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President Obama

Chickens Out Big Time

... at Roscoe's

10/25/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1025_obama_ap_exd President Barack Obama winged it hardcore yesterday -- hitting up L.A.'s famous Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles ... in a move that made his wife and kids extremely jealous.

TMZ spoke with a manager at the Pico location, who tells us, Obama dropped by to pick up an early dinner with his secret service -- ordering the "Country Boy" combo ... 3 chicken wings, a waffle, and potato salad ... for a fiscally responsible $8.40.

The manager tells us, he was honored to have the Commander-in-Chief at his establishment -- but says he won't be renaming any menu items after B.O. ... in fairness to Reagan and Nixon, who were also regulars ... but don't have any items named after them.

Michelle and kids weren't there -- but according to the manager, Barack insisted his wife and daughters would be stopping by Roscoe's Hollywood location in the near future ... because they're also huge fans of the restaurant.



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we're so screwed.

1072 days ago


You see hereally IS just one of us. It's not like he's a puppet for an oligarchy with plans on further enslaving us. He's totally born in the USA and really had every intention of keeping all his campaign promises.

1072 days ago


Bring on all the haters and crazies who will use this a perfect opportunity to berate him for not following the Michelle "you can't eat that!" crap argument. Guy can do nothing right with some people, but that's all right. History will tell the true story of how hard he worked to fix this country and how hard the opposition only wanted to make him fail. God forbid Obama try to fix what all the whities messed up for the past 40 years (both sides). There is such blatant hypocrisy, ignorance and racist comments whenever Obama's name is mentioned and then in the same breath, ALL of them claim "its not a racist issue". Yeah RIGHT! Thats why this is the only President who has been accused of being born out of this country, accused of being a Muslim (even if he were, so f'n what" Freedom of Religion people) and when has a President EVER been openly cat called in Congress???? I am not ashamed of my voting for Obama but I am ashamed of most of the comments I hear from people about him. This country is going down the drain due to racist and religious extremes. Obama deserves a 2nd term and none of the idiots running now deserve even 1.

1072 days ago


You're idiots. The campaign is about obesity. If you aren't obese then it shouldn't matter. You can eat whatever you please. If you're obese then you should hold off on the chicken and know..since the campaign is about OBESITY and all...

1072 days ago

Scott Guiher    

Its kinda cool seeing our prez having to fork over his own cash for the meal.

1072 days ago


Obama is an idiot and god help us if he gets elected for another 4 years...he used the typical blame everyone but myself for the mess we are in,okay the first 2 years he blamed Bush,,now who is he blaming?All the white people that are out to get him.Strange, all the black people who were dancing in the streets when he was elected are still dancing because they cant get a job.He has back tracked on every promise he made to get elected(typical politician).All he has going for him is the legacy Bush left for him,and that is quickly running out.

1072 days ago


Glad I wasn't at Roscoe's when that ahole showed up. It would have ruined my meal.


1072 days ago

Scott Guiher    

However you feel about Barak Obama he is still our president and deserves the respect of all Americans. It sickens me to hear racial remarks and filth directed towards the leader of the free world. I did not vote for president Obama but I will always respect him. He has the toughest job in the world.

1072 days ago


He's a poor excuse for a human. I can't believe America wasted their first black president on him.

1072 days ago


Yawn.....roll down your sleeves damit.. your the President of the United States for cryin out loud...

1072 days ago


He was picking up the chickens and waffles for those GOP
presidential candidates. Maybe if they ate some good tasting food they might not act like a bunch of goobers at the next debate.

1072 days ago


The s***bag conman NEVER WORKS!

1072 days ago


This isn't celebrity news, its a political campaign stop and photo opp.

1072 days ago


This guy is so cool--even though republicans treat him like a second-class citizen, he outclasses them all!!!! Obama in 2012!!!! We can't wait!!!!

1072 days ago


And his nosy wife is trying to control how Americans eat? Talk about a lot of nerve. I say the stupid broad minds her own business and let parents decide what their kids will or will not eat

1072 days ago
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