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Justin Bieber's Baby Accuser

First Accused Her Boyfriend

Of Being Baby Daddy

11/4/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Yeater
The woman who claims Justin Bieber fathered her child -- originally accused her ex-boyfriend of being the daddy to the very same baby last year ... this according to her ex-BF's grandmother.

TMZ spoke with Frances Lippe ... who tells us Mariah Yeater had been dating her grandson John Terranova in Las Vegas toward the end of high school.

Lippe says Yeater came to their home in December 2010 and told Terranova she was pregnant with his child. He insisted he did not get her pregnant.

The two got into an argument and police were called ... because Yeater allegedly broke a car window out of rage.

Later that day, according to the police report, Yeater returned to the home to work out a payment plan for the window ... and got into another altercation with Terranova ... and allegedly slapped John 3 separate times in the face with her open right hand.

Yeater was arrested and charged for battery.  A court date has been set in Vegas.

Lippe tells us they never heard from Yeater again after the December altercation. 10 months later, Mariah surfaced ... now claiming Bieber is the father. JB says it just ain't true.

Mariah gave birth to a baby boy in San Diego on July 6 -- she did not list a father on the birth certificate.

We've made multiple calls to Yeater's attorneys -- so far, no response.

Terranova reiterated our story to the NY Post, saying Yeater originally tried to pin fatherhood on him. He added, "I know it's not Justin Bieber ... She just wants money. It's a scam."



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"Frenchie" McFarlane    

The Bieb's gal, Selena Gomez, now accuses that "20 yr. old woman" of blatantly lying about that paternity suit with "her Bieb"! "I know for sure she's lying, because The Bieb only takes about 20-25 seconds to "finish", not 30 seconds like she states"!!

1061 days ago


Ms. Mariah Yeater appears to be a very classy, well-bred and sophisticated young lady. One simply needs to glance at her photo in order to see this. The poor young lady was victimized and taken advantage of by a mean celebrity. Why would she lie? Her multiple piercings, tattoos and non-trailer park look display the look of pure honesty. In fact, she looks like a virgin to me. I would never mistake her for the product of inbreeding. I am also certain that she has never taken any drugs in her life.

1060 days ago


Did anybody read the police report and notice there's a 2nd woman involved (referred to as Mariah's "ex-girlfriend") and that she threatened to shoot this woman?! "I won't do it, but somebody will!" she said on the girl's voicemail. WTF?!

1060 days ago

Catherine in Tulsa    

For the girl to assume it was her boyfriend isn't a shock, is it? Why demonize this girl - obviously the boys were willing to have unprotected sex with her. Now she's a whore because she got pregnant? And the timeline is right with JB, so he SHOULD take a paternity test. If it's not his, end of story, if it is, it shows his true character.

1060 days ago


IF what this girl is saying is true...JB was a minor and she was 19 when she got pregnant...that is statuatory rape (of him)...I don't believe it is true,but she should think of consequences before she opens her mouth...she could end up in jail and the baby in foster care!

1060 days ago


Herman Cain is the baby's pappy.....

1059 days ago


why blame him like whenhes inocent

1058 days ago


Say whatever you want about Bieber, but let's be realistic. Wether he deserves it or not, this kid is the most popular pop star of his generation, which means all he has to do is point a finger to choose and any of the millions of girls out there who love him, will drop their pants in a heart beat to be with this kid. Now having all that power at the tip of his finger, let's be real, why? and I mean WHY? would this kid pick this unatractive woman. Have you seen the gorgeous girls that through themselves at him? This woman is disturbed and she should not keep her child after this. if anyone cares for that kid, someone should step in and challenge her custody of this infant until she gets the mental help she needs. She's obviously not normal, not by any stretch of the immagination.

1058 days ago


You all talk bad about the girl when you should be pointing your finger at JB. How nasty is he for what he did. Like you all say he can have any girl he wants, so why would she reject haveing sex with him. She is like every other girl in the would who would have done the same thing if given a chance. If he did and If she got pregnant then stop pointing you finger at her and point it at his nastiness. You all love him and that is all you see. How sad for him if he did do this at 16, where are the adults at his concerts that should be watching him. Maybe that is who you should blame. The girl just did what every other girl wants to.

1058 days ago


Justin Bieber is my 20 year old sons babydaddy!

1057 days ago

hannavelle pasana    

justin its a joke that i have a baby

1056 days ago


that bitch just wants hi money

1055 days ago


in my opinion, she is lying and she can'y made people to trust. i will blieve justin bieber. cuz, i'm bliever.
i will inpire you justin bieber!!
Throw it away
Forget yesterday
We'll make the great escape
We won't hear a word they say
They don't know us anyway

1054 days ago


ok im not a fan ofjustin bieber but i am 100% agreeing with him he would never want to screw this freak and i thought my aunt was a nut! justin+mariah=barf hes a teenager she a old person just wanting attention give me a break if he wanted to screw a person he would have scewed selena but she wouldnt do that and neither would he until they were married. i think the baby pic i saw in the magazine was justin bieber wen he was a baby god look at his pics plus the one she took b please

1054 days ago


Justin Bieber is not the father.. She is too ugly for him to even think about hooking up with her. Do you see her, she has piercings all over her!?!? This girl needs to get over herself.

1053 days ago
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