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Kim Kardashian Divorce

It's All Minnesota's Fault

10/31/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian moving to Minnesota could have been the funniest thing on TV -- it's also one of the reasons she and Kris Humphries are dunzo! Maybe something they should have discussed BEFORE the wedding?

Plus, Lindsay Lohan puts in OT at the morgue … but we'll tell you why that won't be enough to keep her butt out of jail.


(0:20) Yep ... Charles is "Black Bieber" for Halloween .
(3:30) Harvey's amazing costume -- the biggest radish yet.
(6:00) We broke the story -- Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are getting a divorce ... and we know more about it than anyone else.
(7:30) Harvey calls the reason for the divorce the "stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life."
(13:30) This is how you get in a TMZ promo .
(21:03) Is there a man in that tree?
(28:01) Lindsay will wave the white flag in court on Wednesday -- and the big question isn't IF she's going to get jail time ... it's how much.
(39:01) Dax Holt -- as Carrot Top -- is about to do a live shot.
(40:02) Michael Lohan in court -- pathetically entertaining.
(43:04) Everyone on the planet is crazy ... so says Harvey.
(45:50) Mel Gibson -- back at the scene of the crime.
(49:10) The latest on Conrad Murray ... is abandoned.


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Ugh, this was so duh...come on, THIS IS A SOAP!

1066 days ago


i have been married for 10 years, and have had fights with my husband that have lasted longer than their marriage. if either of them actually took it seriously, they could have taken a little time and talked about it. major life events take time to work through, gimme a break.

1066 days ago


Shame on them both for that fake wedding. I'm sure Kris was on board the whole time. Yes, he has money... but now he has some things to gain of the whole situation. If it's true that E "scouted" him, so to speak, then believe me.. it's not poor Kris or poor Kim. (hell, they MADE money off the wedding)...Its the fans.. we watch this crap and they're gaining off of it. The only Kardashian thats for real in my opinion is Khloe.

1066 days ago


hope he comes out of shock and sues her for alienation of affection,Don,t take this humiliation,give it right back,sell your story or sell your sex tape and get the ring back

1066 days ago


This should be the end of the reign of the Kardashian clan! What bull****! Kim should do good with that money! Disgusting and they are banished from the DVR!!!

1066 days ago

Laura N Juan    

I honestly think she played him, she totally just used him for more publicity since she is more of a nobody slut ball. Everyone Loves her sister Khloe better than her nasty butt. Poor Kris you could totally tell he adored her! Oh well I’m sure there is a beautiful wonderful women real women out there for him!!!

1066 days ago


Why are people commenting about how much money they spent? Would you like someone telling you how to spend your money? It's nobody's business how much money they spent.

1066 days ago

Poor, poor Mindy ...    

She must have gotten pissed OFF when he wouldn't piss ON HER!
Nasty skank with butt cheeks having separate zip codes. I don't get the appeal of these type canker sores.

1066 days ago


So Kris JENNER probably cooked up this scheme with Kim, knowing all the money would be funneled into Kardashian INC, and not into The Kardashian/Humphries union. That means, because there is a pre-nup that specifies Kardashian Inc is Kim's separate property, Kris Humphries doesn't even get any of the spoils from that sham wedding.

1066 days ago


If Chris was used for pure finanical reasons rather than true love than this will certainly come back on the Kardashian Family you don't play on someones emotions and feelings and some how it is ok it's not I feel some what sorry for Chris but he should have seen all of this coming before he junped the broom especially seeing how they all acted toward him on their reality shows he should have known that this was not going to work and to think he spent 2 mill on a ring which he probably will not get back Man!!! how dumb.

1066 days ago


TMZ didn't get played. They love this. All they care about is that you are watching when they get together.. and that you are watching when they break up. They make money both ways. Everyone who watches this garbage on TV.. YOU'RE TO BLAME. A willing viewers makes all this stupid **** possible. Instead, perhaps read a book or take your family out to dinner, and you wouldn't be supporting the wealth of fools. The kardashians are multi-millionaires because you people actually care.

Bye! I'm off to more important things!

1066 days ago


I don't feel sorry for either one of them. She is never going to settle down, she likes her men too much. and she is so superficial. And he was just stupid. he should have just been content to bed her then go.

1066 days ago


You can't make hoe a housewife.

1066 days ago


It's a shame shame shame, 'cause always felt it was a sham sham sham. I am so done with these people.

1066 days ago


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1066 days ago
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