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Kim Kardashian Divorce

Kris Humphries Comes Up

Goose Eggs

11/1/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

kris humphries kim kardashian prenup
Kim Kardashian
will not pay Kris Humphries a red cent in their divorce ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Kim and Kris have a prenup -- which Kim felt was "the smart thing to do."

Sources familiar with the prenup tell TMZ ... the document keeps ALL assets separate, and with such a short marriage neither walks away with money from the other -- not a single penny.

Now that leaves just one piece of business on the table -- Kim's $2 million engagement ring.  Sorry Kris, but you lose on 2 counts:

1.  Under California law, once you said "I do," you lost any rights to the ring
2.  You didn't pay for the ring, stupid

But it's not horrible news for Kris, because he made $3.2 million from the Nets last season.  Oh right, there's a lockout.  Well maybe he saved ...

As for Kim, last year the family empire raked in $65 million.

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Kris is a free agent and he'll be signing a new deal once the NBA lockout ends. It should fetch him upwards of $40 Mil over 5 years, that's not including money from endorsements. I don't see the Kardashians making $62 Mil (hard to believe that #, wtf America?) for much longer. Kim will end up fading back into obscurity and wasting her money on mansions, Rolls Royce's and private jets until she finds another pro sports player. Kris will be fine living without her ridiculous lifestyle, how much money does a person really need to be happy? Hump's been making millions every year since he was 20 and he lives in Minnesota.

1024 days ago


Everyone saw this coming. Poor Kris didnt see it coming. I feel so bad for this guy. I hope Kim gives that ring back.EVen during the planning of the wedding she had no intentions of using his name whoch was important to him. SHE had no intention of being MRS , she wanted to rule someone elses life. Cant stand her now

1024 days ago


Kim should give the ring back...Keeping that ring is a complete BS thing to do....thats effing awful. She needs to hand that ring back...That poor man. I feel so bad for him. He had no chance in that family. Kim had no intention of trying to make him happy. Selfish. She just wanted everything her way...in a marriage you have to try to make your hubby happy too. She didnt even care. Give the ring back

1024 days ago


Very entertaining read all the comments from the trolls in this comment area !! :D

1024 days ago


I love how TMZ is trying to promote Kim's side - the public knows the truth and no matter how hard you listen to the Kim Spin she has exposed herself for what she is. Kris gets out of there with nothing - BUT his pride and gets away from that wacky family . . . grow up TMZ!

1024 days ago

Sunny in Fla    

It states that Kim will not pay him any money. So, who is paying him for his roll in this fiasco? I'm sure he is walking away with a whole lotta cash from someone.

1024 days ago


This is a tale about a moron married to the devil's daughter and got screwed in the end. The moron thought he found the golden egg but guess what, it turns out to be his old balls. Kim K is an evil person but extremely hollywood smart. The small town moron fell for it and now crying baby... baby... baby, ooooooooo!! **** them both!

1024 days ago


Dear TMZ, can't you find a hotter porn star to put on a pedistal? I don't even want to come on TMZ anymore because every single lame story is about Kardashian or Lohan and the stories are the very same thing. It's sad enough that TMZ has made people into psuedo stars when their nothing but Springer guests. All your stories are about people on reality shows, not real stars. The reason for this is that they offer themselves up to you in order to get free press because they are not real stars. Kardashian is the biggest loser to come down the pipeline in a long time. She's known for getting urinated on in a porn movie with a thrid rate rapper, shilling high charge credit cards to children and now making a mockery of marriage. Seriously TMZ, I don't care about this and would really like to see real news about real stars but then again that would take effort as they don't send you press releases all day long.

1024 days ago


No one cares about these clowns besides the obama house.

1024 days ago


Kim, Pari******on, and Lindsay Lohan are all spoiled, self-absorbed biyatches with Dragon Lady stage-mothers that raised these little ho's to turn out this way. Kris, what did you ever see in that little operator?! Were you serious?? Did you actually think you were going to take her to Minnesota and hatch out babies with you?! Release the honeymoon vid and give a tell-all interview to some tabloid about her and that family!

1024 days ago


kim k. is nothing but a arrogant,shallow,stuck-up,gold digging,lard ass! :)

1024 days ago


Kris should consider the $2 mil ring he gave her as payment for services rendered.

1024 days ago


I just hope for Kris's sake that he was well aware it was a fake wedding for the ratings and that those Kartrashians didn't lead him on to think it was something more. I kind of feel for him. He's young and seems a bit naive so it's understandable that the fame and 'glamour' appealed to him. He's not used to people like the Kardashians who will throw you under the bus for the sake of ratings.

1024 days ago


Hey you Kardashian whore, "Give back the ring"!

1024 days ago


What's with all these stories planted by the Kardashians??? So he doesn't get any of her $$- who thought he would, I'm sure he understood a prenup! Who thought there would be any monetary division in a sham marriage!

An "empire"- hahahaha....money doesn't buy class.

Hope she is returning all the expensive gifts she had to have in her registry for her pretend wedding!

Let them go away already!

1024 days ago
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