk..He fakes his heat problems so people feel sorry for him...His Girlfriend is crazy also...You cant beleive what either say. That Lohan family is a mess....

1072 days ago

Linda Brown    

God I just loathe this loser!! And I laughed my ass off when I read he tried to pull his "fake chest pains" like he did on Celeb Rehab! He has that down to a science, probably though the Tampa cops would buy this and he would not be arrested but that sure backfired on him and Go Tampa Police!! And you watch, he will go back on the show like Steve Adler does as a "professional addict! That loser has been on almost all of the seasons! And LoWhore here pulled those "fake chest pains" several times on the show all for the attention to be on and those tool staff members all rallied around him, you people are supposed to be professionals and you can't tell when you are being played by this egotistical loser??? This guy is a leech, a boil on the ass of society and this has to be what the 10th time he has nailed that Kate who is a loser in her own right! Any woman who hooks up with him and does not charge him for it is a loser in their own right! And she goads him big time and knows exactly what to say to him to piss him off and egomaniacs like this can't hold their tempers because it is always all about them and what they want. SO if you ask me she is just as bad as he is? And how does she support herself? Sleaze off LL like he does? This piece of waste does not have a job and it is about time LL cuts off his funds. No daughter should have to support a piece of crap father like him! Oh yeah, On Celeb he whined about his relationship with his daughters is in the ground and who does he BLAME for that? Deena if course! OH NO, NOT HIMSELF!! He blames everyone but himself and here (GAG PUKE HURL) ole KatieHo would not give him a hummer? God, if I was a hooker, I would not touch that for any amount of money!! YUK!! So while I do not condone domestic violence in this case I could care less he belted her because she willingly stays with him and I think a part of her likes it because when it suits her she can call the law and have him arrested any time she wants!! And she did it last night because she would not give him a hummer! Not only did she not have to do it, she got the satisfaction of watching him in cuffs! I think she really digs that! Both of them deserve each other!

1072 days ago


While ML is certainly no honest man, neither is Kate. As sleezy as HE is, I believe she's lied and lied to get him in trouble and this instance is more of the same.

These two are really low class individuals.

1072 days ago


Gotta do the Blow to be a ho.

1072 days ago


Why would any woman go with this violent lowlife s***bag? I don't get it.

1072 days ago


Yep I would have done it, and when it was in my mouth, crunched it of at the little biddy nub it probably is, spit out the little piece of meat.

1072 days ago


Papa Lohan is a bully and a freak and a pervert. It's his fault Lindsay Lohan is such a hot mess. All his kids are scared of him because he got a very bad temper.

1072 days ago


What is Kate, 12 years old? She thinks that if he doesn't c*m inside her she won't get pregnant? I hope a judge orders Michael to be sterilized before he sires another mess of a kid with this genius.

1072 days ago

I am Spartacus    

i had a girl tell me she didn't give oral sex and i just looked at her and was thinking, "they still make your kind?" All girls these days pretty much go down on guys as a hobby.

1072 days ago


Yet she is still with him!! HHHMMMM. Dumb?

1072 days ago



1072 days ago


Come on now. Its an EX-WIFE!! Ex's are ALWAYS supposed to engage in oral sex. Its a rule - like the walk of shame that she is supposed to take immediately after he's done.

1072 days ago


Kate Major turns my stomach. She is just in it to be "famous" or what she thinks is "famous." Little does she know she is "infamous." First she went out with John Gosselin (after she had to leave her job at in touch magazine just so she COULD date him and it wouldn't be a conflict of interest) and now she is screwing one of John's supposed friends! REALLY, this chick will do ANYTHING or ANYONE just to make a name for herself (even if it is bad). I think that she needs to go back to writing and leave the drunk, Hollywood B list "fathers of has-beens" alone.

1071 days ago




1071 days ago



1071 days ago
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