Omar Sharif Arab Org. Demands Apology for Slapping Woman

10/29/2011 8:30 AM PDT
A leading Arab organization wants to make it clear ... Arabs don't condone the brutalization of women and they want Omar Sharif to apologize for slapping a woman in a fit of anger.

79-year-old Sharif wasn't arrested ... or even punished ... when he struck a female fan at a film festival in Qatar earlier this week.

But TMZ spoke with Mona Farroukh, a rep from ACCESS -- one of the most prominent Arab organizations in the United States -- who tells us, "Omar Sharif has no excuse to use violence on a woman instead of communication."

"There is no reason to use violence toward anyone for any reason."

Farroukh adds, "The least [Sharif] can do is apologize and seek forgiveness from [the woman] in public.  My message to him is 'stay a gentleman Omar.'"