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Nickelodeon Star Ryan Rottman

Gets DUI Charges Dismissed

11/3/2011 9:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Rottman
Ryan Rottman
, the Nickelodeon/90210 star who was charged with drunk driving, will not have a DUI on his record, because both DUI charges have been thrown out.

Rottman copped a lesser plea in court today to misdemeanor reckless driving.  He was arrested in Hollywood last July, minutes after leaving an Irish pub where he partied with Zac Efron and Rumer Willis (below).

Given that Rottman allegedly blew a .19 -- more than twice the legal limit -- seems like something was wonky with the case.

Under the deal, Rottman will be placed on 3 years probation and was fined $390. He's also required to take a DMV safe drivers class.


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Peter Sc    

Opposite Lindsay he got off easy and can continue to be rolemodel for the youth.

Is that fair?

1030 days ago


that's such bull****.

1030 days ago


A criminal conviction ala DUI requires specific handling of evidence; a good DUI lawyer can muscle out of a DUI most of the time. He was stupid to blow, he should have called his lawyer.

1030 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Lawyer probably challenged the validity of whatever breathalyser they used.

1030 days ago


If Lindsay Lohan can get away with everything so should he and ANYONE else in LA!!! Go commit crimes in LA kids and use the Lohan excuse, everyone should be treated equally by the justice system.

1030 days ago


So where's Rottman's jail mug shot? Everybody else gets mug shots posted, and all we get for Rottman is publicity shots.

1030 days ago


Seriously, didn't that Mitchell Musso kid just get busted for a DUI too? These Disney kids need more guidance because its evident that as soon as they venture into adult hood they can't handle it.

1030 days ago


Not proud of this but I got a DUI 4 years ago and I blew .15 and got 30 days suspended lic. 2500 in fines, dropped insurance and countless meetings I had to attend. Still a slap on the wrist but really 300 fine and 3year probation. Under that probation he is not allowed to be in a bar promise you he will be.

1030 days ago


The Judge went easy on him. He (the judge) took into consideration this guy was hanging out w/ Rumor "Horse Face" WIllis and decided that was punishment enough.

I will way, DUDE IS CUTE

1030 days ago


I thought when you got a DUI you lost your license for at least a year. Oh, I forgot, this guy has done a show on Nickelodeon and they think he's a star. Different rules apply.

1030 days ago


That's what money and fame can BUY you. Good lawyering takes precedence over common sense and safety. Someone I know plead for the 1st offense and got a $1,500.00 fine, 3 yr probation and restricted license for 6 months. How does the judicial system live with themselves letting money lead over what's right and SAFE for the public they represent?

1030 days ago


By the way, just how old is this kid? Was he underage? Good role model for Nickelodean kids huh? I KNOW Rumor is a minor, wonder what her parents think of her driving around with a VERY DRUNK idiot?

1030 days ago


if you ever want to break the law and put peoples lives at risk drink driving LA is the place to be, it's obvious the celebrities run this town, not the police.

1030 days ago

Fat Mike    

Was Dillon's watering down the beer again?
haha, just kidding

1030 days ago


This is the biggest bag of bull**** I've ever heard. I'm so disgusted at the legal system...I don't care who you are and what your excuse is, you should have been charged. I've had a DUI in the state of CA. Thank god they sentenced me to everything they did because I am part of whatever percent who actually learned from this. I don't drink anymore, I am sober. Granted it wasn't JUST the DUI that made me clean my act up, it helped me realize I had a problem. Too bad this ******* will never know what it meant to actually get behind the wheel and drive drunk.. All he will know is that he got let off. He will most likely get caught for drunk driving again. Let's just pray no one gets hurt.

1029 days ago
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