Homeless Shelter Our Residents Deserve Better Than Lindsay Lohan

11/2/2011 10:00 AM PDT

Lindsay Lohan isn't good enough to serve homeless people -- this according to the shelter that flat-out rejected LiLo's candidacy for community service.

In case you missed it in court today, Judge Stephanie Sautner said she called up the Good Shepherd Center homeless shelter in L.A. to see if they'd accept Lindsay as a volunteer -- but they refused because Lindsay is a "bad example."

But that's just part of Good Shepherd's justification -- TMZ spoke to a rep for the shelter, who tells us, “We tend to look for mature people who our residents can look up to as a role model for people to volunteer at our shelter ... We want to make sure we have someone with good morals in here helping out."

The rep adds, "Initially, when the call about Lindsay Lohan came in, I thought, well, we give all people here a second chance.  And then I thought ... Lindsay has had about 10 chances….so we decided not to let her volunteer here."

"Again, we would rather have someone in here our residents can look up to.” Thankfully, for Lindsay, the residents at the morgue are less judgmental.