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Kim Kardashian Divorce

It's All Minnesota's Fault

10/31/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian moving to Minnesota could have been the funniest thing on TV -- it's also one of the reasons she and Kris Humphries are dunzo! Maybe something they should have discussed BEFORE the wedding?

Plus, Lindsay Lohan puts in OT at the morgue … but we'll tell you why that won't be enough to keep her butt out of jail.


(0:20) Yep ... Charles is "Black Bieber" for Halloween .
(3:30) Harvey's amazing costume -- the biggest radish yet.
(6:00) We broke the story -- Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are getting a divorce ... and we know more about it than anyone else.
(7:30) Harvey calls the reason for the divorce the "stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life."
(13:30) This is how you get in a TMZ promo .
(21:03) Is there a man in that tree?
(28:01) Lindsay will wave the white flag in court on Wednesday -- and the big question isn't IF she's going to get jail time ... it's how much.
(39:01) Dax Holt -- as Carrot Top -- is about to do a live shot.
(40:02) Michael Lohan in court -- pathetically entertaining.
(43:04) Everyone on the planet is crazy ... so says Harvey.
(45:50) Mel Gibson -- back at the scene of the crime.
(49:10) The latest on Conrad Murray ... is abandoned.


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Sonya in Tx    

Like Maya Angelou said, "When somebody shows you who they are....believe them, the first time".

Move on Kris. If she files for divorce, move on and find someone who really loves you...

1085 days ago


it definitely has the hallmark for a sham marriage.

1085 days ago


I was in the kitchen making lunch thinking I need to make sure I watch your show today. And that led to the thought that the Kim/Chris wedding was one big publicity stunt. Then I got online and saw this post of yours. Interesting!

1085 days ago


Kris Humphries was merely a prop for Mama and Kim for their "let's make more money" wedding sham. Run Kris.. Run. The Kardashian family are all trailer trash and you are well rid of them. They used you.. pure and simple. It will hurt for a while, but you'll get over it and find someone "real". Run !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1085 days ago

car lover    

Oh this is so GOOD for the Kardashian business! In addition to everything you've mentioned in the post, how convient is it that this divorce happened the day before their Mirage store opening Kardashian Khaos in Vegas? All eyes are on the Kardashians right now, and all the Kardashians WILL talk about right now is their store and nothing else. Check Kim's Twitter, she mentions nothing but the store. Reporters will be buzzing at the opening to get Kim's thoughts, and all she'll focus on is her work and say things like I have my store going for me right now. If this wasn't a publicity stunt for the shop, the divorce could have been postponed until after the opening, out of respect to everyone who worked on it! I wouldn't be surprised if this has been planned for months now.

1085 days ago


We did not get played...You idiots at TMZ and other media were the ones who thought this was real..not us.

1085 days ago

Cheryl A.    

H U G E publicity stunt !!

Those Kardashian Witches (with a capital B) really know how to get their names in the headlines, don't they?

1085 days ago

who dat    

"Did we all get played?" TMZ was played. I never was. I had 6 months as the marriage length. This was obviously about selling the story for profit, not love. The guy wasn't black enough. Plus he has a 5 head. This is proof they will do anything for a dollar, just like *hores. Now can you make this entire family GO AWAY.

1085 days ago


How anyone can sit through an episode of this trash is beyond me. Reality TV does not create stars, it glorifies the absurd. I give the girl credit, she turned a shoddy sex tape into a multi million dollar career. She has added nothing to the betterment of society, and has little to no talent. But the American public seems to love fame, and is willing to pay for it

1085 days ago


From being so much in love to going out of love so quickly and in such a fashion... looks like a fake money grubbing publicity seeking stunt to me.

1085 days ago

car lover    

Not that I am on Kim's side, but honestly, Kris should have known better. Kim is a workaholic, and she has worked relentlessly to achieve what she's got today. She won't give that up for anybody, let alone to start a family and become a "boring" mom. Not only that, but Kris knows and SAW what a tight knit group the Kardashians are, and to to think he can take Kim away just because she's married to him is ambitious, but obviously not realistic.

The Kardashians are what they are, Kim is who she is. If you want to get with any of them, you should know well before you do what you're getting yourself into, and to be submissive to whatever they find appropriate.

1085 days ago


I think it's Kris's turn. Sue her ass for the game she played for using him in her attempt at yet another Kardashian schem to milk the public and her peers. how much did she get comped on her wedding? What a waste. Many poor people,sick kids or countries needing help could use the money she wasted. Let's not talk about her ring. I have lost all respect for the family I use to watch.

1085 days ago


WOW, IF THIS ISN'T ENOUGH TO MAKE PEOPLE (the fans) NOT WANT TO WATCH 'THE KARDASHIAN'S' ANYMORE I DON'T KNOW WHAT WILL. Everyone got "taken" Kim made millions and she'll continue to make millions as long as the fans keep her going. I can honestly say I have NEVER seen an episode of her show and I never will. Reading the tabloids is enough for me. Kim Kardashian's fans are SUCKERS!!!

1085 days ago


No, we did not get played. Hence, the low ratings for this sham of a wedding and all the press that followed. No one believed this was anything more than a publicity stunt. The only surprise is how long it took Kim to file for divorce. My bet was that she would at least wait a year to show up naysayers. I lose.

1085 days ago


I have said it before and I will say it again. Everything from her is for sale, from her vaj, to the fake wedding.

1085 days ago
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