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Michael Lohan

Hannibal Lecter Jail Entrance

10/28/2011 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If we didn't know better, we would have guessed cops were transporting a dangerous serial killer in Tampa moments ago -- but no ... it was just Michael Lohan arriving to jail.

As we previously reported, Michael was transferred to a local hospital Thursday morning after his arrest -- when he fell 34-feet from his hotel balcony ... in what cops believe was an attempt to escape.

Michael was brought back to jail today in a wheelchair ... and it was hilariously suspenseful -- check the footage. It goes great with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

3:55 PM: And for good measure, here's MiLo's brand spankin' new mug shot. Hello, Clarice.

Michael Lohan mug shot 2011


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I don't think it's funny when people are suffering -

Isn't it apparent the dude isn't well.

Does he look like he's enjoying himself, TMZ.

1068 days ago


Gee, according the police records, the only traceable phone calls were FROM Blohan TO Kate Major, and NONE FROM her. And he clearly states on the video, "I didn't call her!" Whadda idiot. Take foot (not broken) insert into mouth, bite down hard, break foot. He needs a 'break' today. This loser is really, really, STU-PUD!

1068 days ago


It's no wonder Lindsay has the problems she does. Obviously, she grew up in a very dysfunctional home. I feel sorrow for her and disgust for her father.

1068 days ago


Oh, and to Kate Major: DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT DROP ANY CHARGES, DO NOT NOT APPEAR IN COURT TO PROSECUTE AND PLEASE DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH THIS DANGEROUS MAN! I know you're young, but can you not understand how he has, is and will continue to MANIPULATE you? You have fallen for it EVERY time! Some D.A.'s will not allow you to drop charges, the State presses charges. His "contempt of court" is beyond your pity now anyway.

1068 days ago

Miss Bu    

1 thing could have made this funnier if the cops put a spit shield over his head. I also think it is really funny how he walked to the cop car yesterday but today he is wincing in agony.

1068 days ago


Please judge if there is any justice to be served here (for a change)lock him up and throw away the key!!!

1068 days ago


Another Dr. Drew success story. That quack really knows how to straighten people out.

1068 days ago


Don't Michael and Lindsey realize most people look at them as fools? They may have the cameras following them but cameras are only waiting to record how ridiculous the Lohan's are and they are hoping to film a major screw up by them? This family needs to get a clue and stop all the nonsense!! My 3 year old has more sense than all of them combined!

1068 days ago

The Love Sponge    

Free Michael Lohan from the fascist grip he is in and Lindsay is a slut too.

1068 days ago


Damn, tmz, you're turning into a bunch of drama queens, making a big deal of nothing. If your slackers wanted to do something useful, they would have been there to take a picture when this POS fell into a tree.

1068 days ago


LMAO at the pained expression on his face when they are wheeling him out of the vehicle! This man is such a loser! Nothing like playing it up for the cameras! At least he gets to be waited on by the people in jail. So was him jumping off the balconey a dumb move or a smart one? He'll be whining about his injuries so he'll be in the health care part of the jail. I think he knew exactly what he was doing!

1068 days ago


How MANY times has Micheal Lohan NOT been booked into jail immediately because he played the "My chest hurts" card? A few. Sometimes he did NO jail time at all! Kate Major has let him WALK so many times now, and so has the law. WHEN (not IF) he seriously injures or kills a woman we can thank all those who have let him get away with his twisted, manipulative games.

1068 days ago



1068 days ago

Sharon White    

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE your sarcasm? Keep up the good work, TMZ writers!!

1068 days ago


He don't look happy. How longs he in for this time? How come a camara was waitin for him?

1068 days ago
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