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Kris Humphries' Family

Kim Is Making a Massive Mistake

11/1/2011 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries Parents
Kris Humphries
' family has been crushed by Kim Kardashian's decision to end their marriage -- telling friends, the reality star is making a massive "mistake" for giving up on Kris so soon.

Sources close to Kris' family tell TMZ, everyone knew there was tension in the relationship -- but they never imagined divorce was on the table. As one source put it, "Everyone fights."

The Humphries believe Kim is making a huge "mistake" -- insisting she never gave the marriage a fighting chance ... and should have tried harder to make things work.

That said, Kris' fam still believes he can salvage his marriage and talk Kim down off the ledge, convincing her to slam the brakes on divorce proceedings.

According to sources, Kris' family loves Kim and they're hoping beyond hope the divorce doesn't go through -- particularly because "it would kill Kris" if it was really the end.

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Lynne David    

I used to watch the kardashians. NO MORE.
Rob: very sweet, but starting to get influenced by the greed in the rest of the family.

Bruce: Love him. He has such high moral values. BUT... he lets Kris walk all over him. And she treats him like ****, truely. she didn't even have a picture of him in the hall with the rest of the family?? wow, how bruce must have felt.

Kris: OMG she treats people like she is the queen. So so mean to Bruce.making him get a facelift, ordering him around, etc. She just wants to be one of the girls and be a Kardashian again.The best was when she didn't even order a car for the wedding for Kris's parents. That was the topper.

Kim: I used to like her the best. she always seemed to be kind to people and be aware of how lucky she was. But after the way she treated Kris, I am no longer a fan. How could you do someone like that? REALLY!

the little one: Love her! she seems pretty nice and not so upity. But her boyfriends gotta go. He treats people like ****. Seems like he thinks he's somebody, or wants people to think he is.

the hefty one: OMG. what a discusting mouth she has. And how rude she treats her mother. The camping trip where she talked SOOOOO nasty in front of Robs girlfriends parents. I was embarrassed for her. She truely has no filter or class. Love ODEM though. he has class and morals.

the younger girls are following in the same footsteps. the way they treat their parents is a shame. nothing but 2 spoiled brats!!

Love Kris Humphries, and can't believe how badly Kris and Klohe (sp) treated him. I was very surprised that he wasn't the one filiing for divorce. In the long run he will be alot better off. Who wants to be treated as 2nd class? Kris Jenner was so rude to him. she wants to run every aspect of everyones lives. what a nosey bitch!!

anyway, that's my 2 cents :-)

1054 days ago



1054 days ago


I admit some of his remarks to her were kind of harsh, but realistic. He's a down to earth straight-forward guy, who tells it like it is.

1054 days ago


People need to stop hating.... ok so Kim made a mistake. We all know that. Everyone has a right to change their mind!

1054 days ago


shes fing reggie bus again the truth will come out soon

1054 days ago


I may be in the minority but Kris is a Jerk. The couple of episodes I did see he was rude and disrepectful to Kim about where they would live and her job commitments. She should have paid better attention to his comments and never married the guy. She has this falling in love with love attitude and at her age she should be smarter. I think he only wanted the attention he got for being with this beautiful woman. Yes you can say what you want about her big behind but she IS extremely good looking. And even Richer than before.(Hum) And he is a Schmuck!!! (any which way you want to look at the reality wedding):)

1054 days ago


Kris was out partying with other women Kim didn't know? This whoremonger like this rest of the blacks who want da get in her pants. Kim doesn't trust him.

1054 days ago


Kris is far better off without Kim. Really do we as a society not have better things to do than continue to be concerned about a woman who has done nothing to be of such interest.

1054 days ago


Kris fight this! I think Kim does love you and if she has time away from her mother and sisters you win! Date her without their knowledge, make her promise to keep it a secret! Take her back to where she fell in love with you!Pray for her to see clearly..who it helps if your not in the picture!Only the ones making a living from her sweat!

1054 days ago

joe gerard    

it amazes me that I am giving it so much energy but I feel like we all got played...what a selfish woman...he deserves better...she gave up on him in 72 days...pathetic...the kardashians are the most ridiculous bunch of people I ever saw

1054 days ago


Kim and her family are nothing but fame-whores... Boycott the Kardashians now!

1054 days ago


Kim and her family are total fame whores and he will be better off without them... We should boycott anything related to those a-holes, the Kardashians... We've all made them rich for being nothing more than famous... And I bet Kim will be "in love" again soon with some pro athlete....

1054 days ago


I think he should thank GOD he doesn't have to live the life of poor Scott Disick...

1053 days ago

Mel Manley-Breen    

What a media circus, all done for publicity, totally unimpressed!!

1053 days ago

rob and laura    

KRIS HUMPHRIES' FAMILY if it is over be happy because your family by far is normal compared to the Kardashian clan. They have no moral ethics. I hope Kris does not catch anything from her. She being so loose.

1053 days ago
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