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Lindsay Lohan


10/30/2011 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindasy and Dina Lohan
With her big court date just days away, Lindsay Lohan has requested the one person who can put her mind ease to be at her side ... her mother, Dina. What, you were expecting a different parent?

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... Dina will be making the trip from NY to LA to be with Lindsay as she gets ready to face Judge Sauntner. We're told Lindsay asked Dina to make the trip, and even booked the flight herself ... something we're told Lindsay only does when she is particularly worried about what might happen.

Lindsay had her probation revoked back on October 19. She could get sentenced on Wednesday to a year-and-a-half in jail, though Sauntner herself admitted that sentence is unlikely.


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If the past has taught us anything, then we know that Lindsay will get another slap on the wrist and be about her merry way. It's a sad situation all the way around. A waste of time for the justice system, if you can call it that.

1091 days ago


Nicole : 5 minutes ago
This is just an excuse to post another Lindsay story as the hearing nears. It has been widely known that Dina will be at the hearing for days.
yep, it was reported almost 2 weeks ago that dina was coming out for this hearing, this is not new information.

1091 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Actually, Dina's trip is dual purpose. She will be hooking up with her friend Kris Jenner to get pointers about releasing her new memoirs. Kris is the master, she is throwing the memory of her dear friend Nicole Brown Simpson under the bus for sales regarding her memoirs.
Problem is we care about Nicole Brown Simpson, Lindsay not so much. We have watched Linds throw herself under the bus for years

1091 days ago


andyconda: 3 minutes ago

as lindsay enters the judges chambers she will notice the orange jumpsuit hanging on the judge sautner carves another notch in her gavel,she puts the ankle monitor away saying "Not this time"...the music in the background is pitbull...
"Mrs Lohan do you want your prison number to have a 6126 mixed in?".

Don't be absurd. Lindsay will only wear an orange jumpsuit IF she gets sentenced to jail and it is a considerable amount of time.

1091 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Given the fact the judge wanted them back in court so quickly, and not allowing any other options, I think Lilo is going to the slammer. She may also extend her probation or add other conditions like no drinking and mandatory UA's but I still think she'll do some time.

In the Judges mind, maybe some jail time following two weeks at the Morgue will give her plenty to think about!

1091 days ago

Ghost Rider    

This usually means she knows she is going to jail for the day, so I guess this is good news.

1091 days ago


To bad her momma's about as useless as a tick on a deerhound.

1091 days ago

Jay W.     

Why... oh why must you continually screw up Lindsay? Good luck on Tuesday! From someone who would like you to pull your head out of your ass... be responsible and succeed.

1091 days ago


Then after court they'll go out and get drunk together. Cheers!
Hey if anyone is interested in how family court judges, the Judicial Council, and the AOC continues getting people killed, see the news clips at Elkins Task Force. (Turns out thanks to the AOC, it's easy.) So's the solution. Skip to the end of the page. It's right there.

1091 days ago

Jay W.     

Wednesday... lol

1091 days ago


Evening folks.................just stopping in to see if Harvey had his Lindsay Pony still trotting along the track and I see that he does............
This is a NON story to get more hits but hey gives room for us to comment .........
Poor Micheal, his bid to get the media attention off his darling daughter sure in the hell backfired didn't it...not only did it didn't do what he intended to do but it makes it look even worse cause nobody is buying what he is selling.......Just show how near this bad apple fell from the family tree.....Sorry Micheal nobody is feeling sorry for her for having such lousy parents they are more inclinde to say " she's just like her con artist parents , without morals or consense."

Of course Mommie Dearest will be her for the trial...look at the free pubicity she is gonia get and how it will help in her promoting her book.......Hey Lohan Inc don't pass up any oppartunity like this...

Speaking of Lohan Inc I notice we have a whole new crew of hired commentors working this weekend ...all have new names but the sameO sameO ..."my beautiful girl" or "she's wonderful" or the 'give her a change you meanie's" and of course the leader of the pack Red Cloud and his numbers and ever faithful Nicole still spinning away.....

Well don't worry Harvey will spin another story or two out for tomorrow and then Monday and Tuesday he will really go for watching this farce unfold.......

1091 days ago


So.......Dina can't even afford to buy her own plane ticket to see her own daughter? Does Lindsay pay for everything in this family? Is she gonna buy her food and clothes as well? How is this woman still considered a parent? Stop mooching off your child!!!

1091 days ago


Well, have to admit that the last person I'd want in court with me would be my mother... :) That isn't necessarily a good thing. My mother was such a bundle of anxieties, my brother and I spent a lot of time keeping her entirely out of the loop! Who knows? Maybe Dina is a comfort in times of stress. Well, maybe.

But Dina has often skipped these court appearances, and Lindsay wants her there this time and that should be enough for us and TMZ. Little sister Ali is also with Lindsay and she will need family support to get through it all, even though I think it would ultimately be a relief for her to be away from Lindsay for a long time. Ali is 17, almost 18 - most of us were living in our parents' home at that age but she's been babysitting Lindsay for quite a while. Dina has sold her children since they were toddlers and is a horrible influence in let-me-count-the-ways, but she's their mother and it's not unusual for children to be fiercely loyal to a parent despite emotional (and even physical) abuse. You have to make do with what you've got, and what they've got is Dina. She undoubtedly has some good points along with the glaring bad points more obvious to strangers than to those who grew up with her. Their only other parent is Michael - need I say more?!? Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.

I would also suggest that everybody stop making fun of whatever name someone decides to call a parent - that varies considerably from family to family and region to region. It doesn't say anything about the maturity (or lack thereof) of the person. Believe me, we have plenty of other reasons to consider Lindsay immature, but calling her mother "mommy" is definitely not one of them. Neither is wanting her mother with her in court. Plenty of people have family members with them at times like this, including parents.

1091 days ago

Ghost Rider    

@GC, I have a confession to make, Reuben Rolando is my soap opera name,lol. So that ridiculous don juan routine was me, not, macho/cool/ed/smitty. I saw you had brought that up on an earlier post. Using Reuben lost its fun for whatever reason,lol.

1091 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

She knows her Goose is cooked, because the Shrink and her PO lied for her and now they must do some explaining on why they lied for her...Also the Prosecutor wants to see Lindsay in Jail as well. Wedensday is going to be a fun day

1091 days ago
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