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Lindsay Lohan

Sentence Delayed

For Naked Playboy Pics

11/2/2011 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was not immediately sent to jail because the judge decided to allow her time to complete her nude photo shoot for Playboy ... TMZ has learned.

Sources directly connected with Lindsay tell us ... Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, told the judge in chambers that Lindsay had a contract with Playboy -- a contract of nearly $1 million -- and the shoot must be completed this week.  If it isn't, Lindsay would be in breach of her contract.

So Judge Stephanie Sautner cut LiLo a break ... and gave her one week to surrender.  Lindsay will surrender for the camera in the next few days.

Justice is not only blind ... sometimes it's stark naked.



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For a regular person (non-celebrity), it would have been "Too bad about your contract." Why does the legal/judicial system always cut celebrities so much slack? What makes them so special?

1055 days ago


WTF. How long does it take to spread your legs. California is a big joke.

1055 days ago


Just a delay tactic to get more I INK to photo shop those NASTY FRECKLES AND FIRE CROTCH OF HERS! Ewwww, I'm sure that thing is GROSS AND WIDE OPEN after SAM RONSON got a hold of it! She's wasting CA state MONEY and they don't even have any.....I'm sure posing in PB is also bc SHE is BROKE! She'll be an ugly druggie HOE with KarTRASHians next month!

1055 days ago

the real diva    

obviously the judge has become a lindsay lohan fan. anyone else will never get special treatment and would be in jail.i bet the judge is anxious for the playboy issue to come out she will get the very first sick. lindsay should be in jail now.but the judge lets her off. she is obviously lindsays biggest fan.

1055 days ago


wow such a hore

1055 days ago


I would bet Lindsay easily owe's her lawyer more than a million.

1055 days ago


Oh thank god, I am in need of new material and this certainly would of gotten in the way.

1055 days ago


She already did the photoshoot for Playboy, but Hef didn't like the pics. Most likely it is because she never wears a bra and her boobs are saggy in all of the pictures. Even for court she dressed all prim in the blue and white polka dot dress but still bounced away without a bra. They will be hanging to her navel by the time she is 30.

1054 days ago


this is why lindsay is as sick and addicted as she is..and, she always will be..all they need to say is NO, and, all they need to do is take one low life out of that jail and make lindsay lohan serve her one month jail sentence...the rest is total bull shi_. we are all feeling like this is a joke, and, if the judge and all else dont care, and say false words, then lindsay will never, ever really recover.

1054 days ago


What complete nonsense they're cutting her yet another break.They've given her countless breaks before just say no.And give her ten years in jail she's already broken probation at least twenty times.Besides if the contract is really 1 million she can easily cover that.

Hef can replace Lohan with ease it's not like women aren't lined up. Wanting to pose for his magazine the only reason she keeps. Pulling these stunts is because she thinks they'll go easy on her.

Just throw the book at Lohan and have her transfered to a jail. That isn't crowded i'm sure there's a jail somewhere in California. That has room to spare for her this shows how idiotic. Our justice system is anyone who isn't a celeb gets thrown in jail. On the max sentence but for a celeb it's either: community service or a few hours in jail.

1054 days ago


This judge is part of the problem.

Why don't we all stop pretending this has ANYTHING to do with a so called JUSTICE SYSTEM & is just another indication of the total dysfunction aka 'entertainment' that has invaded our society.

What lessons are we teaching our children? There is no reason to do the 'right thing' when there are NO CONSEQUENCES for your actions?

1054 days ago


Never been a LiLo fan but I am glad they cut her a break THIS time (other times not so much) She genuinely appears to be trying to get her life and career back on track. No one likes being in jail and having it in the public eye. Especially not young women.

1054 days ago


Sirs, what happened to the sweet kid in Parent Trap? What? Another Hollywood Kid gone the wrong way, eh! Sorry Lindsay, you're not even worth reading about these days. Going Naked eh! Just what 'Old" Hef needs. jsav.

1054 days ago


Terrible line to end on. Should've been something like: "Apparently justice isn't blind when someone's getting naked."

1054 days ago


What a joke!

1053 days ago
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