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Kim Kardashian


11/1/2011 6:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


A sad-looking Kim Kardashian faced the media last night ... a MASSIVE swarm of paparazzi waiting for her at LAX, which fired off questions faster than Kim could end a marriage.

Kim got the hell out of Dodge, boarding a plane to Australia ... without her wedding ring.

Meanwhile, back in Beverly Hills ... Bruce Jenner told photogs, "Kim's doing great."
When the photogs mentioned that he'd be losing a son-in-law, Bruce actually seemed bummed out. Sad.



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Damage control by the Kardashians. The whole thing was probably scripted but either way Kris Humphries was likely manipulated into their web of lies. Anyone could see this marriage wouldn't work. He is young and immature. He's also down to earth while Kim is a diva and just as cunning as her mother.
Obama got it right. People need to stop watching this show and lining their pockets. The wedding was a sham and a huge waste of money that could've been put to better use helping those less fortunate.

1066 days ago


Get on the bandwagon and help to boycott everything Kardashian. It about time this family learns that money isn't eveything and they can't walk all over people. Kim is this Nations number one tramp and we need to hurt her in her wallet. BOYCOTT KARDASHIAN

1066 days ago


Maybe she's pissed because he not enrolled at "Catch a Pass" Camp, or something. Or that she realized he's more horsey faced than she is. Poor things. (At least they get that fake hell hole that is Hollywood.)

1066 days ago


I think the only thing she could do to make people believe this was ever real, and have any possibility of saving face, is to donate every dime made off of the publicity stunt (aka wedding) to charity. Prove it wasnt a stunt.

1066 days ago


It's official, Kim is a prostitute.The only difference between her and the average streetwalker is the number of zero's on the paycheck.She says Kris was "chasing fame"....what has she done besides that? This hooker has got to be the MOST annoying person in the country...thats says a lot since we also have the Palin family!

1066 days ago


She's looking for a pity party and I'm not falling for it! The only people who buy this bs is the dumbazz teenie boppers who follow her! ppl on her FB are kicking her azz, lol!

1066 days ago


yeh, ok, I'll WALK SLOWLY in LAX and put my head down to "look sad" yeh, ok..but 2 nights ago i was out dressed like a slut for a party...this arse whole is effin crazy...she makes lilo and her dad look normal..oh and bruce: you have lost your effin mind and credibilty also

1066 days ago


This was always fake. Everything was paid for by E! Entertainment producers. Expected money back from ratings, that didn't happen. Let's go with the fake divorce. Bring on the hype.

1066 days ago


Maybe her plane will crash and we will not have to hear her lame shi* ever again!

1066 days ago


what's sad is to see a man who won olympic gold, who must have had a STRONG work ethic, become a face-lifted, earring wearing cuckholded, fame whore. Bruce Kardashian, anything for a buck. Sad really because all we have in this world is our good names, and all the money in the world never buys that.

1066 days ago


This is a sick sad situation. The Kardashians have just lost their credibility & Kim the ability to commit. Who will hire a flake or should I say fake? Except for Khloe who seemed to not like what was going on with this wedding. Now I understand all the odd looks she was giving during this whole thing. A real honest & genuine person would give a marriage more than 72 days. I'm disgusted & wouldn't buy a dish rag with the Kardashian name on it now.
Hope you save your millions now Kadashians because that showed your true colors. And to Kris Jenner - I'm so glad I brought up MY DAUGHTERS to be better women. And beautiful with out all that crap make-up!! Ever hear of "less is more".

1066 days ago


Kim is a slut. Kris your classy, educated you don't need this pig. you are way better than that. she has no values. she will never be on your level. she has no brain of her own she lets people tell her what to do. she's been with everybody. she is a slut. i hate this family they make me nauseous

1066 days ago


Is that a guy in an orange Department of Corrections suit jumping around in the background??

1066 days ago


The marriage was as fake as the reality show. Who watches this crap?

1066 days ago



1066 days ago
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