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Amanda Knox

I'm Learning Jew-Jitsu!

11/1/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Amanda Knox is learning the way of the Jew ... training in the art of Krav Maga ... a self-defense fighting style born in Israel.

Knox was out in Seattle yesterday, when she stopped by a Krav studio -- where she wailed on a punching bag and learned how to fight her way out of a choke hold.

It's understandable why Knox would want to learn how to defend herself -- considering she was the most hated person in Italy, before a judge found her not guilty of murdering her college roommate Meredith Kercher.

FYI -- Kercher was murdered 4 years ago today. One man, Rudy Guede, still remains behind bars ... convicted of participating in her death.



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Practicing skills to use in Amanda's next murder. She got away with it once. Now, she wants the next to be more skilled looking. BTW, to previous posters who think ALL Americans think the same, not true. Contrary to media 'reporting', polls indicate most Americans think Amanda Knox is GUILTY and got away with her role in the murder of Meredith Kercher. She served 3 years, fined and ordered to pay restitution for what she did to Patrick Lumumba. Any job application, Amanda will be lying if she says she is not a felon.

1095 days ago


Amanda: What are you doing??? You should be working at a soup kitchen or helping out with disabled kids, anything but what you are doing now. Don't you have any common sense???

1095 days ago


Where did Knox say she was learning Jew-Jitsu? TMZ seems like it is looking for a story and inventing phrases that will be attributed to Knox. This is cruel and needs to stop. As for Rudy Guede, he was the only person whose DNA was on the victim, in the victim, all over the apartment, and who had a bloody palm print on the pillow where Kercher was found. Why in the world would anyone believe the prosecutor Magnini who is facing 16 months in prison for misusing his powers in another case where he imprisoned innocent men in a series of murders in Florence. Magnini maintains that these murders were the act of a satanic cult. Then Kercher is found murdered and Magnini concocts a story of how these college kids, given to Satanic urges murder their roommate in some sort of forced sex act. Sound familiar? Does anyone believe anything this guy says? How did Magnini get these incredible insights? Physical evidence? police investigations? Nope - he has a psychic tell him that is how all of this went down. Hope you folks at TMZ are proud of your work. It is quite sad to see someone harried like this, I hope Knox does not harm herself. If she does, people like you folks at TMZ would have blood on your hands.

1095 days ago


@Karnak Amanda has the blood of her victim Meredith Kercher on her hands. The crime scene evidence clearly makes it impossible for there to have been one perpetrator. Somebody had to restrain Meredith for the multiple and fatal stab wounds. Rudy Guede is guilty. So is Amanda Knox. There is one final appeal to be consider the evidence before case is over. Rudy Guede's attorney has re-opened the case to many questions, too. If the scientific testing was wrong in Amanda's case, how can the same methods be found sound in the case of Rudy Guede? can't be both ways. Either it was accurate in both or none.

1095 days ago

Fantastic Four    

Yeah, that "Jew" headline isn't bigoted at all, is it?

Has Occupy Wall Street desensitized TMZ about what comments about Jews are appropriate to make in print?

Because this one sure isn't.

1095 days ago


Art of Krav Maga LOL there is no art nor honor in this type of fighting. It's more self-defense for a woman.

1095 days ago


Dear Amanda, if you can afford million dollar lawyers who managed it that you get away with a murder, you do not need any other self-defense technique!

1095 days ago


She was railroaded. She deserves to be free. Even the Kercher family accepted this outcome. I don't know why the rest of you can't. She is not O.J. She is not Robert Blake. Even the prosecutor is being investigated for misconduct. Please leave her alone.

1095 days ago


Thought the outfit was great! Time everyone wakes up, Amanda is FREE to do as she pleases. Society went after her like dogs, feeding on blood and hatred. Amanda Knox served time for every American living, the dislike and hatred of US found all over the world. Don't kid your self the treatment you receive in foreign lands is just that TREATMENT, not embracement.

1095 days ago


Total invasion of privacy. Leave Amanda alone she's been through enough already. Also good for her. There's nothing wrong about learning how to defend yourself.

1095 days ago


This wench is soooooo guilty. It makes me sick that these murderers get off and then go out and make money on books and movies. Disgusting! She will pay like O.J is paying.

1095 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

all you have to do is give her a knife... This killer got away with murder like Cassey Anthony..

1095 days ago

Jay W.     

Guilty of sexual deviance... probably. Guilty of murder. Not!

1095 days ago

A Mom    

Good to see,now she can kick your camera stalkers in the balls.. oh ya they have none the dumbass's

1095 days ago

who farted    

She is nasty dirty slut with herpes on her mouth because of too much b jobs. Karma will get her.

1095 days ago
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