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Omar Sharif

Arab Org. Demands Apology

for Slapping Woman

10/29/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1028_omar_sharif_ex_videoA leading Arab organization wants to make it clear ... Arabs don't condone the brutalization of women and they want Omar Sharif to apologize for slapping a woman in a fit of anger.

79-year-old Sharif wasn't arrested ... or even punished ... when he struck a female fan at a film festival in Qatar earlier this week.

But TMZ spoke with Mona Farroukh, a rep from ACCESS -- one of the most prominent Arab organizations in the United States -- who tells us, "Omar Sharif has no excuse to use violence on a woman instead of communication."

"There is no reason to use violence toward anyone for any reason."

Farroukh adds, "The least [Sharif] can do is apologize and seek forgiveness from [the woman] in public.  My message to him is 'stay a gentleman Omar.'"


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"There is no reason to use violence toward anyone for any reason."

That's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard.

1093 days ago


That's why i no longer waste money to look at these dumbasses celebs movies, music. They are arrogant and think they can get away with everything. Slapping his fan who support his azzes is pretty wrong. Without fans he wouldn't be who he is.

1093 days ago


It really doesn't look like he slapped that woman. It looks like her hair blew from the wind. Why would she be smiling if he slapped her?

1093 days ago


She didn't look like a woman that was just slapped.

1093 days ago


Muslims CAN beat women. Clerics have even made guidelines on how to beat their wife in accordance with the koran. It's a sick sick 'religion'. Omar is only doing what muslims do best: be violent douchebags.

1093 days ago


What a vile old codger! Who the hell does he think he is? He absolutely did hit her. You can hear the slap. He may have smacked her hand or her shoulder, but he hit her, and only started playing nice once his handler came over and probably said something about the camera. And to those who say she was smiling, no. She looked embarrassed and seemed reluctant. She should sue, just like the parking valet in Beverly Hills did. He's done this before, several times over.

1093 days ago

Christina G.    

Maybe if the Arabs don't like their bad reputation, they should think about changing their culture. How about starting with the appropriate number of wives. One.

1093 days ago


Try that on me I'd knock yer old azz out.

1093 days ago

Bill C.    

Walk out of the house without a burqa and they will stone you to death. But they don't condone the brutalization of women.

1093 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

It is laughable. They don't condone violence against women? Really? Yet they stone them to death, allow honor killings, run around throwing acid in their faces, don't allow them to drive, can't vote, make them walk 5 paces behind men in public, make them cover themselves, plus expect to have 1000 virgins waiting for them in heaven after they blow themselves up around innocent people or crash into a building. Yeah right!

1093 days ago


Really? Islam doesn't provide for the beating, rape or beheading of women who don't 'obey?' Or bury them with only their head sticking out so they can be stoned to death or, heck, just shoot them. Who gets this treatment in adultery cases? The woman does, NOT the man. What a bunch of BS. Britain has Sharia Zones, areas taken over by Muslims, all over the place and you will be caned if you are not in appropriate dress whether you are Muslim or not. There are 80 or so of them. coming to a city in America near you soon. Florida judge just this week allowed Sharia over our Justice system. CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood connected groups here in America now want Holder and Dept of Justice to criminalize anything derogatory said about Islam. And that means anything. You don't have to believe me. Google it and educate yourself. And check out Act for America, a website run by Brigitte Gabriel, a victim of Islamic Terrorism herself, who sees the exact same taking over of other countries happening here in America. I don't care if somebody is Muslim just don't move here and change everything to suit yourselves. You live your life and I'll live mine but I'm NEVER going to worship Allah.

1093 days ago


He did slap her and the ol bastard should be punished!! Who do these actors think they are? And yes she seemed embarrassed and reluctant, for those that think she didn't because she was smiling, well maybe it's because women over there are treated like crap and it's normal for them to be treated like that!! Her dumbass husband or boyfriend prolly tole her to get a picture taken with Omar and thats why she stayed and did it, they have to obey thier idiot men over there. This sucks, I would have punched that ol sh*t in the friggin' pie hole!!!!!

1093 days ago


He's a muslim isn't he? You know...believers in islam? Preferring shariah law? Then why are they not giving him a medal for displaying what has become the height of civilization for arab men...being gutless, cowardly rapists & woman beaters. He could get a 2nd medal for being a suicide bomber...but he looks kind of old to be runnng into a group of women & children and blowing them to pieces in the name of his made-up god.

1093 days ago


Gayest slap in history. She seems pretty happy about it too.

1093 days ago

pink floyd    

no they just stone them to death.. savages.

1093 days ago
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