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Lindsay Lohan

$1 Million Offer

from Sex Toy Company

10/27/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan Fleshlight
Lindsay Lohan
's genitals are a friggin' gold mine -- because Playboy's million dollar baby has just received ANOTHER million dollar offer from a sex toy company ... TMZ has learned.

The honchos from an adult entertainment company called FleshLight have fired over a letter to Lohan's reps ... hoping to seal a deal with the actress which would allow the company to take a mold of LiLo's lady parts to produce "authentic" Lindsay Lohan sex toys.

Shockingly, the practice of genital molding is not that uncommon in the world of adult entertainment ...  loads of XXX actresses -- including Jesse Jane and "Nailin' Palin" star Lisa Ann --  have copied their private parts for sex toys.

We're told Lindsay hasn't seen the offer yet ... but sources close to the actress tell us, "She would never accept such an offer for any amount of money."

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay is going full frontal for Playboy ... but only agreed to the deal because she felt the photos would be "tasteful."


No Avatar


There's nothing "tasteful" about naked pictures that expolit women.

1100 days ago


So are these things like life sized dolls? Kinda creepy, if you ask me.

1100 days ago



1100 days ago


She'll do it !! Shes working her way up that porn ladder pretty quick Huh vote yes !!

1100 days ago

Dina The Enabler    

I contacted Fleshlight myself and told them to call Lindsay with this offer.
I could REALLY use the payday - uh - I mean, Lindsay could use the exrtra money. And this is bound to get her acting career back on track, right?
MOTHER OF THE YEAR, folks! That's me! I ALWAYS know the best way to wring cash out of my babies - uh - I mean, know what's best for them and their careers - yeah, that's it.
Dina the Enabler.

1100 days ago

King Beef    

Why would any guy want a fleshlight with meat curtains, warts and is so loose it's like screwing a bucket of warm water?

1100 days ago


People who suggest that she would automatically turn this down in an instant, because of her "morals", are inhaling too much of the "happy" smoke!!! My friends, it's a very short leap to take from having your "privates" captured in film, versus having them captured in silicone rubber.

1100 days ago


oh yes,now lindsay will be in all the locker rooms of teenage boys,and all the walls of greasy mechanics,lets not forget all the basements of psycho sex addicts....i dont know about you,but i cant wait for the sex tape!!!

1100 days ago


I love all the, "gross" comments from the ladies. They probably all have either a vibrator, dildo or both in their nightstands but i*****uy wants a masturbation device it's somehow disgusting. Get off your high horse and stop being hypocrites.

As for Lindsay, clearly this deal would not be good for her image.

1100 days ago


Soon the offer will come for a remake of "***********", starring.....Lindsy Lohan!

1100 days ago


Watch what happens after Fleshlight makes a mold of LiLo's lady parts to produce "authentic" Lindsay Lohan sex toys. Lindsay will sue and say that they drugged her and made them while she was unconcious. She will say they are trying to ruin her good name and that she wants 1 million dollars for pain and suffering. It's the Lohan way of making money these days don'tcha know. Lindsay will probably sue Playboy too when they decide to do a pictorial on Lindsay without photoshoping and touch ups, putting her out there with all her worts and bruises on display. With a caption of Lohan goes El Natural. Along with a lowdown on all the wonderful things Lindsay and her family have been up to lately. Since most guys say they read Playboy for the articles it should be good reading. LOL

1100 days ago


Great job make me sick,you should be doing lindsays jail time,if i could get close enough,i would throw rocks at your head

1100 days ago


lol @ "She would never accept such an offer for any amount of money." really? we'll see about that when she once again tries to rebuild her "acting career" and gets turned away cause she is unreliable and has a lousey attitude. She has already gone down the road of desperation by posing for playboy, it will only be a matter of time till she changes her mind and takes the offer, anything to get drug money..right?

1100 days ago


yeah this is the funny part,dina knows lindsay is a negative target,and a tabloid goddess,and basically feeds off of that for money....dina needs to be stoned to death,and i dont mean grass

1100 days ago


I don't understand why she is so broke. Look at her face...she can definitely afford botox!

1100 days ago
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