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Kim Kardashian Divorce

Re-Gifting $2 Million Ring

11/1/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Is Kim Kardashian's $2 million engagement ring cursed? Some crazy people say they actually wouldn't accept the rock if it was given to them! Plus, who's crapping more on the sanctity of marriage -- same sex couples or Kim and her 72 day union?

Also, Harvey offers up a compelling -- and outrageous -- closing argument for Dr. Conrad Murrayfree of charge!

(3:01) Randomness -- what does "mighty white of you" mean?
(5:25) We know the "disso queen" who wrote Kim Kardashian's prenup -- and that sucker is air tight in Kim's favor.
(8:42) Kris Humphries isn't getting the $2 million engagement ring back -- for a number of reasons.
(14:43) Would you accept a $2 mil ring ... if it was left over from a previous engagement?
(24:20) If Kim K. can "crap all over" marriage ... why can't gay people who've been faithful partners for decades get hitched?
(30:01) A Christian calls in to say gays should NOT be able to get married -- and it's all got to do with the actual definition of "sanctity."
(37:12) Lindsay is bound to go to jail tomorrow -- so the big question is ... for how long? Harvey is betting on longer than two months.
(42:20) Harvey plays the part of Dr. Murray's defense team -- and gives his closing argument. Naturally, Jason objects.

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This will be an annulment not a divorce. Prenup's won't be involved and Kris gets his ring back. Everything from date of marriage to date of filing is a wash like nothing ever happened. What each started with prior to marriage is what will go back into affect.

If this marriage was a planned scam, then Kim made fools out of her fans, wedding guests, photo's buyers and the public. Should she be rewarded by profit or kudo's? IMO, no. She deserves exactly what she dished out. To use other people in order to gain profit or fame reflects that she doesn't give a crap towards anyone except herself. Time to burst her arrogant bubble.

1087 days ago


Not surprised one bit to see this didn't last.

1087 days ago


YHWH gave a "standard" for humans to live by, I think that is what is meant by "holiness" and "sanctity". So it doesn't matter whether the couple is straight or gay: they're both violating the marriage covenant by getting divorces—and the gay couple by trying to get married. Yehoshua said YHWH doesn't support divorce but that it was allowed because of the peoples' hardened hearts/stubbornness to the will of God. That caller who spoke of holines***** the nail on the head.

As for the caller after her who was talking about the slaves, did he actually listen to what he was quoting? Did he read everything the bible has to say about "slaves"—which in this modern day in age would represent the employee? The employee respects the boss, and in turn the boss has to treat the employee/slave with compassion and mercy. All these people in debt think they're "free"? Give me a break. Most of the people in the US are in DEBT BONDAGE! Ergo, most in the US are slaves. It would actually do him some good to read the text, it holds a lot of wisdom—wisdom that would help evade those resentful feelings inside of him.

1087 days ago


Murray brought the drugs. Who brought & set up the bedroom machinery?

Why was MJ 136 lbs and all his veins were collapsed? Does anyone know how many injections it takes for one's veins to be destroyed?

1087 days ago


Harvey, the only patient that matters in this case is M.J. so YES there is one patient not standing up for Murray. He didnt save Micheals life? His negligence and participation in providing an addict with propaphol is despicable!!!!

1087 days ago


I have to say that the closing argument wasn't exactly the best, but for someone who have been following the trial, you brought out some things that have planted a seed of reasonable doubt. I have been holding firm on guilty.

1087 days ago


So does Kris get a cut of the profits from the wedding night video which is sure to follow.....I mean isn't that what Kardashian is famous for????

1087 days ago


Please don't let people go on and on and on...

1087 days ago


sanc·ti·ty (sngkt-t)
n. pl. sanc·ti·ties
1. Holiness of life or disposition; saintliness.
2. The quality or condition of being considered sacred; inviolability.
3. Something considered sacred.

Where in this definition do you see that a marriage cannot be between a same sex couple... Kim K didnt hold her marriage sacred to her... if she did she wouldnt have broadcasted it or divorced without a fight...

1087 days ago


Marriage is not easy. It takes two.

1087 days ago

mike robert    

Kardashians were desperate after Khloes sex tape was confused for a big foot sighting guess she didn't shave her back. Also ever since Kris video taped her daughter having sex with one of the biggest clowns ever,she needs money till the younger daughters are of legal age for their sex tapes. Bruce already letting them get pimped out for modeling at a young age. Really who would marry a two time 31 year old failure at marriage. You see what was there in front of you. RUN RUN RUN

1087 days ago


Have the diamonds re set ... done! KEEP it!

1087 days ago


My sister took the rings from her first marriage, sold the diamond and gold separatly and used the money to buy a new house with her new husband.

1087 days ago


The definition of mighty white of you is correct on urban dictionary. My best guess would be that when slavery was being justified it was called a paternalistic system and that slaves would not know what to do if they were free. Later on it would be the justification for racism and the lack of opportunities. I'm not sure but that would be my educated guess.

1087 days ago


I believe the reason the politicians do not want gay marriages because the heterosexuals have ruined it for the homosexuals. People marry for different reasons other than love, citenzship, health benefits, money, etc... I believe they believe heterosexuals will pretend to be gay just to get benefits because alot of people in this economy doesn't have health insurance because they can't afford it. They are having a hard time controlling people who marry just for the green card and their work will be doubled because of heterosexuals pretending to be gay for money and benefits. Unfortunately the homosexual people will suffer because of this.

1087 days ago
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