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Kim K Divorce

Blame It On "Intuition"

11/2/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian just got grilled about WHY she pulled the plug so quickly on her marriage to Kris Humphries -- and she chalked it up to that ole standby ... woman's intuition.

Kim was on the Australian morning news show "Sunrise" when the host asked how hard she worked to save the 72 day union -- and if there was any counseling involved. Kim said she was just following her heart ... and "there's no right or wrong."

Wonder if Kris H. feels that way.


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I can't believe I'm saying this but Pari******on, I miss you.

1053 days ago


Yeah right, she realized she could get another payday from her "divorce". They are all such fame whores.

1053 days ago


you have got be kidding me. . . Kim Kardashian really expects us to believe she has "womens' intuition" , the thing she calls her ******* brain hardly would have anything so great like that in thee and if she really had it she wouldn't have spent millions of dollars on another FAILED wedding.

1053 days ago


If you want to puke check out mommy Kris returning Kim's gift to CNN's Joy Behar

1053 days ago

Judy Lester    

Kris Humphries i hope u know this was the best thing that could have ever happened to u that she filed for this divorce, u should have did a backgroud check on here before u even thought about marrying her. Kim has be linked to Damon(husband #1)Ray J (Sex Flick)Nick Lashay Nick Cannon Reggie Bush Miles Alston(he ran fast) Garibel(had baby with Halle Berry) and now u i would suggest u go get checked out to make sure u don't have any dieases. Kris don't feel bad she is nothing want's fame and fortune. she looks like that ass smells anyway u can do better that that.

1053 days ago


hate to be totally non-PC, but she is sofa king wee todd id, sofa king wee todd id.......

1053 days ago

Who Knew    

Are her pants actully on fire?

1053 days ago


If you simply stop watching her show and buying her products the whore will disappear. You are in control.

1053 days ago


Funny how it's all Kris fault, but Kim is the one who will not shut up. Please be like Kris and SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!

1053 days ago

oc mom    

Once again, it is all about HER. Another Kardashian Spins the story in their favor. I thought Kris (H) actually brought warm midwest REALity to the "reality" show.
I used to be a fan...Not anymore.

1053 days ago


come on guys let***** her where is hurts #unfollowkim!!!

1053 days ago


I'll tell you this whole family is so screwed up. All the girls seem to come across as glorified gold diggers and the parents are no better. The mother seems like the head pimp!! It's all about money and status with this family and if I were a pro athlete I would stay as far way from these woman as possible and watch your wallet and always get a prenup. It's downright disgusting. Kris, you can do so much better. Your life will be better in the long run without Kim and her family. Stay true to your Minnesota roots!!! What is going to happen once these women get old and lose their looks? They will have nothing. What is their claim to fame anyway????? All their Dad did was represent OJ Simpson!!! Bruce J. is a has been. So many of my friends are no longer going to watch this show. People magazine was totally defrauded and so was Kris. The whole damn family needs help in my opinion!! The only stable one seems to be the son.

1053 days ago


It is time to pull the plug on the Kardashians. They are an insult to Americans. Kim and her family are a scheming, money grubbing group and all medias need to stop reporting on them. The shows should be cancelled. I am thorougly disgusted at the sham of a marriage. The world was dupped. Shame on us.

1053 days ago


CAREER IN THE TOILET DUMBASS! LMFAO So funny she called it a 'career!' Just like Pearas******'re SO yesterdays it girl...sorry **** girl! LMFAO ROTFF!

1053 days ago


I do not think she is smart enough to haveany "INTUITION". All that beauty and no brains or do you think you can buy them? Oh that is right there is a price for everything especially marriage!

1053 days ago
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