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Lindsay Lohan

$1 Million Offer

from Sex Toy Company

10/27/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Fleshlight
Lindsay Lohan
's genitals are a friggin' gold mine -- because Playboy's million dollar baby has just received ANOTHER million dollar offer from a sex toy company ... TMZ has learned.

The honchos from an adult entertainment company called FleshLight have fired over a letter to Lohan's reps ... hoping to seal a deal with the actress which would allow the company to take a mold of LiLo's lady parts to produce "authentic" Lindsay Lohan sex toys.

Shockingly, the practice of genital molding is not that uncommon in the world of adult entertainment ...  loads of XXX actresses -- including Jesse Jane and "Nailin' Palin" star Lisa Ann --  have copied their private parts for sex toys.

We're told Lindsay hasn't seen the offer yet ... but sources close to the actress tell us, "She would never accept such an offer for any amount of money."

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay is going full frontal for Playboy ... but only agreed to the deal because she felt the photos would be "tasteful."


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Being naked for pervs to see is not "tasteful." So just do this other offer and cash in. They are both trashy & sleezy, & u could use the money.

1094 days ago

karen darvin    

this is creepy news to wake up to.I see the men are so excited they can barely contain themselves.And i know I'll get to hear from the guys about how the women are all jealous etc etc that it isn't them.This is not jealousy. This is sheer disgust that women continue to be objectified as sex toys (literally) for the pleasure of men.And once again real women are expected to stand by and be compared to this perfection that they can never live up too to as their guys are drooling over women that wouldn't look once at them.Still in the stone age. And Lindsay, who i kind of like, well, this is changing my mind about her.I grew up in the 70's and i remember when we thought all of this sexist stuff was changing.In face it has gotten way worse with internet porn and sex tapes etc.Look at the comments men are already getting out there because now it's a free for all for them to treat women like sex objects. Flattering..hope the money is worth it.

1094 days ago


"She would never accept such an offer for any amount of money".....yeah and I'm Santa Claus!

1094 days ago


If I had a mold of Lyndsay's thang, I would feel like I was really with her, kinda like Quagmire building a Lois from Family Guy.

1094 days ago


How long before Steve Hirsch makes her an offer?

1094 days ago


Seems like the next logical step to me. Her career is over, she's already posed for playboy. She might as well take the payday. Lord knows she needs the money!

1094 days ago


I wonder if this toy would come complete with coke stuffed up it? As thats where Lindsay stashes her supply while traveling.

1094 days ago

charlies balls    

what is 'tasteful' about her nasty crunch.....yuk

1094 days ago


Does the Fleshlight come with Lindsey's Herpes?

1094 days ago


And the first time you use the Lindsey Lohan sex toy it'll give you a couple of STD's to make the effect more realistic.

1094 days ago


WOW!!!!!!....she knows she's going to the slammer,she did this crap last time,now she has stoop to a lower level of adult entertainment,anybody with a half a.s.s. decent body can pull this off...great job you disgusting piece of trash dina

1094 days ago


EARLIER PHOTOS show Lindsay as a sweet, darling, talented little girl who had her entire life ahead of her to become one of the most respected personalities, both, public and private. With parents like hers who are completely selfish, self absorbed, extremely low class individuals, how can this young woman possibly survive the rubble she finds herself in and with no sane individuals to help her out of this mess she finds herself in. People like Playboy and Fleshlight, and perhaps others to follow, have jumped at the chance to profit millions at Lindsay's expense. Granted, she has made some serious mistakes, but, with no one to guide her, how can she possibly recover the downward spiral she has created for herself? I believe she is worth saving, but, not at the hands of those who rush to take advantage of her. If she were thinking clearly, she would recognize their games. Hopefully, she will.

1094 days ago


Dina---you are the s*** of the earth,i dont care how much lindsay loves you,you brainwashed her,so she doesnt know any better,im also from long island,my mother who is dead now,would kick your a.s.s. if she was alive,you are a disgusting person...i so wanna slap the ******* outta you...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

1094 days ago


By the way,its only proof that dina is fame whore,she hates her ex who she had 4 kids with,but yet she still keeps his name,my mom divorced my dad,and went to her maiden name....who are you kidding dina???

1094 days ago


Tasteful, Lohan, and Playboy in the same sentence is called an oxymoron.

1094 days ago
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