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Justin Bieber

I Did Not Have Sex

with That Woman!!!

11/2/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources directly connected with Justin Bieber tell TMZ ... the singer is adamant he never had sexual relations with the woman who claims she had his baby ... and as far as he knows, Justin has never even met her.

The woman in question reportedly filed a paternity suit against Justin, claiming she and JB had a special hug backstage at a recent concert at the Staples Center in L.A. ... and 9 months later, she popped out a baby, baby, baby, oh.

But we're told Justin believes the story was "completely made up."

Bieber just tweeted about the situation -- saying, "Im going to ignore the rumors...and focus on what is real. an opportunity to help by doing what i love. Judge me on the music! Love yall!"


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kim purdy    

Bieber has a wiener?? Now this is news. Thanks tmz.

1093 days ago


it was news this morning in Canada that his balls have actually dropped. True story!

1093 days ago


Is he going to cover Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" now? How old is this woman? Yuck!

1093 days ago


Clinton once said(somewhere around the lines of), "I did not have sexual relations with that woman... the whole thing is a lie, and I must continue serving the American people." Just using their job to make it sound better... So yeah, Justin. You go back to the music. But I will laugh if he is the father.

1093 days ago


So as to balance the debate, I'm compelled to remind everyone as food for thought that in today's day and age in general, accusations such as this against Hollywood/Music Stars can be a dime a dozen... if anyone remembers the woman that was totally convinced that Keanu Reeves had fathered her child, brought him to court, had DNA testing and everything and in the end it wasn't his (the woman accusing him ultimately had mental issues). On the flip side and playing devils advocate, Mr. Bieber better make absolutely and undeniably certain when reporting to his camp of publicists and attorneys (and most importantly his girlfriend and parents) that the ONLY contact he had with this woman was a benign meet and greet ending with an autograph. If he had any true physical and so much as a remote form of non-intercourse sexual contact - he best be very, very careful and tread very lightly. If she somehow managed to have saved the knuckle children she brought forth and/or the Atkin's friendly protein shake he may have mixed up for her - and then she later turkey basted herself in some capacity to perpetrate this lawsuit, the DNA test is going to arise positive and Bieber's gonna have some problems that money can't fix. If so, he's going to learn about the birds and the bees the very hard way. When it comes to the "everything else but sex" that is often so popular with those who claim to be remaining "abstinent"... just like back-dooring can still get a woman pregnant, so too can a crazy broad who has access to your spooge who is determined to have your love child and profit from it and the efforts at accomplishing the same, ultimately be successful.

1093 days ago


"I did't have sex with THAT woman, maybe some others though" hahah

1093 days ago

Chun LI    

Justin Beiber knocking someone up? Too funny.This kid still wears Pull Ups.

1093 days ago


2 inches of thunder

30 seconds of lust.

Lifetime of regret.

1093 days ago


Someone needs to tell little Bieber boy that the line, "I did not have $ex with that woman!" has already been picked-up by Clinton, and we didn't believe him either.....just say'en.

1093 days ago


What's the world coming too. One of the perks of being famous used to be the ability to have sex whenever, wherever, and with whoever. Nowadays, you have to hire investigators to have someone vetted before you can even have a cup of coffee with them.

1093 days ago


I'd be more shocked to hear that he DIDN'T have sex than that he did. He's a gorgeous guy that every girl and gay boy on earth wants to be with and at 16 a guy would bang a tree if he could. I'm sure he's been getting lots of "special hugs" as TMZ is calling it, for at least a couple of years. A couple of things that lead me to believe it might be true is that (A) the legal do***ent says that he claimed it was his first time and he didn't want to wear a condom so he could "feel everything" - this is a very, very common thing for teen guys to say when they want a "special hug". (B) because she is 18 and he was 16 it is technically statutory rape and the lawyer would have pointed this out to her, so she is putting herself on the line here. If more girls and/or guys start to claim they have had sex with the Biebs then it will add even more credibility.

1093 days ago


I though JB was a chick!!!! He doesn't have a penis.

1093 days ago


He must of had sex with himself.

1093 days ago


@dandmb50 - Doubt if he did it, but no-one knows until the paternity test is complete. Daniel .. Toronto ..

1093 days ago


Ih8Taxes: 4 hours ago
The accusation is totally false because Justin Bieber is a homosexual and there's nothing wrong with it. Justin, you need to come out with it and be true to yourself.
Justin Bieber is heterosexual. He got a girlfriend and her name is Selena Gomez. The accusation is false because once you are a rich snd famous celebrity crazy people out there want some of your money and they will lie about you and sue you to get that money. Michael Jackson's life was destroyed because of the crazies who sued him and lied about him. I hope the same does not happen to Justin Bieber. And that is why celebrities don't trust people.

1093 days ago
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