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'Braxton Family Values' Star

Released from Hospital

11/4/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vince Herbert
Toni Braxton
's brother-in-law -- who also stars on "Braxton Family Values" -- has been released from the hospital after suffering a blood clot in his lungs ... TMZ has learned.

Vince Herbert was rushed to a NY hospital two weeks ago ... and the whole Braxton fam rallied around the music producer for support ... even canceling important media events.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ Toni is extremely relieved ... but she considers the situation a "wake-up call" to get her own health checked out more regularly ... especially because she suffers from lupus.

And fear not "Braxton" fans ... we're told the fam is back in full publicity mode ... gearing up for the new season to premiere next week.


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Their show is way better and interesting than other crap shows. Make it more popular.

1086 days ago


Does anyone really watch this show? I mean really? Who cares about her or her family?

1086 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

"Important media events"?

Please give us a few examples...

1086 days ago


A "star" come on,, I kinda like the show but I bet most people have not even watched it...Tony talks about her health all the time, she knows if she does not take care of her-self..there is no pay day...
This should be a wake up call for him,,,nice guy that is nice, has a solid career, used to be or still is a part of Lady Gaga's mgt. team...Wish you the best and speedy recovery

1086 days ago


feel bad for him..seems like an ok guy..too bad about the obnoxious pain in the ass he's married too.

1086 days ago


I don'*****ch this show because of this guys wife. Obnoxious diva who has done nothing in her life except run her mouth, marry a rich man and be the sister of a famous singer. Viance, please join W8Watchers, exercise, and lose the weight. What if the blood clot had gone into your heart or your brain. Good Luck.

1085 days ago


Thank God,Vince,that you made it through! Now it's time for you to get healthy. I'm not trying to be funny,but you need to lose the belly. Belly fat can cause some serious health problems,and I know that God is not through with you,and you need to be healthy. God bless you.

1085 days ago


i know their mom hates being compared to the kardashians, and she's right---aside from being a family of 5 girls and one boy, the similarity pretty much ends... toni is a famous singer; in fact all the girls can sing but only a few have had singing careers, toni's being the most popular... it is nice to see how they all stick together--if it was the kardashians they would have had the reality tv cameras in the damn hospital with them!

1085 days ago

the floyd    

good for him!
that toni braxton thou is one hot babe, and i would luv to fill all her fe-male c a v i t i e s, with my man j u i c e.

1085 days ago


Did you guys actually use the word "Star"?

Seriously, you need to re-evaulate your in-house definition of that word.

1085 days ago


Happy to hear that Vince is out of the hospital...take care and get healthier..this might be the wake up call for him to loose some of the weight..he is a smart and very resourceful young man, not to mention successful. Come on Vince get it done

1084 days ago


I love the Braxtons, but i love Trina and Gabble's relationship they need to show more of them or give them their own show...

1048 days ago


I'm glad to hear that Vince is doing well after his release from the hospital. He needs to lose some weight and try to teach his wife, Tamar, how to keep her mouth shut sometimes. The more she says the more ignorant she sounds. She wants to be Toni Braxton. I see how she always has to be next to Toni when the cameras are rolling and how she looks to make sure the cameras are on her. She is an immature, disrespectful, inconsiderate and shallow individual who wishes she was Toni. I hear they're giving Tamar and Vince a spin off; I won'*****ch! Tamar is the only sister I don't like. Her vanity will probably say that I'm jealous but I'll say I saw the picture of her when she was a little girl and I'm not hardly jealous! She is the least prettiest of all the sisters. Her makeup and hair weaves have worked wonders on her outward appearance. She now needs to work on her attitude!

1030 days ago


I have to say I watched the best commercial ever regarding the Braxton family. they said they are alot like the kardashians except they have talent. I loved it. Very good pun, Kardashians have no talent except they are extreemly good at admiring themselves or rather I should say, worshipping themselves. I hope they keep that commercial up, its the best.

1019 days ago


you know what TAMAR your something else the man Love you and u have the nearves to say your not going to carry his

Look ms TAMAR you have the nerves to say you Love Vence But do u Really Know unleast you just can't have Babys What Why and Who so you think you are dising that man like in front of millions of people, your not that Hot that you can' carry his Baby no you DON'T really love HIM you just Love the spot Light and if i were him i would let you go and Marry your Sister that don't mind Carrying his Baby you are a zero and your sister is a HERO that s ok Vence You got Love The World Love YOu and what you stand for and she want a record DEAL (NO ONE SHOULD GIVE HER ONE THE WAY SHE IS MAKING IT LOOK) LIKE SHE SO FIND THAT SHE CAN'T HAVE HER HUSBAND A BABY? I WONDER WHAT GOD THING ABOUT THAT MRS WIFE YOUR NOT. and the should not even say your His wife SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!!!!


811 days ago

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