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Kim Kardashian

I'm So Distraught,

I Can't Function

11/3/2011 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is telling friends ... she is so "distraught" over the divorce and torrent of publicity that followed, she's bailing on her Australian appearances and returning to the US of A.

Kim is moaning to friends, The Melbourne Cup appearance -- a Thoroughbred horse race -- is the first time she's ever missed work, but she says she just can't handle it.

And, we're told she's saying, "I need to take care of me now, and I can't work for awhile."  It's unclear if Kim means that she's put the brakes on her reality show, or whether she'll be selective as to what she does and doesn't do.


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Niler Bing    

What a complete joke. How embarassing to have anything to do with this chick. Complete laughing stock. What man in his right mind would pick this up. Time to go back to your roots...great future for her making pornos.

1088 days ago

Jay W.     

ahhh.. poor baby, poor filthy rich baby. Maybe she should disappear? BUH-BYE baby.

1088 days ago


She needs Judge William Adams gentle care....

1088 days ago


BOO HOO! F**K YOU!! Now go away and hide back under your rock. TIRED TIRED TIRED OF KARDASHIAN KRAP!

1088 days ago


Awwww.....poor whore!

1088 days ago


what a load.....she can go out on halloween dressed aptly as poison ivy but now she is so distraught. She is so full of bull she should have horns.

1088 days ago


Yeah, she's going to take some time off all right and head straight to Reggie Bush. I think Kris was in it for money too, but I don't believe he was chasing fame (we already liked him better than she) and I believe him when he says he was blindsided by the divorce. I don't think he saw it coming.

1088 days ago


What a crock!
If she were TRULY as 'distraught' as she would have us believe, she's rescind the divorce papers and try to work things out with Kris. It's JUST that simple.
Sure, things might not work out, but if she's really sincere, she'd give it a try. CLEARLY she is insincere.
Can't work for a while, huh? I'd bet every dime I have that the reality show (i.e. Her 'work') will NOT be put on hold. She NEEDS the camera/the constant attention/and, of course, the MONEY. It's ALL she cares about.

1088 days ago


REALLY? Trouble lifting those huge false eyelashes? Give me a break !!

It's ALWAYS been about you!

1088 days ago

J D     

Kris Jenner was on Fox news again this morning Lying for Kim again!All of the Kardashian are nothing but lier's the only think Kim does right is being a Whore and making a Sex tape! The E network should cancell this sham show it is all lies they made a big deal about he ring by having t delivered by a Brinks Truck now Kris Jenner says it was not worth that much so that proves they were lying about the ring! What all has this family lied about!! Ryan Seacreast should be a shamed of himselfg a sponsor of a show like this!

1088 days ago


Kim you are a spoiled brat who ought to have her behind kicked. I bet she just wants to get with that black guy she was with, not Kris. She is spoiled and immature and a brat

1088 days ago


Like Pari******on, Kim's celebrity status has crashed...the public is tire of greedy money hungry "reality" celebrities who have NO talent. I don't know anyone who plans on watching her show! Who could sit down and waste one hour of their life?

1088 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Oh, and going to a horse race, work? Pssh. Not unless she was going to run around the track with a jockey on her back.

1088 days ago


Maybe she needed to work on her marriage. She is such a princess. I watched the show until she started biting and whining over losing diamond earrings. I knew then it was all about her and no one else.

1088 days ago


She's so distraught, she can't shop. This is so sad. I heard she can barely count the money in the vaults in her home. Why can't we just leave Kimmy alone !

1088 days ago
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