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Kris Humphries' Family

Kim Is Making a Massive Mistake

11/1/2011 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries Parents
Kris Humphries
' family has been crushed by Kim Kardashian's decision to end their marriage -- telling friends, the reality star is making a massive "mistake" for giving up on Kris so soon.

Sources close to Kris' family tell TMZ, everyone knew there was tension in the relationship -- but they never imagined divorce was on the table. As one source put it, "Everyone fights."

The Humphries believe Kim is making a huge "mistake" -- insisting she never gave the marriage a fighting chance ... and should have tried harder to make things work.

That said, Kris' fam still believes he can salvage his marriage and talk Kim down off the ledge, convincing her to slam the brakes on divorce proceedings.

According to sources, Kris' family loves Kim and they're hoping beyond hope the divorce doesn't go through -- particularly because "it would kill Kris" if it was really the end.

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Might make a good reality show.

I'd watch it.

1056 days ago


Kim K is such a DIVA. I never understood why Kris thought she was a catch in the first place. Its all about her and that is not what being a decent human being is about. Kris really is better off without her and until she comes down from her HIGH HORSE, and realizes that there are other people in the world, she should be alone. Kim, who cares if he got a publicity agent...who cares if he gets famous off of you; you Kim my dear got famous off of Pari******on...so shut up and grow up you spoiled brat.

1056 days ago


like I said b4... this is a CLASSIC case of "do what I say or I'm leaving". Listen Kris, I know yur to young to understand, but run from this evil family that will corrupt your soul. Find a non-pornstar with a good heart who wants what you have to offer!

1056 days ago

Rigs Rocks    

any respect i had for this WHORE is long GONE!!!

1056 days ago

Roscoe P.    

All this is -- Marketing 101. All products that are marketed, after so long, they need to be reinvented. After watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians" for so many years, you realize that you do not want to keep up with them anymore. It is the same crap, over and over again. so, they have to do something different. So the producers of E or Kim come up with her getting married, proabably because ratings are down. What a shocker???? I feel bad for Kris Humphries. She used him and all of us to get a pay day. I liked her better when she was just a dumb slut with a fake butt.

1056 days ago


Kim of the extra large fat @ss prefers her “golden showers” from 100% black men.
Kris is only 50%

1056 days ago


I think Kris Hump is playing this, remember they said he got a "Hollywood" pub over the weekend, I'm sure that person is helping Kris and his family spin this. Poor Kris. Bad Kim. I don't feel bad for him. Frankly after watching the show I thought he was jerk, I guess his smart ass attitude finally took it's tole. He's playing all of us.

1056 days ago


Yeah right Humphries family! Kris is a total jerk who he is and what he was after was very clear by his conduct and interactions...sorry Kris nobodies buying it...you got caught with your character showing...

1056 days ago


Sorry Humphries family. I hate to be the one to tell you but this marriage was never about Kris or Kim's love for Kris. She is a selfish person who is only concerned with herself and staying relevant. She never cared about him... This is a game for her and unfortunately he was caught up in it unaware.

1056 days ago


This sounds excessive, but cutting off one's penis is the only way to show true remorse.

There's a lot at stake here - and it'd be worth it.

1056 days ago


You can't talk a person into being with you; If kim wanted to be with you son she would've went to marriage counseling to save what they had. Sometimes god takes the wrong people out of your life to make room for the right ones.

1056 days ago


Kim just did this young man the favor of a lifetime. He should run as fast and far away from this sleaze bag family ASAP and thank god he got out when he did.

1056 days ago


This is not the end. In two weeks she will tell Laura Wasser to pull the divorce papers & they will get back together all lovey dovey...maybe even have a "recommitment cermoney" paid for by E! I think they will stay together for a baby & then split. E! has too much money riding on these two nimrods.


1056 days ago


I think Kim should hook up with Jesse James those 2 media whores are meant for each other. Most hated man; meet most hated woman.She had no intention of staying married to Kris. It would cut in on her being passed around by all the other athletes. She just needed a ratings boost.

1056 days ago

Peter Hobson    

RUN Kris RUN,RUN hard RUN fast and don't stop!!

1056 days ago
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