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Justin Bieber

Slams Alleged Baby Mama

'I'm Never Gonna Be a Victim'

11/4/2011 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber on the Today Show
Justin Bieber has finally decided to address the baby daddy rumors himself -- telling Matt Lauer point blank ... Mariah Yeater is LYING THROUGH HER TEETH.

Bieber appeared on "Today" and said, "I'd just like to say that none of those allegations are true" ... adding, "I know I'm going to be a target, but I'm never going to be a victim." 


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I Chinee    

I can not stand this A**hole Canadian!

1083 days ago


Tell the lady you will take the test BUT, SHE WILL HAVE TO sign a LEGAL BINDING agreement that states that SHE will have to read the results LIVE on TMZ... THAT way if she's LYING, EVERYONE will KNOW that she is a LIAR, AND IS she's NOT LYING EVERYONE WILL KNOW that YOU ARE the LIAR...

1083 days ago


WHOS BUYING HIS MUSIC,AND WHO ARE THESE FANS THAT LIKE HIM, 99% of the posts on all these web site*****e him.

1083 days ago

Rachel Marshall    

just get the test done we willstill love u if its true but we will be disapointed if u lie

1083 days ago


This will end in one of 3 ways:
1) He takes the test and it's negative, he's not the father.
2) He takes the test and it's positive, he is the father.
3) He refuses to take the test which would indicate he is the father. He then pays off the slut and has her sign a confidentiality agreement. We wait for 15-20 years for the issue to again come up when sonny wants to meet daddy. Another payoff ensues and it's all over.

1083 days ago


Lastest news.....Justin Beiber caught in bed with Richard Simmons.

1083 days ago


PLease check out Mariah Yaeter's on Facebook.
This is not how you go get a daddy for your baby...
I'm just sayin.

1083 days ago


Not that it couldn't happen, I doubt that it did. If it did, then he should pay and she should be sterilized because she's a gold-digging ho and we have enough of them in this world. Secondly, if you're going to post on here, try some grammar and English. You'd be a little more believable.

1083 days ago


Hey Bieb, ever heard of Never say Never, you better pray you are not lying, if you are, youtube is all you got.

1083 days ago


Tell the little lesbian to shut his trap and take the test---Slandering people is ILLEGAL....And BULLYING----JUSTIN BIEBER IS NOW A BULLY...

1083 days ago


To Justin>> Get the test done a prove it is not yours, So world can have proof that the baby is not yours. And the media can get out of your hair. But if the child is yours take responsibility and make sure the that the child is taken care of. To Mariah>>> One if the child is his you can get a jail sentence for underage sex, If he is not the father then you need to find all your lovers and get a dna test on them all.

1083 days ago


What needs to happen is he gets the test done. But he needs his lawyers to lay it out like this...Yeah, i'll take the test. BUT when it comes back negative, then you have two choices: I sue you for everything, including the lawyers this girl is using. OR, you and your lawyers will pay to have every newspaper in EVERY country and every TV station announce it is false, that the girl lied and that she is a slutpuppy and she doesn't know who the real daddy is cause she is a MASSIVE slut like KK. And then the lawyers will admit they did this thinking they could get money out of Bieber and lied and tried to ruin his reputation.

Watch how fast they recant!

I don't think he did it. And I think she said the thing about 30 seconds to push this thing into the media and to get some 15 minutes for herself. Sad thing is I believe Bieber. Any woman who does thing THIS way is a slut puppy and deserves everything she is coming to.


1083 days ago


Bieber needs to stop all the whinning and just get the tests, that will determine the truth, all his protesting isn't going to convince anyone.

1083 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

"I'll always be a target but I'll never be a victim" Well good for you Biebs.... Make those groupie ho's sign a release before ya go porkin' after a show little bro.....

1083 days ago


Oh boy another useless star story that no one gives a s**t about. He is gay so there is no way he is the father. There, end of story. Let's move on to the next dumb article.

1083 days ago
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