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Kim K Divorce

Blame It On "Intuition"

11/2/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian just got grilled about WHY she pulled the plug so quickly on her marriage to Kris Humphries -- and she chalked it up to that ole standby ... woman's intuition.

Kim was on the Australian morning news show "Sunrise" when the host asked how hard she worked to save the 72 day union -- and if there was any counseling involved. Kim said she was just following her heart ... and "there's no right or wrong."

Wonder if Kris H. feels that way.


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Isn't Australia where her old flame Shango lives. Just saying!

993 days ago


What a loser! What is our country coming to that multi-mil weddings result in 72 days marriages? So disgusting.

993 days ago


So tired of these people,, back to t.v. when it was normal.

993 days ago


Call it the checks had cleared the bank. Look at these thousands and thousands and thousands of comments on the site and more all across the internet and ALL OF ThEM DON'T BELIEVE A WORD SHE SAYS OR HER MOTHER EITHER!!

993 days ago


She is a WHORE

993 days ago


keep snooki in the cage and keep kim in the big butt dress department! Just keep them both out of Vegas! Please not another Pure nightclub mess!

993 days ago


She is the biggest idiot for the stunts she pulls! There is no heartbreak here! Just keep her away from Las Vegas! We need real talent and not another Snooki look alike to host Pure at Ceasars again!!! oh know snooki again??? Oh know Kim K. again??? Really? Do you think people want this crap! Bring us someone real like Robert Downey Jr. or Marissa Tomei. Please keep Snooki in the cage and keep Kim K. in the dress department for big asses!

993 days ago

Jeff Guthrie    

This was a KK scam to get ratings for her "reality" TV show, nothing else. KK, dont show it on playboy again, please, your ugly inside shows on the outside. Whoof.

993 days ago


Please stop giving these people attention...that is all they want and you give it to them waaaay too much...they are uninteresting and boring and need to go away for a bit.

993 days ago


30 years old with two failed marriages and a porn tape under her belt. This is what young girls are looking up to?

She has a fame-wh0re mother, and her father sheltered/defended O.J.

Boycott all things Kardashian!

993 days ago


Who gives a sh*t?

993 days ago


I think this b is addicted to the media. Any person who behaves this way has had the life of their personality sucked right out of them because of fame and money. That's her only friends. Fame and money because without it what would she be?

993 days ago


The 'dumbing up of the world' continues! Hard to believe the whole world knows who this stupid family is ONLY because this dirt bag is the daughter o*****uy whose best friend decapitated his wife / she blew, screwed a guy on tape that her mother milked for attention / and her step dad looks like a woman. . . So the idiots who follow her made her a multi millionaire. To me, the people who watch reality shows are as bad as those that are in them.

993 days ago


Over exposure to the point of nausea. Wouldn't K be happy off the grid.

993 days ago


KIM.don't ya think you should have followed your "intuition" and not gotten married when you knew it was going to be a fake marriage?! Give back the's the only decent thing you can do now that you have ruined respect for your husbands family..cashing in while your "husband" is not is a clear indication you only care about money..we all know you profited off the marriage and please remind your mom that Kris H. also paid for the fake wedding not just you...your nothing but liars and anything that comes out of your mother is a complete lie...let me give you some advice...JUST SHUT UP! The more you open your lying your mouth the worst it gets..I am surprised if Bruce even knows...just stop all the and your family look ridiculous..just keeping on trying to make that money..go back to you porno movie days

993 days ago
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