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Dr. Murray Trial

Defense Strikes Back

'Dr. Murray Did Not Kill MJ'

11/3/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Dr. Conrad Murray's defense attorney, Ed Chernoff, came out firing at the prosecution in his closing statement ... telling the jury, "They want you to convict Dr. Murray for the actions of Michael Jackson ... they just don't want to tell you that."

Chernoff was direct, "Dr. Murray did NOT kill Michael Jackson" ... claiming it was Michael Jackson who killed Michael Jackson by self administering himself with prescription medication. 

Chernoff claims the prosecution failed to prove that Murray hooked MJ up to a Propofol drip before the singer died ... and without a drip, there is no way the prosecution can prove Murray ever put MJ's life in danger.

"They can't prove a crime ... and they REALLY need to prove a crime" ... Chernoff said.

Chernoff claims the most logical explanation is ... "Michael Jackson went into his personal bathroom and swallowed Lorazepam and Dr. Murray didn't know."

He added, "Somebody's got to say it ... If it were anybody else but Michael Jackson ... anybody else, would this doctor be here today?"

Chernoff might be feeling the the heat ... he just drank a glass of water and quipped, "Is it warm in here or is it just me?"

He concluded by asking the jury to take their decision seriously ... saying, "This is not a reality show, this is reality ... I hope that you do the right thing and find Dr. Murray not guilty."


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I wonder how the kardashians can make money off the MJ case.

1086 days ago


Not guilty. You heard it here first.

1086 days ago

The Ugly Conductor     

Herman Cain; Citizen rocket scientist for the Navy, CEO for Pillsbury foods, motivational speaker and book writer but can't keep britches up and his fly zipped. Buffoon!

1086 days ago


I agree with him. If this was Michael Jackson, modestly successful caterer or Michael Jackson, middle management VP at Cisco, there would be no trial. The only reason this man is on trial is because Michael Jackson's family is powerful and they desperately want someone to blame for Michael's death, someone to blame for Michael's drug addiction.

I firmly believe Dr. Murray was negligent, but that's it. I don't think he administered the fatal dose.

1086 days ago


Chernoff is making me sick. He is coming across as a sleazy lawyer who is not convincing in the least. However exactly MJ died, Murray is clearly responsible. I hope to God the entire jury convicts him.

1086 days ago


Has anyone else noticed the terror in Murray's face during Chernoff's argument?
Like a man facing death row.

1086 days ago

Thank You Conrad Murray    

This whole trial has been one giant joke.
Dr. Conrad Murray is a hero. Plain and simple. I don't care WHY he did it or if he was negligent as a doctor. That would be like a doctor accidentally killing Hitler back in the early 40's. WHO CARES. The guy was evil.
That's the case with Michael Jackson. I don't care that he made Thriller.
Michael Jackson was a VERY sick and dangerous child predator. Karma finally put that piece of garbage down and Conrad Murray should be thanked for ridding the world of a disgusting pedophile. He did us and the children of the world a favor. Any other grown adult that invited kids that weren't his to sleep over and play in their bedroom with them would be in prison and nobody would care. MJ got a free pass because he made Thriller and all of his pedo-supporting fans buy into all his nonsensical claims of innocence.

The HERO Dr. Conrad Murray = NOT GUILTY!!

1086 days ago


I know he is a lawyer and he has to do his job but he might want to be careful blaming THE VICTIM for his death won't take his client anywhere but a Federal Prison and talking like that about a dead man who can't respond won't bring him good karma I say good luck he is gonna need it...

1086 days ago

Set Dr Murray FREE!

1086 days ago


all he is guilty of is greed.....

1086 days ago


Prayers for Michael's children, the Jackson family and their extended family members. Stray strong with you love. Much love to all.

1086 days ago


Good luck dr. conrad murray

1086 days ago


l Do Not Believe that ol Doc killed MJ.

1086 days ago
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